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Courage is not the absence of fear.

Days had passed since Rey had entered the valley at her brother’s side. She only knew since she was actually tracking the sun, plus having her twin hover at her side like a well meaning (yet perpetually angry) shadow had seemingly instilled some sense of time back into her. She had entered the valley, blinking away the temporary blindness the sun had brought, with a weak sense of hope. The first sliver of something positive that Rey had felt in a year. She clung to it desperately, trying to grapple out of the never ending darkness that threatened to consume her psyche.

After leaving the bifrost, Ren had taken her to a lake to finally wash away her sins. As the clear water turned murky from the blood, Rey mourned the last connection she had had with their mother. Her own wounds would heal well enough on their own and were at no risk for infection, but it did little to ease the ache in her heart. Clean and safe, she obediently followed her twin wherever he went..most of the time. Sometimes Rey wandered away, her curiosity often getting the better of her melancholy. On most occasions, her twin found her after some time - letting her explore but never letting her get too far away from him.

Yet, the foothills were teeming with slender firs. The wiry trees choked the sunlight from filtering in, only allowing sunlight to sporadically dot the dark woods Rey traversed. The young maid’s violet pools flitted around the congested trees as her ears laid back in discomfort. There was something not quite right with the woods as Rey carefully made her way through the foothills, but she couldn’t quite place what was making her feel ill at ease. Her jet hooves slid across the loose soil and stone, though the lanky mare didn’t lose her footing.

Paranoia crept up Rey’s spine, skittering across her frame like tiny spiders. She paused briefly, the tip of her leonine tail of pale blonde locks flicking from side to side. Her violet gaze swept the ominous firs that loomed around her, trying to discern the source of her discomfort. Silence encompassed the foothills, but Rey wasn’t that naive. Her brow furrowed as she dug her hooves into the loose soil, steadying herself.

Something was out there.

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