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My purpose is greater than my pain.
She would always be a fighter, a warrior, a General. Even if the day came where she had no armies to lead and no kingdom to protect, it didn't mean she would let herself go. Even if Antiope had wanted to, the desire to train and to fight was so deeply embedded into her psyche - into her very blood and bones - that there would be no way to shut it out. Even now, despite her crown and her throne, there was no denying the warrior spirit within her. Antiope could never grow complacent, despite how high she had climbed in life. After all, what kind of sovereign would she be if she couldn't protect her own people? She had failed her people once many years ago. Their screams haunted her still despite the time that had passed; they fueled her nightmares, serving as a reminder of what failure could cause.

And so she secluded herself in Fell well before dawn had even broken in the north. Unable to sleep, the pegasus instead sought to soothe her pain in other more productive ways. By secluding herself in Fell, Antiope surrounded herself with a peaceful quiet and the soft sounds of flowing water as the waterfalls roared in the distance. Despite the warm summer day, the birds in the sparse trees had long forsaken her, having grown irritated by her constant attacks on their homes or the cracking sounds of rocks and earth. Most of the other wildlife had followed the birds, not wishing to be close to the mare as she trained her body or flexed her arcana.

Her cloak laid forgotten next to the pool of water nearby in a crumbled heap of crimson amongst the verdant grass. In a clearing, the golden and bronze mare moved as though invisible foes were attacking her. The movements flowed with each other as smooth as water; it nearly looked as though the herculean mare was doing a rather deadly dance. Humidity and sweat clung to Antiope's rippling coat like a second skin, making the golden woman gleam in the unhindered sunlight above her head. Sweat trickled down her heaving sides and her neck, leaving slices of dark gold and bronze in their wake.

To an outsider, Antiope seemed lost in her own world, too wrapped up in her efforts to be fully aware of her surroundings. It was far from the truth, though. As she took a moment to rest, enjoying the breeze brushing against her sweaty gold skin, her garnet gaze glanced around to make sure a real attacker was not creeping up on her. The hairs that stood up along her neck, leaving an eerie feeling to run down her spine. She knew this feeling all too well. It was almost second nature to her at this point in her life. Someone, somewhere, was watching her.

Whatever it was, it wasn't a threat yet. It was content to just watch her.

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It had only been a couple days since finding her way from the hold of the Biforst, but since she had traveled far. It had been the hold of Ambrosius in which she sought for, following the stories of the mysterious lady named Letty, who had saved her from certain death. That felt like a lifetime ago, only it was no longer than a month. A single brow furrowed accompanied with a twitch of an audit with every step she took, the still healing wound sent shock waves throughout her body. Jaw clenched then immediately relaxed; Gaia would not let it get the best of her. She had found comfort within the Ambrosius House from the moment she arrived, although she hadn't met too many people thus far, but enjoyed those that she had. She had taken the time to familiarize the surroundings, venturing out further as the days came and went.

The sun hadn't even began to wake before Gaia had made her way to the bottoms of a rather peaceful, yet loud waterfall. It was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen, although she had not seen much of anything in her eight years of life. Nothing but her sullen village and the inside of castle walls. She had never been allowed to freely explore, to say hello to the very life that surrounded everyone. The plants, the small critters, even those who watch her with hungry eyes as she came to the bank of the waterfall. Gaia lowered her petite frame into the shallow water, finding the roar of the waterfall fairly soothing as she beamed at the nature buzzing about around her.

She could lay there for hours.

In fact, it felt like she almost had as she watched the sun peek out over the horizon. Deep amber observed the wonder of the skies as it shifted shades of pinks and reds, while blues were also in there. The promise to herself that she'd explore much more than just the waterfall was what pushed her up; she made a mental pinpoint to where she was for further use. She had a feeling the waterfall and her would get to know each other rather well during her stay. At least, she most certainly hoped so.

Knowing that anything could happen, she didn't hold her promise heavily.

Aimlessly wandering until faint rustling caught her attention, breaking her from the trance she hadn't even realized she was in. What in the heavens? Her delicate thoughts breathed, it almost sounded as if someone was hurt? No... were they battling something? With her jaw lightly clenched, Gaia shifted her path and went toward where she at least thought the noises were coming from. As she neared, they became louder. At least she knew she was going in the right direction, but what she prepared for what she may come across? Probably not, but if someone was in trouble, just ignoring it wasn't even an option. Nearing, she knew better than to speak before analyzing the situation - but as she peered through the foliage, she saw a brawny woman thrusting and moving in such a fluid way, Gaia had only seen in warriors. Even then, it wasn't common.

Optics glanced around in sudden panic, looking for some sort of attackers - I don't hear anyone else. Just one singular being. Audits twitched in every which way, confused. But she continued to watch, beaming in absolute awe. The way this woman moved, it was like chaotic poetry. It soothed Gaia to her very soul. She had completely forgotten that she was even there, physically. It was almost like she was hovering over this gladiator. Only when she had stopped to take a breather, was when she realized she had breathing a little too hard. Immediately she silenced her breathing, audits now standing alert. She could see the sweat glistening on her glorious hide, her amber orbs lined every muscle.

It was when she became still, was when Gaia realized she may have been spotted. Or had she? Regardless, she quickly felt guilty for spying on such a treasure. Clearing her throat, she slipped her frame through the foliage, "You move beautifully, you know." Her voice cooed, her forelock brushed over the left side of her visage as a gentle breeze came.
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My purpose is greater than my pain.
As the sun crept over her head, the silence persisted. Though Fell was a peaceful place, it was always inhabited some someone or something, whether it was wildlife or weary travelers resting their legs before moving on. The constant inhabitance had always left behind some form of vibrancy in this part of the mountains. The silence was rare, given the foot traffic. To have even just a sliver of it to herself was a blessing. With the noise that Antiope was making and the pleasant change in weather, the pegasus couldn't fault those who had left the waterfalls behind. Summer had struck the valley, drawing eager souls south. Day trips to the lake were frequent for some, while others pressed even further southward. Those that lingered in Fell likely had a rather rude awakening by the sovereign...and maybe a headache if they were still around.

As the gilt pegasus took a break from her exercises, she took the opportunity to just enjoy the quiet. Her garnet eyes fluttered shut as she followed a series of breathing exercises to get her breathing under control once more while listening to the distant roar of the waterfalls of Fell. If her own seat in Fjalltindr hadn't been so strategically important, she might have been swayed to make Fell the royal seat of Ambrosius. In the wake of Antiope taking a brief reprieve from her workout regime, the soft chirping of birds tentatively started in the trees. It was all so peaceful that it nearly felt wrong. She had always been a creature of war, not of peace.

Yet, she found she didn't mind it when she was in a place that felt like home.

Even with her eyes shut, Antiope was hyper-aware of her surroundings and of a set of eyes upon her from a distance. She knew the feeling all too well, though as her ears strained to hear anything over the din of crashing water and quietly chirping birds, there was nothing. A slight frown tugged at her lips, pulling them downward unevenly due to the scarring on the right side of her face. It was only when her eyes opened and her sharp gaze quickly fell upon another that she realized she was, in fact, right - though they had been closer than Antiope had originally expected. Perhaps she had gotten too lost in her own head and missed their approach.

Antiope didn't recognize her face, but that wasn't unusual. Travelers had begun to frequent Ambrosius more since the avalanche they had last Vinter; the pleasant season had only encouraged more and more as time went. There was a slight chance this stranger was of her own house, too. Antiope had yet to meet all of those who had pledged to her house - but that was a problem for another time. The lines that creased Antiope's face softened slightly as the newcomer slipped through the underbrush, offering a compliment with her intrusion. "Thank you." Her voice was little gruffer than she had expected, almost as if it was still touched by sleep. Had she spoken to anyone at all today? Maybe not. Then again, she had never taken compliments well either. "I apologize if my exercising disturbed you. I seemed to have lost track of time."

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make this chaos count.
A small twitch of her audits as the branches tickled at her hips, her petite frame now fully through the brush. Brows furrowed ever so lightly in confusion at the woman's words. Yet a faint smile in response to her 'thank you,' remained, Gaia held a concerned look. "Apologize... for disturbing me? Absurd!" She hastily shook her cranium in disagreement, though she had to frequently remind herself to keep a respectable distance. Not everyone enjoys your company, Gaia. Warm amber optics glanced at their surroundings before returning back to the woman before her, admiring the detail of her enchanting armor. "It was I who trespassed on your... practice?" She struggled to find a word for what exactly she had been doing just prior to her arrival.

Bringing her gaze back to the brawny female, she offered a tender smile. "Forgive me, my manners are lacking this early." A soft giggle escaped her pale lips. "My name is Gaia. Again excuse my intrusion, I'm fresh to the territories, and I'm partial to exploring." She jerked her cranium gently to toss her forelock that was in the way of her optics to the side. A flood of self-conscious thoughts began to overwhelm her mind, she was beginning to become anxious as she battled inner turmoil. Leave her be, she doesn't look as if she is welcoming company at this moment. Yet her sense of nurture spoke otherwise, urging her to stay in case she wished someone to speak to. "I, excuse me, I would bid adieu... but you most certainly look like you could use a rest, Miss. And possibly someone to cater to you? You look fatigued and in desperate need of some pampering." Oh Gaia, what have you done now! She truly couldn't help it, her many years of being a handmaiden was hard to silence.

Maw went to part ways to speak once more, but nothing came out. Gaia snapped it shut and exhaled, embarrassed. Her gaze was averted to the ground they stood upon briefly, before rising once more. "Oh pardon my rudeness," She breathed, shuffling her wings to readjust them. "It has been sometime since I've held conversation with, well, anyone truly." Her voice faded off in a soft manner, before flashing yet another kind smile to the female, noting her obvious height difference. This woman was tall, brawny, wore armor... it was just now hitting her.

Who in the heavens was she speaking to?
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