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Open Where the Sun didn't Shine

The familiar darkness had engulfed Adikus, cradling him into an unsure slumber as his limbs ached from the days travel. Curled on a rocky outcropping high up from the ground, he dozed off, his dreams a turmoil of rage and blood, both imaginary and history; what has been and what is to come. With his mind raced and his heart pounded, he was unaware of the changes that took place around him.

The image of his brother's snapping face doused in blood is what finally startled him awake. His body a melty mess, limbs trembling and his breath coming heavy as if he'd been running. Puffs of air came from his nose in bursts. It took a moment to realize that he was in an alien land. Sprawling up around him was grass unlike he'd ever seen. There wasn't much of it where he was from and this was taller than his slumbering form. A strange grey haze had filled the space around him as he heaved himself unto heavy hooves. Slowly, his heavy went on turn, taking in the area. Tall grass stretched as far as he could see in most any direction. Well, not that he could see very far in this fog. His gaze shifted up in confusion. Was this... was this the outside? This couldn't possibly be it, how did he get here? where were the rolling hills of pastels? The sky filled with fire? This seemed to lack color of most any kind. Even the grass a dull brown. Regret had started to settle in very quickly at his decisions. "Eratin was right... it was nothing but a-" He stopped suddenly, his eyes catching sight of some vague shape in the distance. Ears perking straight up, he slowly moved towards it, leaning towards hope because that's all he had. Hope. Unfortunately, the thing about this friend named hope is that it leaves a lot. But not yet, not this time.

As he approached, a strange feeling he could only acquaint to that of magic seemed to leak into the air around it. He looked to either side, but saw no signs of anyone, only more grass and fog. He took a step back from the large roots before looking up at it's towering form. For a moment, he was enthralled to have found something magic already, but a voice in the back of his head reminded him of the fowl end magic often brought to those in the stories and he resisted the urge if only for a moment. But a strange feeling of warmth and comfort wafted through rooms seemed to pull him in.

His body still dripping, leaving a small trial behind him only to have those droplets disappear after a few steps distance, he had no way to turn back, no where to do back to. Like a faulty Hansel and Gretel he though to himself in humor as he looked back. There didn't seem to be anything left when he looked back though. No tunnel that he was sure he'd just passed through. "A... Labyrinth?" He thought a loud, but more as commentary to himself. "Accept I didn't seem to enter one... More like one's been build around me." Despite the dire sound of the situation, he was slightly excited by the prospect. It was not the famed Sun he wished the see, but Magic was still such a remarkable thing. Something that his brother had told him was nothing more than myth, fiction. But not now, not here. It was reality here.
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you say that you're no good for me,
'cause i'm tuggin' at your sleeve.
It had felt like the woman had stood there for hours.

Maybe it had been hours... or just several minutes? No. It had to have been much longer than that, she was sure of it. Amber optics took another gander at what was in front of her, which was nothing but thick fog. She could see little foliage, the air didn't even possess the smell of anything living. She had been told by that outsider who had saved her life, what to expect, but it didn't truly do her justice until she actually saw. The Bifrost - that is what the woman had called it. Audits remained at a lazy stance, waiting and listening. For anything. Any source of life, anything that could possibly help lead her from this enchanted dark place.

She felt like she had laid her gaze upon the legendary tree a million times now as she stood there.

Just then.. there, she heard a voice. One of a male, it seemed. Visage lightened as she glanced around in hopes to see some sort of figure in the fog, but alas, she saw nothing. "A Labyrinth is a definitely good term." She cooed, had her voice been loud enough? With a quick clear of her throat, Gaia took a hesitant step forward, audits twitched in an attempt to hear anything else. "While I'm not sure if you are friend, or foe... care to help a lady out?" It most definitely was not like Gaia to ask for help, but even she knew it was better to ask then to continue to stand there like a lost idiot. Brows furrowed as pain ravaged through her body from her underside, she could feel the heat of the wound still. While it was nearly healed, it still brought excruciating pain if she so much as stepped the wrong way. Her petite jaw relaxed as the pain subsided.

She exhaled with gratefulness.

The woman, Letty, who had told her tails of this place, told her to come here for refuge. Gaia only hoped that she hadn't just walked into a trap, but she felt as if she could trust her. She had just wanted to get away from her previous life. Start fresh. Hopefully a much better life.

"I'd greatly appreciate it, Sir." She softly added, lost in her own thought process.
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