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you lay there silent there before me

Black sands crunched beneath periwinkle hooves as a specter floated along the basalts. A haunted beauty crossed the obsidian shores of Svartr, the sea spray winds casting her midnight locks in a silken array about her ghostly nape. A plume of muted cerulean threads undulated at her speckle-kissed rump, the girl seemingly born from the very grits of volcanic beach as a steely, melancholy sky rolls overhead. She emulated the atmosphere perfectly, from the painted hues upon her pelt that speak of stained ink tears and gossamer ghost coattails. In the air a heaviness lurked, a dampness that is felt and smelled, and her carriage mimics it. Long strides swept awkwardly, a clear hobble to the ground devouring gait of nimble legs, but unlike others she wears the culprit without guise. One of the girl's legs is disfigured; from afar it seems simply bent wrong, perhaps a birth defect that the femme has learned to adapt to. Upon closer inspection, the perilous nature is far more evident. A healer's magic mended some of the sinew and tendons, binding them back to the cannon bones, but the willows of her skeleton remain evident through the blackened hide. There is a stink to it, one not from infection but rot. It speaks of escape as soon as the leg could bare her weight, but the incomplete healing showcased itself in a crook when she walks, and a grinding of bone.

"Silly girl!" "Should have waited- shoulda, coulda, woulda" "Silly? Try stupid!" the whispering voices kissed into her ears. The words haunted her, echoing in the hallow space twixt her harks, bouncing off of unseen walls in a darkness that stretched for miles. "Coulda, shoulda, would..." she parroted back to her unseen company, khol lips twitching along her shadowy fangs. Maren's pupil less gaze failed to leave the direct ground before her; a pristine and virgin beach of basalt sands seemingly forgotten in the far South. She's lingered here some time. While estranged in comparison to the others, there is a lingering intelligence. She did not want to be found, although there was little motive for her escape (truly, it worsened her state rather than saved her from anything). But the ocean spray and the harsh salt air hid her rotten perfume. No one would find her here, that is, no one that was looking for her. ("Who would come looking for you?", "Your brethren are so far away...") A snort billowed from her twin nares, releasing a ghostly cloud of saturated blue. She passed through it, breaking the smoke so that it trailed along her in ethereal fingers before fading away. Her lips wrinkled upward and back, revealing the fangs that rivaled combat blade thickness at her canines, a twisted growl leaked from her maw. "Quiet." she asked of them, alabaster audits digging into the mess of her cascading mane.

Funny, that a girl so lost, so irreparably twisted, didn't like to be reminded of her loneliness. ("But you left!" "No one told you to leave.") As her blackened lids slipped over her eyes, terrorizing images of that emptiness flashed back at her - of waters so pitch the white highlights from an unseen light seemed almost dizzying, of a quiet she'd never experienced, of a fear she never knew she had. Until now. Her faintly skeletal lips twitch back into place, her visage jerking minutely to belay the sick in her head. But she skulked still, hobbling far slower than she ever has, and it riles her within. She can recall the day she lost the versatility of her leg - when Father had called to her, that deamon of coal fur and sanguine eyes. He'd slain the great white bear, her fangs had sank around flesh in a form that mimicked her true Father, but all had gone black so quickly after. Her kin abandoned her, followed the pursuit of their Father, and she was left to die on the haunted flows of a frozen shore.

Until that male saved her. Took her to the South, invited that navy and silver mare of aqua flame to heal her.

Her maw parted quickly, strings of glimmering saliva pulled taught between her fangs, before they clacked audibly shut. "You don't need them, Maren." The wolf cooed, his voice casting a tremor in the hallow space of her skull. No... she didn't... she was walking just fine. Thunder. A bright blue light flashed across the sky, illuminating the Svartr Basalts in sharp shadows. Rain followed quickly after, dumping in sheets. The girl stopped, gaze cast skyward.

"maren talking", "women within", "wolf within"

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Rain drenched the world around him. Cracks of thunder illuminated his bones that seemed to glisten somehow, nearly translucent in the shades of grey that painted his backdrop. The sovereign moved with no real goal in mind, he supposed he'd find what he was seeking whenever he got there. His cyan wisps of hair that hung from his tailbone were dragged through the air with each gale of wind, a few strays hairs tugged lose and set free to the wind. Though he paid it no mind and did not so much as even flinch at the weather's thievery. Pedal bones carried him in near perfect silence. The only sound that emanated from the misfit king was the creaking and rattling of his bones. He was not a man of flesh or even breath but it did not seem to bother him in the least.

He weaved his way down the shore's edge, his "eye" occasionally focusing upon this or that. He halted for some time to poke at a fish skeleton with the front of his face. He was fascinated with the way the bones worked, the way they clicked together and yet some were so free and pliable. "Fascinating," he murmured to no one but himself. For a moment he considered raising the fallen creature, to see the skeleton in work. However something gathered his attention before he had a chance.

An unfamiliar creature made it's own way down the beach, an irregular step to their gate. Tilting his head at an unnatural angle he watched, seemingly mystified in the same way he had examined the fish. The way it moved was akin to how he had with his own unfamiliar leg and he could not help but feel drawn to the creature. Perhaps it was his own arcana singing to hers that struck him so, or perhaps it was some form of fate.

The orb that rested within the confines of the sovereign's skull gleamed even bright as it lit his way through the dismal rain. He continued at his own ambling pace, though perhaps there was a slight lift to his knees as the only tell he was on some form of mission. "Darkness sings it's tune, at one with the moon. Glisten, glimmer, glint, glow." He whispered under his breath again, though the sheets of rain drowned him out. Though as he got closer, his voice became bolder.

"Lit by the moon, brought by a monsoon. My fortune or misfortune?" Bones halted, perhaps a bit too close for comfort. His neck extended, the orb casting sharp shadows across his face as he moved his head in her direction. "Lit by the moon, brought by a monsoon." He repeated his words, whispering the chant under his breath as his bones creaked with interest.


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