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Lady of The Lake
Summertime had to be her favorite season, for more than just the warmer weather. The entire world around her was green; the air crisp, clean, sometimes with a touch of rain on the breeze. A sea of color sprang forth as flowers dotted mountainsides and hills that made up the valley, swaying in the summer breeze in a technicolor wave. Bees buzzed indolently around her hooves, making drunken paths from one flower to the next as they paid no mind to the lilac colored mare that carefully picked her path down the mountainside. The grass and flowers moved jerkily as brown rabbits dashed to and fro in the distance, while overhead Ianthe could hear birds chirping happily with the new day. The sun hung brightly overhead; a golden orb to cap off the brilliant azure sky.

It was positively fairytale material and almost a little cliche, but Ianthe found that she wouldn't have had it any other way. It was too splendid of a day to waste high up in the northern mountains. It took very little to coax the veiled maiden out, following trickling streams as she traversed south. Ianthe knew that she was still in the north but on the farthest southern outreaches of the mountains that had been her home since birth. Many wanderers often sought refuge here, as did other animals that were prone to be preyed upon.

A distinctive bird call caught Ianthe’s attention, bringing her to a small pond that was nestled deep within Dael. The lilac lady knew the call well and it brought about a gentle smile, curling the corners of her lips slightly. Her rose-hued pools fell upon her companion, a male swan of bright white, as he called for her again before leaving the pond. With a great show, the waterfowl fluffed his wings before waddling up to her side, his beady black eyes peering up at her as if he was saying Well? What are you waiting for? Other than the pair, Dael seemed rather quiet for such a lovely day...Which was highly unusual.

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