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It took quite a bit to surprise the ageless mare, to crease her unwrinkled brow and drop her dark jaw. She acknowledged that she had not seen it all, could admit that she had not seen it much, but she would expressly state that she had potentially seen so much more than almost any other. It wasn't bragging, wasn't a cry for attention or even a desire for acknowledgement; she had been around since before time was acknowledged as time, her heart broken further back than a mind could fathom without shattering. She had found love for more creatures than currently walked the earth, yet she was still here. She would always be here.

It took quite a bit to surprise to surprise the godsmarked mare, but when she felt the sigh of released magic loosen her silver-lined tongue, her ability to control and manipulate those who flowed around her... well, it was odd. Strange enough that she did not feel the eternal thread some called a lifeline pause with barely a future remaining, barely any time compared to forever. Her body, once frozen, began to age again, but slowly, oh so slowly, for time rarely goes fast for mortals until the very end.

The mist rose gently, enfolding her like a thieving friend, like those two who'd claimed her long ago. And, as with them, she felt herself pause, and relax, and sway, the music of a thousand spring flowers dancing through her brain. This was not then, in that time both ancient and amoral, but there was something primal in this magic-less state. It had been years since she'd felt this empty and... at peace? She closed her eyes, allowing the wisps to caress her body, to drag her in and promise that they'd never let her go. It was an amusing thought, if misguided; they'd never be able to keep her, not when they knew the gods had need of her. Not even magical clouds could stop them.

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Despite being a local, something urged Bones to approach the tree. Perhaps it was the latent magic that surged through the twisting branches, or perhaps a bone on his body had once belonged to a settler. Whatever it was, the Misfit King found himself moving towards it. He could not help but wonder what it looked like from the opposite side. Even from here it seemed...stately and massive, could it be even more grand from a different view point? His pedal bones pushed off from the soft earth as he stepped into the tree through a massive gaping maw. Long spindly branches reached down like the teeth of a beast as he seemingly stepped through to be it's dinner.

Despite the weaving passageways and shifting roots, Bones felt no fear as he traversed. No matter what direction he took-- no matter how many times he turned around he knew just which way to go. He was no fool-- or maybe he was, but he was aware finding the opposite exit was in vain. He didn't want to leave anyway, even if he could. The citizens of Vromme needed him and he them. It did not take long for the man of dust and bones to stumble across the mare of hushed pink.

His glistening golden orb focused upon her and he halted, not wanted to interrupt whatever moment she seemed to be having. His small wisp of a tail slapped against the hard ossein of his back leg. His head was tilted at an unnatural angle, his "eye" casting long awkward shadows across his face. Bones was unsure what the mist that surrounded her was doing but he imagined it was not something he wanted to involve himself in. Keeping a safe distance the sovereign finally spoke.


His voice rumbled and his orb glowed brighter for a moment. "I am Bones." He remained motionless for a moment, as if he was calculating and thinking oh so hard. Then with an abruptness of an 'AHA!' moment the undead gentleman dipped his nose slightly in greeting.


Please note when interacting with Bones, he is not aware he is not alive.
Mild power play allowed, ie touching and entering personal space.
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Slowly enough that she nearly chose to stop, Tanit opened her sea-blue eyes. pushing away from the comfort and peace the mists promised to bring her. She moved her tongue, though she'd never felt her magic there before. How different would it be, to influence others without the gentle pressure for things to go her way? It had been years, decades, millennia since she'd had to rely on her own words and sweet personality, and she hoped that she hadn't fallen too out of practice. If she had, well, she could leave and forget this place, just as she'd left and forgotten every where else. Just as she'd forgotten them - but no, why wait, why not run now if they were going to factor into her mind so often and so carelessly. She looked back, knowing that she would not be able to see an escape but also knowing that she'd have to look like she was trying at least once. But what was left for her out there? Nothing, and no one, and no hope for a peaceful death.

After all, everyone else was just ashes and bones.

She heard the creaking voice as she turned back from the empty past to move into the nothing future. She shook her head, unsure if the antique sound had come from whoever spoke or just from her being unused to hearing speech. She finally saw him - if it was a him - standing not too far off, his slightly-shorter body nothing more than, well, bones. She watched him, silently appraising his worth in her most secret of secret works, and found him wanting on every front. He was not one she would try to match, not unless he begged and pleaded and cried. He did not look to have anything to contribute to as-yet-empty breeding pool, except... perhaps he knew someone. Perhaps he knew many, many that she did not and that she could push and pull together until they became something almost perfect. A bright smile lit her face, schooled by fathomless years to always how ones best self to a client, and she approached slowly. "Hello, chaai," she murmured in response, voice warm and rich and sun-drenched velvet. "Thank you, Bones. I do not know where I have come, but I am called Tanit."

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