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Some would say he would last until the end of time.
He had traveled far and wide, done many a great thing, but it wasn't enough. It had never been enough. It had only sated his desire for a time before the familiar itch for more would become overwhelming. The crawling, all-consuming compulsion to move on when it was clear he would gain no more from a particular place had driven him across many lands. It had driven Hyperion from his mother's gentle, protective hold long ago when he was barely more than a boy. He had left his birth land of snow and ice and his dear mother behind, crowing of grand plans and promises to save her from a fate of nothingness. Whatever it took, he would do it; Hyperion would make the entire world quake beneath his hooves and burn if he had to. 

Stagnation had driven him from his last haunt, yet the insistent fog had tugged him down from the skies in his search for a new place to lay roots. A sea of golden grasses greeted him, the long blades whispering in the summertime breeze. The pegasus stallion's snow-white tail swept from side to side as he flicked it, dragging across the grass due to its length. Several strands of virginal white caught in the grass, though the amethyst stallion gave the tugs no mind. Hyperion's great, glimmering wings of galaxy-esque hues tucked to his sides with great care as he turned, choosing to continue his traveling on hoof.

With the sun high over his head, Hyperion knew he that had time to meander about before attempting to find shelter for the night. Silver hooves picked his path carefully along the field, not trusting the loveliness of the day to lull him into a false sense of security. Hyper-vigilant, the stallion’s silver eyes scanning the landscape around him with caution - though it anyone else, it may have looked lackadaisical. A rustle in the grass behind Hyperion prompted the pegasus  to move quickly, following the crisscrossing pathway that inevitably led him to a great tree. The fog had begun to creep in suddenly, as if pushing him towards the tree, as the rustling being him grew louder. Faster. Closer. Whatever had been following him was now in pursuit and Hyperion wasn’t planning to meet whatever it was behind him.

With a huff, the glittering stallion picked the lesser of two evils by stepping into the black entryway that led into the unknown. Whatever this land was, Hyperion had already begun to question his decision to check out what this new land had to offer.

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Some would say far longer.
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