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The sun began it's ever constant descent. That was something that never changed, the sun would always rise and it would fall just the same. The small hippocampi rested herself in the shallow waters by a sandbank, heavy eyes searching the tall trees for something. Though they had fascinated her enough at first, they're expansive forms stretching up and touching the sky, forming a canopy to hide the ground from the gaze of those above. From time to time, she could make out those strange little beings that fluttered about the branches. She called them sky fish, but surely there was an actual name for them. If not, Poppy would be sure to give them one on her own. But not now, not yet. Her chest rose with a deep inhale before letting out a heavy huff, dredging her head up from where it lay.

The sun's departure had let the expanse of strange, tall, plants cast looming shadows over her and the water. The once warm embrace turned cool, albeit not entirely unpleasant. Looking back behind her at the water she now called home, a heavy feeling in her gut sat, threatening to sink her in the depths should she return to it once more. The thought of another lonely night was damn near unbearable! With her head looking back towards land a bit desperately, she pulled one foot out from under her and placed it in the sand, than the other. "If I could just..." She spoke aloud in a gentle, almost pleading voice as she heaved herself up on two legs. Her eyes closed from the strain, breath catching in her throat as she was no longer submerged. She moved one foot forward, nearly losing her balance as she huffed out a number. "Eine," then her other front foot followed, dragging her body forward a pace "Swei.". Strangely enough, the next step came with more ease though the feeling was completely foreign. "Drei..." There was a slightly confused tone in her voice before another step came. "Veir?" She turned her head quickly to notice her own body was unfamiliar to her. In place of her once slim fish like, finned frame was now that akin to a land walker! Her eyes lit up and she started bounding around, trying to get a better look at her new shape in excitement, but it didn't take much for her to end up face first in the sand again. That didn't matter to her in the least though, she finally had legs! She didn't have to wait for others, she could go to them! Where ever they were...

Scrambling to her feet, she clumsily made her way towards the forest of red clay colored trees. Her head was on a constant swivel as she looked around at all the knew sights and smells around her, hardly paying any attention to where she was going, little Poppy's faulty steps on unsure ground often antiquated her with the dirt. The sun continued to slip away from her, painting her in unfamiliar darkness. She was becoming better and better at walking the further she went, but she also became more and more lost, unsure of her surroundings. She'd literally been dropped in the middle of unfamiliar territory. Coming to a stop, her eyes grew wide as they looked around, the last glimpses of the light finally disappearing. The trees she once marveled at now seemed to whisper bad omens in her ears, the gentle breeze became the breath of death. "So dunkel..." She muttered before jumping at the sound of a twig snapping. She may not have been a child, but the dark was where the terrors lived and oh did it terrify her so. What monstrosities could possibly be roaming in this new land?

She stumbled over protruding roots in her self perpetuating nightmare. Her front leg caught on the rough bark, ripping free a few of her scales and she yelped out in both pain and surprise. Ripping off scales doesn't just leave a bald spot though, it would be like someone slicing off a bit of skin, her leg began to bleed, staining the white scales an unsettling crimson as she pulled herself back up only to back herself up against a tree. What else could she even do? It's not like Poppy could really use her legs well, she was a sitting duck, an easy meal. Whether it was her imagination or not, Poppy found herself staring back at a hungry set of eyes in the shadows, circling in the distance. With nothing else to do, Poppy did the only thing she could and called out in desperation. "HELP!" She tried to skirt around to put the tree between her and the eyes, whimpering out once more. "Please help."
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It'd been quite a while since the raven decided to venture past his humble little abode nestled behind the waterfall of fell, or even the borders of ambrosius altogether. But as the sun began to wane, the sky bled vibrant colors of pink and mandarin orange leaving him to feel blooming effects of wanderlust. Just how much of the valley had changed if at all? There was only one way to find out. A thoughtful hum rumbled within the creature's chest as he stood to his feet. Unraveling his wings he stretched the vast feathered appendages wide, warming them up and preparing them for flight.

Thrusting himself forward into a lope Nevermore took several strides before giving a powerful downward thrust of his wings. Dust and other varying debris encircled his form briefly as he be came airborne. One, two, three flaps later he had climbs the skies high enough to soar over the treetops. Out of sheer habit alone the once regent tucked his avian like limbs close to his barrel. The lengthy tresses of his infinite mane were left to be teased by the wind as he cast his lavender gaze toward the ground. Every so often he would see the occasional equine walking below, those not blessed with the gift of flight to carry them to new places.

For a moment he considered what it might have been like to be completely landlocked, and instantly decided that he could not picture himself without the convenience of his wings. Traveling would take twice as long and one would be forced to rest rather than just switch from flying to walking or vice versa. And switching was something he planned on doing at this very instant. Growing tired, the star strewn phantom landed within the forest of redwoods. Pupiless eyes skimmed the area with a hint of wonder. It'd been ages since he last came to this place. It was in these very woods where he met Skaug all those months ago.

A sense of nostalgia blanketed the stallion as he wandered aimlessly through the darkened forest, blissfully at home in his element. The veil of night soothed him, offered a sense of comfort the sun could not seem to provide. Upon his fanged lips he began to hum an ancient tune, one lost to time as he meandered through the trees. This was beginning to become a pleasant outing until he heard a terrified call for help. Turning his visage the specter paused upon noticing a flash of white dart behind one of the many trees and the sharp metallic tang of blood wafting within the air. With his curiosity captured Nevermore ventured closer and closer still until he was standing before the very tree this stranger was hiding behind.

Slowly, Nevermore peaked his head around to get a good look at the small being, head cocked as he did so. Let not thine heart be troubled, stranger. Are you alright? He asked, completely unaware that it was quite possibly in fact him that potentially frightened her. His luminescent eyes scrolled down further until he was able to see the crimson staining her ivory limb. Thou art wounded. I could offer thine assistance if you'd like?
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The shadows the forest, strange and foreign seemed to split apart to reveal at beast approach from around the tree she sought shelter from. Pale, glowing eyes like that of the deep water hunter, sharp teeth meant for the tearing of flesh, and she didn't even know what those front feet were for, but the teeth like things on the end suggested nothing good. Startled by his presence and confused by what she assumed her words, Poppy let out a yelp scrambled away from him, skirting back around the tree, her voice a light with panic. "Sky fish!" Though it was almost humorous to look at as her uneasy legs tried to move quickly, but only seemed to make her move slower, careful not to trip on the roots again as her leg was still bleeding from the first fall.

Upon reaching the other side, those eyes she'd originally tried to hide from seemed closer. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Poppy had to decide who she'd rather take her chances with. Angry sky fish or the hungry beasts of shadow. Well, at least she knew what the sky fish was... kinda... She ended up coming full circle around the tree back towards the stranger and ducking down under his legs, peering through the two front legs, she uttered. "Tall plant have eyes."

A low grumble from the woods only proved her point. She didn't know what that sound was, like some kind of guttural rattle, but the sound sent a chill down her spine for reasons unknown to her. A wolf drew closer, it's teeth bared ass it eyes the pair, slipping in and out of the darkness, unsure of the meal now. The small one would have been an easy meal, but the pair of them was a bit harder to handle on it's own. Deciding to take it's chances, it charged towards them around the tree in the same direction Poppy had gone around the tree, hoping to catch them from behind.

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Within a matter of seconds the very small female responded in a way most happened to when stumbling across him for the first time. With a startled gasp and an usher of shuffling steps away from him out of pure self preservation. It was indeed a reaction he was far too used too receiving. Although, just about every time it happened it felt new all over. A small frown pulled at the corners of his fanged lips as he took a single step backwards. Within his countless centuries of life if there was one thing he'd learned, it was never to act hastily around a frightened individual. The quick jarring movements only seemed to make their anxiety heighten.

So Nevermore opted to remain still, leaving the vibrant stranger to either choose to flee and be on her way or actually approach. His pale gaze trailed back over the bloodied limb once again, drawing his attention until he heard her exclaim two words. Puzzled, the phantom turned his eyes skyward, wondering if she meant possibly birds. The accent lacing her vocals suggestion that she was far from wherever her home might have been. Thus leaving the possibility of terms for various things being different.

Just as he parted his jaws to speak again he felt a sudden sweep of wind dart beneath him. Startled, the romainian man peaked between his limbs to spot the stranger hiding beneath him. Pardon? He questioned, genuinely curious as to why she appeared to be so jumpy. That is until the sound of a growl met his ears. He knew far too well the sounds of a predator. Nevermore's pinched nares flared wide to capture the scent of the beast, revealing it to be some type of lupine creature. Not that it mattered, safety was of the utmost importance now. Eldritch harks swiveled to catch the sound of paws rushing their way.

Careful not to trample the small being beneath him, the terror of the north whipped around unfurling his vast ebony wings from his sides to make himself appear even larger and more menacing than he already were. With a mouthful of serrated fangs on clear display and a ghastly avian screech to ripping past his vocals, Nevermore extended a swooping taloned appendage in the wolf's direction, hoping to cleave some part of its body if it failed to ignore all warning signs.
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Poppy's already large eyes drew wide as snapping teeth came towards her haunches, but the pain she expected to feel didn't come. The strange furry beast peeled back as the large avian looking creature defended them both. He appeared to double in size as his sky fins spread bare at hides, teeth of a sharp slip bast the strangers ebony lips and for a moment, the nightmare beast hesitated.

Was the potential meal really worth the trouble? At first, it thought yes, lunging low to snap at their ankles, but it's hunger driven actions were abruptly put to a stop as something sharp came slashing down it's maw. It let out a high pitched Yelp as it skirted back on it's paws, shaking it's head, blood staining it's fur. It quickly turned with it's tail between it's legs and hurried off, melting into the backdrop.

For a moment, silence filled the air, the world falling still until she looked up from between his front legs, watching him with curiosity and muttering "Angry sky fish." She was thankful yes, but wasn't sure if he was helping her or defending his meal. As far as she knew, he was going to eat her. With a mouth full of teeth like that, it wasn't much of a stretch to think. " shark." Yes, that was a more suiting name for the man. However it was yet to tell if he would bare those teeth at her or not.

Hunkering down where she was Poppy was hoping he couldn't reach her there. It wasn't like she could really escape him. Fitting in small shapes was pretty much her only defense. Pulling her head back, she looked down at her injured leg which seemed to almost be done bleeding at this point, but hurt nevertheless.

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