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Spring was her favorite season. There is a joy in watching down the seeds spring up from the previous fall when little rodents hurriedly buried them so that they may later return for a midwinter meal. The world woke with the rise of chilly mornings between the rhythmic dripping of melting icicles as sleepy daffodil bulbs first peek through the frozen soil and frosted dirt.

But summer was not so bad.

A few fat flies buzz noisily around the edge of the lake. They drifted along drunkenly with dizzy dips before shooting away in search of carrion. The dryad emerges from the edge of the forest near the small grassy area that split the woods and the calm lake. One limb lifts and hesitates for a moment as the wide, dark doe eyes search for anything that may pose a threat. The dark nostrils open, scent, and find nothing. The wooden leg falls silently as it embeds in the dewy moss to draw the forest nymph from her forest.

With only a few strides, she emerges fully from between the tree trunks. Soft petals pluck away on the warm breeze and carry downwind, the scent of cherry blossoms perfuming her body as she edges the water. The pale mare glows gently despite the early morning summer sun. Nikoline drops her head slowly, minding her reflection in the water, as her dark lips slowly pull the cool waters to her throat. It tastes clean and cool and satisfies her deeply.
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sold my soul from heaven into hell,
and i'm as sick as my secrets.
Chirp, chirp, chirp.

"Ughhh." A groan came from an ebony pile within the tall grass.


An audit twitched at the faint touch of a fly's legs graze the tip, nares flared as the colossal beast took in the fresh morning scents. Something tickled his hairs, which in return caused him to rapidly lift his skull and emit a rather large sneeze, shaking out his mane in the process. Lids flung open, revealing haunting crimson pupil-less optics. He squinted at the sudden brightness of the sun, furrowing his brows.  Just when he began to settle himself, another sneeze crept up and exploded. "Oh for fuck sake." Raspy tones blurted, wincing as he felt his spine crack. With much effort, Björn unfolded his front limbs from under himself and stretched them outward, taking inventory of his surroundings before moving further.

Nope. Nothing was different from when he initially fell asleep. Well other than it was now day, instead of well past midnight that it had been. And the crickets were most definitely not awake now, as they had been before. He took comfort in being able to smell the water from the lake. Giving himself a good back-and-forth rock or two before he lurched himself forward, getting his rear limbs under him before pushing up. As he stood, Björn stretched everything. And I mean, everything. Nose touched the grass as he arched his back, bat-like wings burst out to their maximum span, ruffling them before allowing them to tuck neatly to his onyx hued sides once again.

Tilting his skull as if trying to crack his neck, he gave his shoulders a good roll before straightening himself, shaking out his frame. Large mass of tail curled around before trailing behind him as he took up a slow walk toward the lake. He was still half asleep, moving with his head held at half-mast. A blink. Another blink. He imagined a small white silohette near the other side of the body of water, ignoring it at first. Just an after dream. He thought to himself, his tongue swept over his dry lips as he came to a stop at the edge, the tips of his massive hooves engulfed in the water. Björn lowered his head, enjoying the cool feel of the water around his maw as he pulled in the liquid.

Lids fluttered opened now as he noticed a reflection of something move. His heart stopped like it had slammed into a brick wall. Audits perked at attention, pupil-less optics couldn't tear themselves away from the dainty ivory figure that stood just a short ways away. He froze, mid-drink. The liquid that had once been at the back of his tongue, was now dripping back into the lake. Nares widened, pulling in her scent. He pulled his head back up, taking in her full appearance. Those... legs?! He found himself lingering upon the wood appendages for longer than a polite stare. "Um, excuse me, Miss... good morning to ye!" He pushed his maw up at her, a gentle smile on his maw. "My manners are beside me, I'm not a morning brute." He chuckled, hoping he had spoken loud enough for her to hear, although their distances wasn't great.

Once more, Björn found his gaze to fall to her limbs, in pure awe.
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She is not alone for long but it was was to be expected. Nikoline had come accustomed to being a pale shadow, quiet with her leg points, a drifting figure that observes life from the outside. Horses move in waves like vast oceans. Thy kept to themselves with the occasional acknowledgement to the subtly glowing mare. She knows she is unique amongst her species.

The water ripples as she edges closer to it, her wooden points darkening and drawing slightly upward. Nikoline watches her own reflection move shift and shimmer as the water spreads from her movement. In her solitude, she does not notice the dark male who nears her but the sound of his voice shakes her concentration so that her head lifts up and wide with large, dark eyes. A flutter of cherry blossom petals flit away in her surprise. Niko thinks to bound away but she stares at him and though he looms overhead, he is jolly, even chuckling softly.

"Good morning..." The smaller woman manages despite her surprise, her syllables quipped with her Nordic accent, wary but unmoving. Nikoline releases the tension of her muscles slightly when she realizes he has not descended on her. The dark eyes are wide and searching as she is cautious but not scared. His smile (despite the furrow of a pale brow and multiple horns) is calming as she carefully examines the scars that mapped his form. The dryad calms her nerves, trusting, delicate. "I'm Nikoline." The three syllables of her name tip toe from the velvet of her lips. She offers a small smile, her trust offered, watching the larger creature closely. Nostrils open and capture the masculine scent and it tingles. She smiles unconsciously, her features innocent and open, she extends her dark muzzle in effort to greet him as her shyness is temporarily forgotten under the warm gaze of the man's eyes.
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We swam among the northern lights,
And hid beyond the edge of night
Fiery optics beamed at the unique woman before him, lost in fascination of her limbs. They were trees?! It was baffling to him, even though he had seen many wild things throughout his life already. Surely someone with wooden legs shouldn't surprise him; he had seen pirates, after all. But no! This was a different type of 'wooden leg'. It wasn't just some peg that was put there due to a lost limb. No... this was as if, her legs just became trees.

How crazy!

Muscles tensed only out of excitement, he had met so many others in his short time within Fimbulvetr, far more than he had ever met anywhere else in his travels. And if you knew anything about Björn, regardless of him being on the quiet side, was that he thoroughly loved meeting others. It was them who seemed to prefer not to accompany themselves with him. Perhaps because of his bulking figure? Or horrific appearance. He was honestly clueless as to what about him, drove others away usual.

But not this one, although he had caught a small flash of anxiety washed over her visage, but it dissipated quickly. He continued his light chuckle as her melodic tones met his audits, "Why yes, it most certainly is a good morning, waking up to such a view as you." His words were gentle and honest - Björn wasn't much of a charmer. He only spoke the truth of things, with no intent for his own personal gain. It was then she introduced herself, a grin tugged at his maw, "It's a pleasure, Nikoline." He rolled her name off his tongue, as if tasting it. "I'm Björn." His accent always tended to show itself more whenever he gave his name. It was then he realized the lake still stood in between them, but he remained where he was.

Startling her for moving too quickly was the last thing he cared to do.

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