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sold my soul from heaven into hell,
and i'm as sick as my secrets.
Darkness, where the only light was projected from the moon and the stars.

It was his ultimate favorite time; it made him feel so... alive. Which is something he hadn't truly felt in a long, long time. He had spent his last few years a loner, wandering from place to place in search of something he wasn't even sure of. His brother? Sure, that's what he told himself. That trail was growing cold, even more so since he left Caeleste. He hadn't a clue on where his older brother was and although he dearly ached for Valor - there was something that told him that he needed to give up the search. Something had happened - something, bad. But it was hard to embrace. Valor was indestructible. At least, that was how Björn saw him, ever since he was a colt. It was time to let go, for he could no longer feel any sort of energy from his brother, which was something they had always been able to detect through their bloodline. His parents were dead, now so was his brother - that is what it felt like.

Eyes that resembled the fiery pits of hell stared out to the breath-taking horizon, taking in the thousands of shining stars. The moon was nearly full, but not quite. "Lainat." He softly spoke, allowing the breeze to whisk away his words. Another wave of sadness washed over him heavily; no one he knew, knew his native tongue. It had only been him and Valor, while everyone else looked at them like they were insane. An ear twitched sideways, lids blinked over his pupil-less eyes as he stared in between the trees. Another soft breeze came and he threw his maw up to the skies, gazing up at the twinkling stars and large moon. "Vod chafaan, gaezo." His words came out just barely above a whisper. Lids slammed shut as a a few tears began to slide down his face, nares flared as he hammered his lungs with the night air. It was at that moment, he accepted that he'd live out his life alone.

His heart ached, causing his body to ache. Lowering his head, lids slowly opened as he looked around in a blurry trance. This was no longer home. This wasn't Elysium. Nor was this Caeleste... this was a whole new place entirely, a place that Valor had never been. A loud exhale sounded. I must start new. The voice sternly spoke to him. Björn blinked a few times as he thought he saw little balls of light flash before him, in the dozens. He did! Fireflies! He thought playfully, the behemoth beast tossed his head and began to prance through the woods, nudging his maw at the insects, encouraging them to be his light show. "Qacha." The word brought a smirk to his lips.

It truly was quite the sight to see a massive draconic beast dancing in the middle of the woods at night to some fireflies.
but i'm never gonna tell.
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I wish I didn’t know so much
I peeked behind the curtain

Bearable only in the blessed light of day, her pain grew twisting horns and devilish strength when night brought forth its suffocating blanket of darkness. A beast not before her, but within- tearing at her with the force of a tidal wave, eroding at the bedrock of a disintigrating shoreline. The sun was her buffer, lighting her way and carrying her from place to place, leagues of travel keeping her thoughts as occupied as she could manage. Distraction was her everyday task, bearing the weight of her agonies atop her back until, with the stars as her witness, she crumbled.

Keres had tried so hard to stave it off- she had smiled with those she had met, enjoyed the warmth against her skin and the lovely drift of fat snowfall. She had pushed it away for a few days; an impressive record. But you cannot drown your demons forever. Eventually, they all rise up to bite you on the ass. The moonlight shone its weak silver glow upon the landscape, stars twinkling points of white, as small and delicate as needle pricks in the fabric of the sky. She could hear the haunted sound of a night owl, cricket song and bullfrogs croaking somewhere in the damp leaves and fallen needles that were the detritus of the woods. All around her, signs of the New life that heralded springtime were evident- and yet, these things brought her no comfort. Tears, silvered by Lady Luna's frail shine, tracked across the smooth ivory of her bony visage, wetting the interlocking teeth of her maw, pooling in the bony ridge around her reptilian eyes. Ears flattened against her nape, she plotted through the darkness with a snake's skill at seeing in the night, but with the clumsy gait of one who is drunk, lost in grief.

She thought of not one thing in particular. For once, this agony was not a focused blade, a slice, a stab, but an all-over ache that cried out in her bones and sapped her strength. In the night, there was no distraction. The shadows crept at her, reminding her with vicious cruelty that she, despite her wanderings and ramblings, was alone. She had those she cared for, of course; Ozereus had been a stalwart prescence to her, a comforting, if stoic, bastion against the worst of her pain. Io Kairavi was here, steeped in sadness and her own miseries, but present all the same. No, this was not a physical lonliness. The was a sort that stretched out from her first life of submission and fear, to her next in Elysium, ugly and weeping in the rain and ash for deliverance in whatever form it took. Be it death or otherwise. It would not be silenced, and in the encompassing grip of the cloaked forest, it nearly roared with triumph.

And yet- was that a light?

Like a star that had fallen to earth, distant and blinking. Stars to not pulsate. Even in this state, she grew concious of that fact. Their light was unwavering. So what was this? The glow was intermittent, oddly green-yellow, alluring and tempting as a wisp.

Realization came swiftly, and with it, a gasp of breath. Fireflies! Relief echoed through her like a gunshot. A distraction of the nights clutching emptiness delivered so mercifully by spring.

Though her pace was irregular and slightly hasty, she darted after the little saviour like a devining rod after water. It bounced almost merrily, like a Carrie taunting her with playful mischief. A rough, unexpected bubble of laughter escaped her, half sounding like a sob. Her ears perked and she dutifully chased the twirling insect, bounding over roots and logs, picking up the pace until she was trotting in short bursts to keep pace with her lure. With a last blinking wiggle, it vanished into the a little clearing. She rounded the corner with determination, and-

Oh, the beauty! A veritable herd of fireflies danced gently on the midnight breeze, twinkling and drifting bravely over her nose. She for a moment was oblivious to all but the plight of the bugs, and it took long moments of foalish joy for her to realize that she was not alone. Mostly black, he blended with the shadows most effectively, aside from the familiar white blotches that colored him. Massive draconic wings folded against his side's, large horns protruding from his face like daggers, a statement, a threat. But she was not afraid. She might have smiled, if she could, for the universe had delivered to her a friend to distract from her misery.
"Bjorn?" she murmured, the sound relieved and expectant, if raspy. "I see the little creatures have beckoned you as well."

She peered at him, allowing the moon to light his profile, dimly shining on the slow drying tracks of what looked like tears in the fur of his cheeks. She did not pry. She was sure he could see hers, with those keen pupiless eyes. She offered him a friendly look, coming closer that she might speak better, for her voice tended to be weak and rough to the ear.
"It is good to see a familiar face in these woods. I was beginning to fear...."
She trailed off, glancing away in an effort to block out the sadness that hovered so resolutely. But at least she was not alone. Not physically, at least. It was as best she could hope for.
"Are you well? I have not seen you since your arrival."

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Now that magic rush
Feels like a trick that isn’t working

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Trigger Warning: Keres suffers from severe depression and bouts of dissassociation-
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sold my soul from heaven into hell,
and i'm as sick as my secrets.
The behemoth beast had been entirely lost in his little dance with the fireflies that he hadn't picked up the scent of another. He had been so desperately wanting to distract himself from his deep sorrows, so when the soft words of Keres' rang through the woods, it startled him. Björn, mid frolic, went sideways, loosing his footing, causing him to trip over his massive legs and go tumbling down within the tall grasses. The only sound that came from him was a loud grunt. He could only imagine what a sight that had been. Not only watching a monster such as himself leaping around with small fireflies, only to trip over himself and go rolling. His colossal wings sprung out in an desperate attempt to regain balance, which failed miserable. Continuing his roll, his limbs and feet held up in the air, the spikes upon his rump dug deep into the soil beneath him; he was like a turtle now. Stuck on his back. "Yeni anna." He bellowed with a hearty laugh. Arching his neck, he began to rock side to side, freeing himself and bringing up the earth with him as his spikes forced their way out. He glanced sideways at the familiar face, a warm smile still upon his maw.

"You startled me, Keres." He spoke, now raising himself from the ground. Outstretching his neck, he shook any loose debris from himself, adjusting his wings back to their rightful place at his sides. Although she tried to hide it, sadness was easy to detect, especially when you shared it. Ears listened intently to her words, grasping them like a hungry hound. He exhaled deeply, his chest seemingly narrowed as he did so. It was so wonderful to see a friendly, familiar face again. He hadn't seen her since he arrived, only leaving her behind for she seemed comfortable in Ozereus' company. The very thought caused him to peek around, an ear shifted to the side. "I didn't think I'd see you without Ozereus," He brought his fiery gaze back to her, making out every single outline of her poor frame. "No need to fear," He added softly, bringing himself within a pace distance from her, not wanting to make her uncomfortable. Björn lowered his head to her level, a gentle smile lingered on his maw, kindness within his pupiless eyes. "And there's no need to look away," He began, voice just a whisper. "Sorrow is abundant here tonight. You are not alone, you do not need to hide." His body ached for another's touch, but he refused himself, knowing it wasn't asked of him. Knowing it may not be wanted.

Of course she had asked him how he was, even while her body radiated sadness and pain. She was just how he remembered her back in Elysium, so caring of others, ignoring herself. "I have seen better days, but here I stand." For a moment, his visage redirected to a firefly that had come between their faces, and did what seemed to be a dance, before resting on the top of his nose. "It shines just like you." He whispered, trying not to disturb it.
but i'm never gonna tell.
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