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I rise with the moon.

The terrible winter had given way to a delicate spring, warming Maura’s cold weary bones. Despite the camaraderie she had found with the other equines of her house, she hadn’t sought them out much since the great terrible freeze that had strangled much of Vromme. While they mourned the losses of their house, Maura retreated back to her life of hermitage. Occasionally she felt the subtle pang of loneliness, but the sensation was fleeting - easily forgotten within a moment.

Give up her life of solitude for what, companionship?

“Bah!” the grey Kirin spat, punctuated by a snort of disgust. Maura could barely tolerate anyone that wasn’t Davaros, who was basically like a brother. Well, she did like the undead sovereign a bit - he was funny, in a weird full-of-riddles way. She could do without whatever freshly risen bodyguards he could contour up, though. The obsidian scaled mare crinkled her nose, remembering the scent of Bones’s risen guardians. Anyone else was her housemates and that was it. Sure, she would help them in times if need...but to seek them out? No, no thanks. She quite liked her little life of solitude.

Even then, Maura found her feathered hooves moving on their own accord. Her only friend seemingly wrapped up in some silky maiden these last few months, Maura found herself strangely missing him and his quiet reproaches. Maura knew he had a life outside of being her eyes and unwitting guardian. Yet, the grey Kirin could help but brood over the anomalous feeling that bubbled in her chest at the idea that she had been set aside; that maybe she wasn’t so important to him anymore now that he had found someone else. Was it love? Maura couldn’t be sure, but knew that she would begrudgingly accept it if her best friend had found something as precious as love. She might not like it, but she would have to accept she wouldn’t always be his number one priority. Even though he was family, the idea of being forgotten left an ashy taste on Maura’s tongue.

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down the rivers of the windfall light

The relief from the cold brought a new life to Vromme, if not all of the Slidr River Valley. Swiftly word had spread of the simultaneous calamities, how each one seemed to feed of of one another and create the tumultuous event that had almost taken their lives. It was this quiet recollection that burst Davaros' emerald visionaries open, squinting into the bright sunlight that had melted away all the snow, and realize that he hadn't seen Maura since the departure of Vinter. True, he had been quite distant from her. With the realization of his parentage swiftly approaching, he had all but consumed himself to the work of preparing to cultivate and teach a new life. When he wasn't silently meditating on what it meant to be a parent, he had prostrated himself to Kagura's every want and need. It only seemed fair - he'd received a minute amount of pleasure in comparison to her months of pregnancy that altered her body permanently.

And in doing so, he had neglected his duties as a friend.

A pang of guilt washed over him, one he knew Maura would disapprove of (she was a prickly thing, didn't care for his overtly emotional appeal at times), but knew he would have to pursue it. It would gnaw at him incessantly if not and bring him only anxiety and reproach for himself. Settled, he stepped from the rivers of Grosugr, shook the diamond droplets form his stone hide, and cast his lustrous brass pistons to the moist sod of the South in search. Luckily, years at Maura's side had developed Davaros into an adept tracker - if all he was tracking was a blind, loud femme with an attitude large enough to fill her rotund frame. While she preferred solitude (he never approved of that) she wasn't a fool. While she wandered here and there and everywhere she revisited their home time and time again to keep her perfume fresh on the reeds and plain grass. It made for easy location, especially considering as he followed a staling trail he was met with the approaching figure of her dappled hide and onyx carapaces. With the Slidr Lake winking in the sunlight through the dense forest, Davaros released a baritone whinny to announce his arrival though it was most likely unnecessary. Sharp strides brought him to a trot then finally a halt as he stood some feet before her, allowing her adequate space to find her own bearings in her eternal darkness.

"Seems two great minds - and friends - think alike, no?" he said, the smile upon his lips evident in the lilt of his voice. His leonine tail swished, jade threads ensnaring some of the dried leaves from last autumn. "You're a long ways from home this time around. You know how I worry."

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I rise with the moon.

Maura followed the sound of water, trudging along almost without a care if she tripped or not. Her path had her haphazardly weaving closer to the lake, a place the Kirin mare could almost sense deep in her bones. Water had always called to her on some level, but the draw of the lake was nearly overwhelming. Hiding along streams and in the marshes of Vromme when in deep emotional states had been a staple of Maura’s own emotional shortcomings, lurking there for hours - or even days - as if the gentle lapping sounds of the water could pull all of her troubles away from her. She had never been one to mediate, not like Davaros. She was too antsy, too impatient, too demanding of immediate gratification to mediate properly...but being close to water was as close to meditation as Maura was going to get.

The grey mare paused along the lakeshore, an obsidian cloven hoof carefully toeing along the dirt. Finding a loose stone, Maura kicked it with surprising accuracy into the lake. Yet, she didn’t feel any sense of satisfaction when she heard the distant plunk! of the stone landing in the lake. If anything, it only fueled her turmoil. Disappointed, the Kirin turned away from the water as an all too familiar whinny greeted her ears. “Great. Just what I had wanted,” Maura grumbled to no one in particular as her ears laid flat against her stout neck. Of course Davaros found her. Didn’t he know by now when to leave her alone?

His scent wrapped itself around her, utterly unmistakable after spending her entire life glued to his side. Normally it would have brought her peace, but today it seemed to only fuel her ire. A muscle in her jaw twitched from clenching her teeth as Davaros spoke, willing her minuscule patience to keep her grounded. Maura’s leonine tail whipped back and forth irritably, though she found herself humming in agreement. A cloven hoof reached towards the lake again before she carefully inched her way forward. Just enough to get the feathering on her front legs damp. Normally she would talk his ear off, yet Maura found herself strangely quiet in the presence of her overbearing emotions.

It was probably better that way, lest she tried to bite his head off.

Unable to stop herself, a rather unladylike chortle escaped her. It sounded too coarse and fake to her own ears, as if she was trying too hard to be normal. Maura had little doubt that he wouldn’t notice. “As you can see, I’m fine. I’m in one piece still. I can do stuff on my own, since you’ve been busy doing...whatever it is you’ve been up to.” Her words were petulant, though the underlying hurt tempered the biting edges. Even though she couldn’t see him, Maura turned her head away to point her clouded eyes at what she hoped was the lake.

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