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Listening to the supposed man of the hour speaking of this mystery woman he was fascinated with; his words used to describe this female were enough to spring a smirk upon his ivory lips and a roll of his hellfire optics. They were the usual flattery terms when one has found someone they were infatuated with, but Björn felt happiness for him. Everyone deserved to find their soulmate, he just hoped this young male had. It was when he gave words of doubt, he softly shook his head in disagreement. "No young man, that is where you're wrong. Always take that chance; you never know what will happen. What if you never get the chance to tell this woman how you feel? Then what? You'll live out your life pissed off that you missed it." He was speaking from experience, a saddened look riddled his face told his company as his gaze fell to the hot spring. Lids closed for a moment before regaining his composure, opening them back up before looking back up at the trio. Keep yourself together, dude.

Gaze bounced between the three of them, audits twitched as he glanced at the petite man next to him. It was the more established, placid male that responded without missing a beat. His gaze hastily moved to him, listening as he introduced himself. Tywin. But as he continued with titles, Björn furrowed his brows a tad. Where he came from, the most anyone had was one title aside from their given name. This man had two; first of his name? Well, I'm technically first of my name... It was definitely enough to confuse the poor piebald brute. A curt nod was returned once the question came for him to give his own name; "No need for the pardon, nor need for manners, Tywin. First of his name and Jarl Arrhule. " He paused, winking at the man with a playful grin dancing upon his lips. He glanced at the other two, the young male who he had just blabbed advice to spoke, and Björn listened. An esteemed fighter... yet he gives no name. A faint tilt of his cranium was given in curiosity, however continued to pretend he didn't notice. "Ah, fascinating. I see. A fighter." He gave a few nods, glancing at the male close to his side.

It was the obvious confusion plastered upon his face that further confirmed his suspicion. Obviously, something was off here, however Björn just shrugged it off. If it was information that he was meant to know, it would come out eventually. He was after all, a guest here. His heart fluttered when the melodic voice of the man next to him finally spoke, giving his name. Lirr. He pushed his inky tongue to the top of his mouth, trying to pronounce it without opening his jaws. He could feel the soft caress of Lirr's tail against his own, sending a shiver up his spine. "It's a pleasure, truly, to meet and be in your company. All of you." He dipped his head, "My name is Björn, also First of his Name - but just a wanderer, hoping to find somewhere to call home," He shrugged before looking directly to Tywin. "happy to be here." He finished off with a smile.

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There was a sense of accomplishment nestled itself into Tywin’s eldritch heart. Here they all were, mostly complete strangers, sharing a cordial gentleman’s forum in the quiet corners of Arrhule. While words were continually shared between the present parties the jarl tossed his glance upwards, eyeing the mysterious garnet faerie light he’d conjured. Compacted as it was, the sphere spun lazily but seemed to drip will illusions of blood, as if someone could pluck the orb from the ceiling and it’d be most damp. His magic had transformed coming through the Bifrost. What necromantic powers he’d possessed before – a family trait – seemed to have evolved into something debatably more sinister and grotesque. It was curious, and a decent topic when his attention was unnecessary in the banter.

But as swiftly as his cerulean gaze had shifted away it returned to the party at hand. He’d heard the petite, winged male through his own personal contemplations but saw little need in recalling that this exotic dancer could help anyone slip into bed with one another. It surely wasn’t a service he’d desire. Curiously still he studied the largest of them as he reacted to the smallest. It was a provoking back-and-forth of body language that Tywin would have chastised himself to miss – he was most fluent in reading the silent dialect of the physical form. There was something simmering between them, and the temperature was rising despite the otherwise avid participation in Andante’s love trials.

Take the chance, seemed to be the mantra now. Confess to your emotions, subjugate yourself to the one you hope garners the same affections you plan to uncover. A hark twitched atop Tywin’s unadorned crown. While the dramatized image in his mind’s eye was almost gothic, be supposed such matters could be approached with delicacy and finesse. He may not know the king thoroughly, but he could see someone of his youth decide for the dramatic option – especially considering lack of experience. Through the itch and ache of his injured eye he slipped his scrutinizing gaze to Andante while he refused to provide a name – just that he was an esteemed fighter. It was better than guard, Tywin considered, but he’d have to help mold the boy to be less obvious about his withholding of information. A small grin pricked along his glacier lips but died just as quickly as Bjorn introduced himself.

The pointed stare wasn’t lost on Tywin, nor the recitation of the superfluous title that he himself enjoyed using time and time again. The man was looking for a home in this, the great expanse of the Slidr River Valley. Coincidentally enough he’d wandered into one, but with the covert sovereign hovering over his shoulder – and so distrustful of the piebald to add – Tywin felt the timing was not in favor for such offers. “Likewise.” he responded with practiced geniality, before slowly turning his visage to the crimson haired king. “Bjorn is not incorrect. Your bravery on the battlefield is known, surely it can be honed while facing a woman.” He paused, a thoughtful glance drawing his all-seeing vision downwards in recollection before surfacing. "I could teach you to waltz, to really help woo your lady friend."

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Both Lirr and the piebald stallion offered their thoughts on the matter. To which the crimson haired king could only hum thoughtfully to. For what else was there to say? At the end of the day he still needed to make a choice eventually. Perhaps once he was alone near the peak of berg-risi he could take the time to consider some of their suggestions. But here right now he was wanting the topic of conversation to shift off of him and towards something else entirely.

Crimson eyes drifted casually in Tywin's direction to spot the short lived smile that danced across the aristocratic man's lips for a fleeting second. The raven haired man rarely did such things and if so there was always a meaning behind it. Andante held his Jarl's gaze for a moment. Executing a wordless conversation between teacher and student before allowing it to float skyward toward the garnet ball of collective light above. He had messed up somewhere during his exchange with the newcomer. But what else could he have possibly said? The nagging thought caused the slightly annoyed king to narrow his eyes further.

The gesture itself made it seem he was simply studying the ebb and flow of Tywin's magic. When in actuality the young sovereign happened to be mentally chastising himself over the error of his ways. Snake like pupils found their way back toward the behemoth as Bjorn began to introduce himself. Silently, Andante followed up the comment with a single nod of acknowledgement, only to have his vision pan in the direction of his Jarl once more. Waltz? He couldn't recall ever trying to dance and heaven forbid he try and make a fool of himself in front of Iracebeth. But if the glacier man thought it would help then surely it would. I wouldn't be opposed to it.
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