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The threat was over. Vromme was relatively least for now. The sovereign moved across the stagnant water filled earth, sand falling from his ghostly pale ribs. He was worn down, his decaying body was exhausted. Bones had expended much of his energy summoning the minions and raising the bone wall. Had the weather been any worse perhaps he would have not been standing here. He halted, his pedal bones sinking down into the damp ground as the singular golden orb flicked this way and that. Yes, all was quiet. All was calm.

A soft sigh falls from his loosely hinged jaw.


As if pulled by some invisible thread the misfit king moved again, strolling slowly toward the place that had made him what he was. The location of his battle against Othello. The ground was still upturned in some areas from the digging of hooves and in his head Bones could hear the squealing and sound of flesh on bone again. The orb seemed to dim for a moment. "Ressst," he sighed again as the word spilled from his mouth. The shadows cast across his face changed in the altered light, a melancholy expression seeming to take over.

"At least for now." He told himself, not even raising a minion or calling a soldier to watch him while he slept. In that moment Bones was so tired he had no desire to waste another precious moment awake. Bones did not truly need to sleep like others but that did not mean he understood that. The wind tugged at the few sparse strands of his tail as he took one last look across Eng before the light dimmed in his skull. The bones began to fall, unhinging from one another and falling into a pile. At the top of the pile rested his skull, jaw hanging open and unhooked on one side. At the base of the pile the hour glass that hung from his ribs, sand frozen in place as if time itself had stopped.

ooc: shout out to bones for literally looking like a pile of bones you do me so proud

Please note when interacting with Bones, he is not aware he is not alive.
Mild power play allowed, ie touching and entering personal space.
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