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The spring morning dawned bright and mild, finding the residents of Vromme quite abuzz with excitement. Several days ago now, the Lady Priestess Kagura had quietly disappeared from the public eye, retiring from all her usual activities as a social butterfly. The absence of her vividly colored sunset coat, serene smile, and endless supply of blessings and prayers was acutely felt by all who had come to expect her on a daily basis in Grosugr, and even by some who lived more remotely. For all, there was no doubt that she had disappeared right around the time she was expected to foal, having grown heavy with child over the course of the bitter deep winter. Without many other topics to gossip about, word had spread like wildfire over the exact nature of the high-profile pregnancy - who the father was (everyone knew it was Davaros, but some liked to speculate), whether Higurashi and Davaros would make an official union, if the positions of Hand and Heir would now be filled. Now that the Jarl herself had disappeared, hushed whispers turned into full-blown discussions, and the excitement and anticipation for the new child was building with each passing day, as infectious as a plague.

A mare's excited squeal broke the tension at once, drawing the attention of everyone around as she dashed toward the figures emerging from the redwood forest to the north. One, cloaked in familiar bright pinks and violet, could be none other than the Priestess Higurashi herself, and the diminutive, doll-like little filly following close at her heels was undoubtedly the baby daughter. Higurashi greeted her excited friend with a sweet, if a little tired, smile and a nod, and placidly stopped in place to allow the mare to coo and fawn over the newborn. Others soon joined her, drawn like moths to a flame, and before long there was a small crowd gathered around. "Oh, she has your eyes, Lady Kagura!" the older mare crooned, unable to contain the giddy smile that blossomed over her face. "And she'll have her father's horns, no doubt!"

"Yes," Kagura agreed, leaning down to brush the top of her daughter's head with a kiss. "Her name is Kasumi."

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Kasumi = 'mist', usually referring to mist in spring/summer rather than autumn/winter

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ひ ぐ ら し か ぐ ら
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Kasumi, for her part, was much less excited about the whole affair than the rest of Vromme. The dark, quiet forest where her mother had chosen to give birth had been serene, private, and soothing, and her first memories of snuggling close to her dam's side amid a bed of redwood leaves and moss had been very pleasant. But now she was stepping out into full, annoyingly bright sunshine for the first time, suddenly surrounded by a crowd of overly excited strangers, and she found herself in an unwanted position at the center of attention for said excited strangers. But her mother seemed quite calm in the face of this bustling activity, and as Higurashi kissed her head and gave her a gentle nudge forward with her muzzle, Kasumi understood implicitly that she was expected to interact with the herd. "Her name is Kasumi," the lady priestess said fondly, and the onlookers responded with a collective murmur of appreciation and exclamations of "Oh how cute!".

「霞ちゃん!」her mother called her gently, and the little filly turned big, bright golden eyes to meet her gaze, so like her own.「よろしくと言い。」Obediently, Kasumi glanced back at the many pairs of eyes that were fixed on her, and despite her misgivings, she did her best to do as she was instructed. "Yoroshiku," she pronounced carefully, imitating the sounds carefully in her child's lilt. And though no one present understood the expression per se, all were delighted to be greeted in such a polite and, unanimously, adorable fashion. More exclamations and giggles erupted all around, and, her part in this ritual concluded, Kasumi shrank back to press closer to her mother's side.

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霞ちゃん = 'Kasumi-chan', diminutive form of 'Kasumi'
よろしくと言い = 'yoroshiku to ii', 'say "yoroshiku" (nice to meet you)'
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davaros arud

down the rivers of the windfall light

When Kagura had wandered off into the forest without word nor promise of her return, there was one voice that fell silent while the grapevines grew. Perhaps it was the natural transformation his psyche underwent after coming to realize the state of his future parenthood, or mayhaps the customary reserved nature of a man who finds solace in the babble of a brook over the chirp of gossip... maybe both. Either or, as a prickling sensation crawled along his carapaces and moths fluttered their dusty wings in his stomach Davaros turned away from the Redwood and towards the river ways. It was not his place, for he was not invited, and he was nothing but respectable of the lady Higurashi's wishes.

So retire he did. Not far, never far, but far enough to rid himself of the chatter. While eyes of those curious may still have followed him, their lips ever running, the kirin stud allowed an old friend consume his time. Stone appendages slipped him through the mirror-like surface of the nearest riverbed and Davaros took a moment to simply close his eyes and relish the crisp, cool kiss of the water upon his legs. It babbled none sense while telling the ancient stories of yesteryears, drowning out the chatter and bustle of the buzzing Vromme people who'd rather investigate intimate matters not their own. So he waded, letting the murky pond darken his pelt to the sweet scent of new spring lilies. Once if not twice in his quiet, solitary meditation did he dip his khol-dipped muzzle to their inviting white petals for a deep drawing inhale.

However long it had been was of little consequence. Whatever duration it had been, eventually the lady jarl of Grosugr returned. Davaros stood from his leisurely doze in the sun, having nestled into the reeds along the river side (for he never went far) and let his slender build rise him above the heads of the ground. Stonewash ears slipped forward and his nostrils flared not to test the air but with giddy and eager. Sunlight slipped across Kagura's sunset hide, accentuating the curves that he'd known her by previously. But, perhaps more importantly, was the silent and reserved little filly tottering at her hip. Brilliant wine and hearty stone painted her hide while peached amber scales winked in the sunlight, but the most damning evidence of his parentage were the petal like horns that cupped her petite, girlish visage. His breath caught a moment, catching him while off guard and entirely devoid of his own personal status. While the Grosugr denizens flocked forward for a chance to meet the newest addition to their hold, Davaros was far more reserved. Brass hooves, clean from his soak, shown with great luster as he pricked his way along the back. Without word or intrusion to the masses, the new father let his emerald eyes peer through their collection of bodies for a closer look.

The young girl toddled forward, graceful already on her long, fresh legs. There was a serenity to her that was already cold, not with distance but with uncertainty and calculation. If first impressions of one's child meant anything, Davaros was sure Kasumi - a fine name that brought a warm and wide grin to his muzzle - would be an intelligent woman. One of the chittering brooders of the grapevines that had grown with talk over the last several hours or so finally turned to him, realizing he'd remained at the back without word. "Whatcha doin' back here, pappa?" she grinned, her graveled tones grating against his ears and her need to pry unwelcome. But Davaros was a gentleman, and he smiled back at her most cordially, "Giving you all the chance to see before family time begins." The crone roared with laughter, brushing her shoulder against his so that he let out a low, idle chuckle. But the woman had garnered the attention of those close, and they parted with hushed words and giggles on their lips.

Taking advantage of the natural parting, Davaros stepped closer still. A heavy warmth swelled in his chest with each step, and that once half-hearted grin born from manners evolved into a genuine smile. Finally he managed to slip through his fellow Vromme kin and come before them. His heart raced in his chest and for a moment there were no words as the simply admired his firstborn from afar. Emotion threatened to overwhelm him, forcing him to swallow once to keep elated tears at bay, before he swept his crown of brass tines low and leaned back into his hindquarters ever-so-gently. Arching his nape, the gilt tips of his impressive kirin antlers hovered just over the ground a moment before returning to a standstill. "Hello, Kasumi..." he whispered, voice cracking with his personal trail to remain composed before so many onlooking witnesses. "I'm your pappa."

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I'm the one thing in life I can control
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These lands were new, everything about this grand valley left the glowing boy in pure awe. Given the chance to explore the various marshes of vromme allowed the child to simply forget. To momentarily forget that he was chasing the shadow of an adoptive mother he was sure he'd never find, that he was thousands of miles from his true homeland, and to forget the doubts both major and minor that swam around in his head. The weanling carried himself along, walking in no direction in particular until he noticed the outskirts of a crowd still amassing. For a second the child stopped, watching as a few stragglers quickly hurried to stand among the others wearing grand smiles.

Graced with a growing flicker of curiosity Xzavier slowly walked over, little ears stretched forward as he heard the voices murmur kind words and emit soft coos of endearment. Blinking large cerulean eyes he stretched his nape, hoping to peer over the shoulders of these strangers. At one point he reared half way and finally managed to catch a glimpse of lady Kagura, the kind priestess that ushered him through that terrifying tree. Beside her was a large stallion with impressive brass horns unlike any he'd ever seen. Were they marveling over the the kirkin's mighty rack, or perhaps his emerald scales?

Luckily for him an elderly couple came parting through the crowd after having the chance to meet the newborn girl. As the mass naturally parted Xzavier was allowed to see a small golden eyed child standing rather close to the brightly colored priestess. The boy colt's baby blues grew wide with surprise his limbs moved at their own accord, bringing him closer until he stood not too close but not far away either. In a way, it was like he saw himself in her. Unsure of what to think, confused, maybe even a little afraid. Although, of course, the circumstances of her birth were worth celebrating about and definitely not like his own.

Just for a second he found himself falling into a flashback of his own grand reveal to the world, laying there with his twin brother and mother. But instead of smiles the two boys were met with snarls and curses. For they were just another number to their father's army of sons, a living reminder of Renegade's terror. But, no matter how fleeting there time together was, Xzavier never forgot Psykhe's motherly love nor his twin's protective nature that left him feeling nice and warm. Kasumi, as he heard the bearded stallion call her, did not have any birth siblings. But he did recall within the cave that Kagura wished for her child to be his new sibling.

It was this remembrance that brought a small child like grin to his face as a warmth bloomed within his chest. He might not have had his own brother to rely on to keep him safe and warm. But he could certainly offer the same thing to his new sister. Hello Kasumi. I'm your big brother, you can call me Xzavier. It's nice to finally meet you. The boy uttered in is usual soft tones though it held tender notes of excitement and anticipation. His attention was then removed from the girl and tossed to Kagura where his sheepish smile remained. U..umm, do you say little sister and big brother in your language?

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