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We're havin' a baby!

Any and all pregnancies must be noted here in Generatios so that items or rolls may be applied accordingly. How exciting! After you've posted your IC breeding thread and have reached the point of "Fade-to-black", please fill out the form below and create a new thread with a Thread Subject of Parent One x Parent One (ei Dasher x Dancer). Staff will respond with your due date, provide any needed stats, and process foaling items swiftly!

[b]Parent One:[/b] The name of parent one and direct link
[b]Parent Two:[/b] The name of parent two and direct link (if applicable)
[b]Items:[/b] Any items and the accounts they're on that you'll be using for this pregnancy
[b]Thread:[/b] Link to the breeding thread

Foal Accounts

Remember to fully read the Mandates before creating your foals account. They will go through the same approval process as any other Character account with the exceptions written in the site's rules. Please do not create an account for a foal prior to Staff confirmation of a successful pregnancy - even if you have already purchased the Elixir of Conception or Fertility Fruit!

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