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New Approval Process, Oh My!


I have no memory of this place...

Not surprising! As our established members may see, the Requests forum has been replaced by Approvals! Any and all account approvals will take place there with some additional tweaks to their processes. After the unsettling nature of our last Death Lotto around whether characters were considered safe or not, the staff team revised a new approval process for easy and quick approval archives! This way, your approval dates are at your disposal. Plus, it's always fun to see how long a character has been around!

Soupi would personally like to apologize for the debacle of our first lotto - a fun site mechanic turned into a bit of a mess and she is eternally grateful for everyone's patience and willingness to help test it out on the maiden voyage! She, as the rest of the staff, do hope that this new curated approval process will help ease any future anxieties or questions when the next lotto comes around.

That being said, the following threads have moved to Help Center:

  • Rank Updates
  • General Updates
  • Crystal Redemption

    That's all for now, Fimbles! Don't hesitate to ask questions or leave Suggestions for us! Look out for a new theme to drop as soon as the finishing touches are polished!

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