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Official Character Account Approvals


Character Approvals

Before you can get to roleplaying, you will find the necessary form when you're ready for your character account to be reviewed by staff for official approval. Word counts and other necessary information can be found in the descriptions of each field when you're in your Edit Profile window. For a brief overview, they are:

  • Appearance: 150 words
  • Personality: 150 words
  • History: 100 words (on-site foals exempt)
  • Arcana: Apprentice through Virtuoso levels are required on all Arcana wielding characters, no word count

    Don't forget to read the Mandates prior to approval to ensure the best experience possible here on our lovely Fim! After your Character account is filled out you will create a new thread in Approvals with your character's full name as the Thread Subject. In that thread, you will need to fill out the below form.

    Note: All new approval threads must be posted with the Character account in question. Any approvals posted with an OOC or other Character account will be deleted.

    Approval Form

    [b]Name:[/b] Character Name
    [b]Lineage:[/b] Settler/Local
    [b]Requested Rank:[/b] Nonpartisan, exile, etc
    [b]Requested House/Hold:[/b] None, Grosugr Commoner, Brekka Noble, etc
    [b]Items Applied:[/b] Purchased items that in anyway apply to the account, listed with the account they are on

    Can't see the New Thread option? Your account may not be finished with the manual review process! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we implement this step to avoid bots and their sparm. Ping @Staff in the Discord server if you feel your wait has exceeded a reasonable time!

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