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Your OOC, member, or non-IC account here on Fim is considered your Player account and the "hub" of all things related to your accounts. They do not require any additional fields and are necessary for some of our special account functions. Please respond below and a staff member will apply the appropriate permissions to the account in question.

Can't see a reply option? Your account may not be finished with the manual review process! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we implement this step to avoid bots and their sparm. Ping @Staff in the Discord server if you feel your wait has exceeded a reasonable time!

Note: Do NOT respond with any account other than the Player account that needs approval. All Character account posts in this thread will be deleted.

Tag: @[Staff]

Can I be sorted as an OOC account, please?
Tag: @[kelpie]

kelpie - You're all set!
Tag: @[Spoupi]

May I be sorted, plese and thank you <3
Tag: @[Collie]

Collie and elle - Your Player accounts are all set up!
Tag: @[Spoupi]

May I be added to the OOC please and thank you
Tag: @[Second Chances]

Second Chances - You're all set! Sorry for the delay!
Tag: @[Spoupi]

Hey! New OOC account, please and thanks!
Tag: @[Faith]

Guess who posted in the activity check with their character account and not their player account 8)
(may I rather embarrassingly be re-sorted?)
Tag: @[kelpie]

kelpie oops! you're all set <3
Tag: @[Mallory]