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A large piece of bark, shaped much like a door, clatters against the ground as two dark hooves force it out with a well-placed kick. A horned head lowers to waiting knees and she rubs the spots behind her eyes between them to force down the covering that shields her eyes from sunlight. Blood red eyes greet the dusk, the failing rays of light not strong enough to blind the woman but still they are forced to narrow. Disdain fills their gleaming depths but she does not remain in her hideaway until they at long last fade, no...she steps into the coming of night. A smile twitches a single corner of dusky lips, the light of the moon far kinder to sensitive eyes. ”Time to see where the road takes me.” Her voice spills out in a confident, curious tone; her pitch naturally soft through the evolution of advanced hearing. Her tribe’s inability to see during the day expanded their other senses a bit, but primarily their hearing. It is because of this that their voices over time became a quiet cadence much like the gentle rustling of leaves by a summer breeze.

With sure steps, she walks along the faded trail, not sure what drives her this direction but firm in her decision to do so. There is little for her to fear, especially during the night when all of her sense can be used, but even while she rests there an ever present shield to guard her. Her calloused heart twinges violently at the memories prodded by that line of thinking. Instead, she turns a crimson gaze to the horizon where the shadow of a brutish tree resides. The crescent moon does little to light her trail, but the hovering circle of glowing scarlet aids her in the journey to the twisted base. Truthfully, she does not need much assistance, another blessing of living during the darkest hours, but it provides a measure of comfort and remains a welcomed warmth.

She takes in the spiraling structure upon arrival, truly astonished at the great height and briefly she wishes wings adorned her sides to view where the climbing branches finally end. A brief spark of laughter fills the quiet but evaporates after a mere handful of notes. She hums out a contemplative breath, eyeing each available passageway in turn. Which way? Hairless tail lashes against the ground once, twice, three times, before she settles on a course. Without reservation, she enters a dim cavern and begins to descend into the maze of tangled roots. Spring’s resonant heat from long hours of daylight soon diminishes the deeper she travels; she is fortunate that winter’s fierce grip is now gone or the cloth draped across her skin would not be enough to keep her comfortable. The trail splits into two choices and for the first time since entering, she wavers. Not in fear, but rather in indecisive dread. That whiplike tail stirs the dirt once more, but she holds her position until she feels her body begin to lean to the right. That way.

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The tree. That god forsaken tree. Though Radames had no direct connection to it, being born in the hold of Ambrosius, he had heard talk of it. Though 'god forsaken' was being kind considering all the colorful things he'd heard the settlers refer to it as. Though he couldn't help being curious. He'd been pacing back and forth in front of it for some time, ears pinned and hidden away in the folds of his hood. "It's just a tree," he told himself though he had to admit there was definitely something unsettling about it. The sudden touch of soft fur against his leg made the stallion jump, turning his head toward the offender with a great snort. He was met with the bright blue eyes of his companion and her ever-wagging tail. Heaving a sigh from his lips he turned away, lips curling down in a forced frown though it didn't seem to bother this canine friend at all.

"Uh...ladies first?" Radames turned to her now, a smile now gracing his face though it did not reach his eyes. With a soft bark, Blue disappeared into the shadows as she ducked into the tree. "Right..." he mused, unable to believe his dog was braver than he and popped into a trot to keep up with her. He could hear her rushing ahead and tried to keep up but something seemed to be keeping them apart, whether it was the ever shifting roots or some magic he couldn't quite put his finger on.

Blue scampered excitedly through the maze, jumping quite agilely over every root that tried obscure her path or snare her. Though upon spotting Alsayr, the dog came to a full stop though her momentum got the best of her and she went tumbling down into a mass of limbs. Blinking she let out a whine, turning to look at the stranger. Her ears flicked to the sides though did not go back, her nose sniffing inquisitively.

"Blue? Bluuuuuuuuuuue?" Radames hurried after her, sweat beginning to form on his flesh beneath the folds of his cloak and hood. Silently cursing himself for putting on a few extra pounds during the festival he turned a corner to find his companion...but she was not alone. Furrowing his brow as another frown pulled at his lips, Radames confidently stepped forward. "There you are." He gently nuzzled the top of Blue's head with his muzzle before returning his gaze to Alsayr. "Out for an evening stroll?" Radames' eyes narrowed for a second, though it was almost undetectable to the naked eye. He'd never seen anyone quite like her before after all. He'd been suspicious of the tree and for all he knew she was part of it.


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There is an unpleasant feeling scuttling along the smooth skin of her back, an unease that puts her immediately on guard the deeper she travels. The trail gives the impression of an unending maze, but she is not easily dissuaded from the course she chose, and the clawing feeling is shoved to the wayside. With her cursed gifts, she is never fearful of an attack and uses it as a front to support her apparent bravery. In truth, she is not terribly brave but neither is she a coward. Her experiences in life have been both traumatic and kind, forming a resilience that is coated with glimpses of fragility. She views the world in shades of beautiful grey that swirl together to form a view that is both dismal and breathtaking; she is not easily frightened into flight but retains an extreme caution instilled through the betrayal that cost her far too great a price.

Enough. She banishes the murky recollections back to their dusty boxes to be forgotten again until another inopportune time to lose focus. It soon becomes clear that her timing is perfect as the shuffling sounds of claw to dirt reach heightened senses. A creature barrels close before sliding to an abysmal stop before her; oddly not in reaction to the invisible shield covering her. Horror floods her veins for a second, perhaps two, but the arrival of a male draws her back enough to begin mapping out escape routes and the likelihood that the cursed magic is truly gone. Blood-red eyes scan the duo before audits grab at the words flowing from his glowering features. A stroll? Here? She finds he must be quite insane to willingly wander these twisted passageways.

She clears her throat quietly before softly accented words fill the air, ”Not quite.” A pause to look over the canine, a flicker of confusion passing over dark features. ”She follows you?” She has seen others similar to the dog but never with one of their species, or at least never in a manner of such companionship. Other desert dwellers sometimes used them for their sharp teeth and claws as a deterrent to strangers. Alsayr pulls her gaze from the dog after a minute to stare at the male, though he never truly left her attention. It eases her a bit to see him wearing articles of cloth like she is (perhaps a false measure of civility), but wariness keeps her standing still. ”How far until the other side?” Crimson gaze slides past the man in hope of finding a sliver of light to indicate open space is nearby or at least a widening of the tunnel to pass him by without testing the theory that her shield is down.

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