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The soverign's words did not fall upon deaf ears. They rung loud and clear within his mind as he mulled over his inner most thoughts. Perhaps if he had not pushed Caelian so hard he wouldn't have been banished and perhaps they could have worked something out. But it was all in the past now, and there was nothing he could do about it. Regardless, he offered the departing herculean woman a minor nod of his head. They would certainly need to talk at a later date. But for now he was willing to devote all of his attention to none other than and amber and amethyst painted mare standing so protectively at his side.

The gentle kiss she planted upon his cheek warranted a soft smile to touch those fanged lips of his. Of course. It was not until she looked beyond his shoulder and all around commenting of the nosy onlookers that he noticed they gathered quiet the audience. Come. I knowest just the place. He whispered whilst moving to stand once more. Briefly he leaned forward to touch the end of his maw to her cheek but found himself lingering there. It was almost as if he could not believe they were here together, after so much time had passed.

Pulling away the raven extended a single tattered, feathered wing. Draping it across the length of her back and the rest of her hide he hoped to stave off the biting cold as he began walking in the direction of Fell. For a time he simply moved in silence, enjoying being by her side and listening to the sound of snow crunching underneath their weight. Truthfully, he was trying to think of a way to properly condense his series of misadventures. A soft sigh billowed out of his pinched nares, manifesting itself in the form of steely brume. Finally, Nevermore parted his jaws to speak in a soft tone.

The day of my exile the guards tied and bound me up. I asked to speak with Caelian, they denied me that right. From then on I was dragged and periodically abused until reaching what they called the point of no return. He recalled the feeling of burning sand stinging his skin as he watched them leave him behind. The corners of his lips pulled into a unique frown, as he seemed to wrestle away an intruding memory. I knowest not how long I laid there. Yea, someone did eventually come. Thankfully someone I knew... The raven murmured as he turned his attention toward the mare, deciding to spare her the details of his emotional break down.

I was untied, and greeted by several other exilers that were more or less welcoming. Though I was warned to keepest thine distance of others just in case. The following months were difficult, food was scarce and the weather harsh. As they came to a natural fork he guided the both of them left. The crashing waterfall of Fell was a welcomed sight despite the downed trees and disaster surrounding. His purple eyes took in the devastation that happened to lay waste to much of ambrosious. It was a miracle Eibhlin escaped unscathed, or at least from what he could tell.

Nevermore then let eyes skim over her as they walked ever closer toward the falls. But enough of me. How were you? What happened here, and more importantly are you okay? The once regent asked, rapid firing questions he longed to hear the answers to. Within a couple of steps he carefully scaled the rocky outcropping until he could slip just behind a gap behind the falls. The space opened up to a vast hollow cave that still held all of his things, fine silks from the ambrosius ball and various furs and pelts gifted to him during his time of regent. Laying upon the bed of pelage he nodded for Eibhlin to join him. You must tell me everything.
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