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While the snow never really left the North, it had melted away. Feet and feet of drifts had relented beneath the spring's bright and golden sun, leaving the entire kingdom swelling with fertile soil. The waterfalls that plummeted from the high peaks roared back to life, their icy cages long shed. Skaug had managed to happen upon the right place and the right time when the first mighty crack snapped through the air. The rivers had already overflown and ripped along the threatening teeth of the frozen flows, but finally the mighty structure collapsed beneath what he assumed was a combination of its own weight and from becoming too fragile. He had remained there in Fjalltindr, pensively eyeing the thin creaks and streams that laced the mountain side. While the temperatures had elevated enough to thaw the freeze, dirty snow remained along the outcroppings of the cliffs, struggling to remain. During one fitful night of sleep, where it seemed rest would avoid him for eternity, Skaug committed himself to investigating the watery trails through Ambrosius as he'd little else to occupy his melancholy and dangerously teetering mentality.

Somehow that personal obligation was enough to sooth him to dream, and he did so until early morn when the skies were still salmon and pink with a rising sun. He rose, body restless and his mind's eye unwilling to laze any longer, and set his quadruple wings to the sky. Despite the thickness of his bulky confirmation his massive, encompassing wingspan - and the fact there were four of them - carried him swiftly skyward. His years of experience and skill were demonstrated in his handling of the relentless high mountain zephyrs as they ripped along the edges of the mountain scape as his sweeping ascent was smooth and seemingly unhindered. While his body fought to keep himself erect and aloft, his quartz visionaries fell to the glinting, winking watch of the crystalline rivers below. While within Skaug was determined by curiosity and a bored mind, at a distance the bay pegasus against the white capped peaks was a serene, if not ethereal sight to behold. After the avalanches and calamity of the Vinter months, there was a humble grounding effect to see the equine of Ambrosius rise up once again. If only he had a chance to consider it...

Higher still he rose until he came to the Frior Mountain Range - the higher and majestic peaks of the northern realm. Momentarily he is distracted from his original goals as the great white expanse of summit stretches before him through the alabaster clouds. Somewhere it seems the heavens sing a natural choral, and the awe-inspiring, remote landscape below him silently reminds Skaug of the wonders that life can offer. A guilt rises in him as he stares at their majesty, the cold nip of the thin atmos numbing his lips without concern, as he recalls the various times he had once thought to end himself. But as quickly as the emotions begin to bubble in his chest Skaug adeptly quaffs them, throws them in shackles, and tosses them into the dark recesses of his mind in hopes of burying them. Instead, he descends from the height in which he had climbed, and rides the blustering winds through the summits in steely, unresolved silence.

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T A G: Itarille
V O I C E: Jeffery Dean Morgan
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