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Sunkissed wings hinted by seafoam and splashed by ivory tucked close into slender sides. I had taken flight for the first time in my life only landing when I had come to some sort of gateway to reach this strange place. A land far from one that I once knew as home, or at least from what I had been able to tell. I was still unsure why I had run from the only place I’d known as home, but I could get a sense of whatever was to happen wouldn’t have been good. My mind still twisted around the memories that plagued my dreams trying to make sense of why. I pressed velvety peachy-pink lips together to let my mind settle on the one question that I would probably never get an answer to.

Lifting my soft green gaze from the growing grass to view my surroundings. I hadn’t been sure how long I had been wandering lost in the the thoughts of my past. Perhaps it was better I had been lost there, than here in this place. It was a field I recognized from what I had read of them, but this one seemed almost different. Taking a moment a deep breath filling my lungs my senses tingling with the crisp morning air hinted by the forests, and what flora began to bloom. It was tantalizingly sweet, woodsy one that called to my senses begging to be breathed in. Far different than the earthy and metallic hints I had been used to. It was almost free, but I wondered just how free. Could anything be truly free?

I let the thought sit for a while as I looked out to the subtle hints of mountains in the horizon. How the giant rocks almost seemed to mend into the morning skies, I had never seen such beauty of the landscape before. I realized then what had used to be my home was barren in comparison. As I looked out with a clear mind and wondering eyes I hadn’t realized the inhabitants of this field had begun their migration.

At first I had heard soft footfalls, only to look over turning my lopped ears to better hear whatever was coming. Then it grew louder turning to thuds resulting in a flinch away from the sounds while my heart began to speed beating away until that was all I could hear. Afraid that someone, something, was gunning for me; Finally my soft panicked green eyes found the source of the sounds. A small herd of four legged creatures bounding through the field that seemed almost unphased by the likes such as I. It was a sight to behold really, one that was enchanting but frightening as the feathers on both sets of my wings began to unfurl.

There were so many things to learn.

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I wish I didn’t know so much
I peeked behind the curtain

There were few things to obscure her here. The openness was just northwards of unnerving, and yet, somehow... Free. Keres felt a tingle down her nape as her hooves cast a steady pace through the tall grassland that came past her barrel, tickling her stomach and sides like an exuberant parent. It stung a little on her bony knees when blades cut through her fur and flesh, but she did not mind. It was a reminder, in its own simple, stinging way, that she was still alive. The winter had been a brutal one, and the storm... Well, though she reflected with a near-fondness on the blizzard that had nearly claimed her life, remembering tall ebony feathers and silver tinged eyes gave her a measure of warmth that she carried within her on her darkest days.

She sighed, tired eyes lifting to watch the sea of grass ripple and dance in the breeze, yellowed waves beneath a weak start of sunlight that boasted of great potential now that the snows had begun to melt. Her mane and tail drifted lightly on the wind, far more clean and well kept than she had allowed it to be for a long time. Though her heart still ached with emptiness, there was no denying the hope of a new Spring. Perhaps it was the sun, the reaching buds of flowers that might soon bloom, the clearing of silver clouds, the kindness offered by a stalwart soldier of towering black... Perhaps it was none of these things at all, or perhaps it was all of them at once- but she could not find it within her to mope about on a day as lovely as this.

For the first time in many weeks, she admired the tall grass with an equine's hungry regard. She had eaten, barely, only enough to survive in the time after her family had vanished. Yet, now, she felt the first twinges of real want. She wanted to feast, to feel the happiness of sustenance on her tongue like a promise of better days to come. Her stomach, thin and sunken in with a famine she had imposed on herself, grumbled and groaned in palpable relief. She leaned down to grasp a mouthful of the long stalks between crocodilian teeth, fangs pulling them up to crunch lavishly in her jaws. It was a task, as her maw was not particularly made for chewing, nor even for plant life, but she stuck it out with wry enjoyment and determination. Grazing with the haunted joy of one who had been too long starved, she moved in the slow snail's pace that all herbivores have in the midst of a hearty meal. Head down, legs straight, body relaxed. It was this stance that prevented her from seeing the newcomer straight away, and from catching the telltale gleam of bright colors in the weak spring sunlight.

Her first hint that she was not alone came from a whisper of large wingbeats not too far away. Keres paused, ears perking, for she had come to associate the sound with Ozereus, the knight who had become one of too few friends she had left, and perhaps something more that was strange and not capable of being named. Knowing full well it was likely not him, she forced down her accidental burst of eagerness with a roll of her eyes aimed at herself- honestly, when did she become so foolish?- and continued grazing, dismissing it as a heron in the marshes startled by her prescence.

But the mystery grew too much to ignore when the steady, quiet thunder of small hooves passed by in a quickening pace, startling Keres as herbivores were prone to do; that is, head darting up, ears pinned, body leaping back a few steps with the wary observation of an annoyed mare interrupted and wary in the face of the unknown. Perhaps once, she would have taken a defensives stance, used teeth and hooves to tear at whatever threatened her, but... She no longer had the energy. She was far too thin, far too small, far too weak. For a moment, she almost missed the fierce, snarling mother grizzly that had lived in her breast like a caged beast, ready to attack at the slightest hint of danger. As her eyes landed on the herd of deer rushing past, she felt a passing sadness at that part of her being trampled down. Perhaps it would return, someday. Watching the herd bound over the plains gave rise to an amused softness in her eyes. She almost pondered what had made them run, but as she turned to stride back into her grazing spot, she was given her answer.

The equine was beautifully colored, slender and shining in blue and ivory, light dun like oak wood dried in summer sun. Fitted with shining gold, with massive wings folded loosley at her sides and, strangely, atop her head, just above lovely ears that drooped in an endearing, rabbit-like fashion that put Keres immediatly in mind of a young, small animal. There wad a youthfulness about her, and an innocence in her gaze that made the older mare's muscles relax, her wariness melting away. She leaned closer, taking a hesitant step or two in her direction.
"Pardon me, darling," she murmured reassuringly. "I hadn't seen you there. Might I ask your name?"
Her words were raspy with disuse, but feminine and beautiful. Perhaps the last beautiful thing that remained of the woman she once had been. Her ears flicked lazily, a kind gleam in her reptilian eyes that bespoke a gentle soul.
"I am Keres. Do you need help? You seem as if... Lost."

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Now that magic rush
Feels like a trick that isn’t working

Powerplay encouraged within reasonable limits! <3
Trigger Warning: Keres suffers from severe depression and bouts of dissassociation-
I apologize in advance for any mature themes that may arise!
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