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Event an unexpected party.

Antiope had trailed behind the other partygoers at a leisurely pace. She had heard the chatter about a party, a bonfire, some variety of festivities to follow suit. Excitement had filled the air, chasing away the misery of Vinter. For the locals, it was an important tradition to give thanks to something - someone? Antiope couldn't remember - meanwhile it seemed like a spectacle to behold for those who weren't from the valley. Even Antiope had to admit she was curious to know what this festival called Flame Feiring was about. Her curiosity had led her to join the caravan of others who were eagerly awaiting toe festivities, traversing across clear ice and snow. As they all neared, Antiope's eyes fixated on the pyre built before them that was already encased in roaring flames. As the traveling group dispersed, Antiope kept to the sidelines.

She watched from a distance, content to watch the other party revelers enjoy the scene for now. It wasn't unusual for the gilt mare to hang back, anyway. It allowed her to watch the crowd, to read others, to detect when something was amiss. It was leftover training from her war days that she had never shaken, but it had also saved her own skin once or twice. She didn't expect anything to go awry, but it never hurt to be cautious. After all, Antiope wasn't one for large social occasions; so hanging back to watch the scene gave her a good enough excuse to be a wallflower for the time being.

To not come wasn't an option. She was a sovereign now, so showing her face to those who resided in the valley would be a smart political move. Surely Antiope taking the throne by combat from her predecessor had spread. It would also give the gilt pegasus the opportunity to meet others who lived in the valley, perhaps even another sovereign or two.

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After him impromptu dance session, Bones had retired to the corner for a drink. Though the liquid merely fell straight from his skull, and with no tongue for taste it was more an action for comfort than actual interest. He had seen the others enjoying their drinks and he wanted to join in. The liquid that still clung glistened along his lower jaw but was quickly shaken off as he took a glance across the festivities. He could spy some of the members of his own hold and if he was a man of flesh a smile certainly would have tugged at his lips. Instead the orb within his skull intensified for a few moments. It was encouraging for the sovereign to see men who had fought at his side smiling and enjoying themselves. The fire light danced across them, illuminating the bright flushed faces.

He decided to take some time for himself, having since dismissed his "date" fore the evening. His gate was slightly limp for the fact that he was still wearing a leg that did not belong to him. It was dark and haired, a stark contrast to his bones that glowed in the moon light. His eye slid across those that congregated on the edges, his gaze falling upon the Sovereign of Ambrosius. Though Bones was not aware of her station. He moved closer, fascinated by her armor. "Greeeetings," he bobbed his head in greeting, halting not too far off to stand at her side as he adjusted his own gaze back to the flames. "Impressive fire-- higher and higher." His orb moved to the right side of his head, his focus seemingly turning to her.


Please note when interacting with Bones, he is not aware he is not alive.
Mild power play allowed, ie touching and entering personal space.
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She had never been much of a party-goer, even in her youth. It was always too wild, too loud, to raucous; inevitably trouble occurred, and the gilt pegasus would much rather be far removed from any kind of meddlesome equines before the trouble started. Before she had left Kythira, she had been too driven to partake in such revelries. Antiope had aspired for greatness, to pull her family out of the mud her sire had cast them off into, and getting drunk at parties was not apart of those plans. Even after she had left her burnt homeland, parties were few and far between for the pegasus. She only attended out of necessity - business is business, after all, and it worked well in her favor to mingle amongst the elites she found herself with. It had landed her several stints leading other kingdom’s armies, for a time. Even hosting parties in her own empire hadn’t tempted her.

Though she understood the significance of this festival, the pegasus remained amongst the few that lingered on the outside. The customs and traditions were new to her, yet intriguing. There was a primal beat to the music and singing, and something about it called to Antiope’s more baser instincts. The words and dances were ancient, full of wisdom and something far more ancient that she could hope to understand. At one point, the sovereign found herself humming along to a tune as she wove between the mingling bodies.

Perhaps she should learn some of these customs.

Her gaze flicked over to the collection of bones at her side, her brow furrowing at the appearance of the literal collection of bones next to her. Eyes of chipped garnet noticed he had one leg that was relatively fresh and didn’t quite fit his size, but she refrained from commenting. Antiope had heard of a skeletal creature that lived in the south, see it with her own eyes was something else entirely. How did he stay upright? Speak? Was he his own conscious being or was he controlled by something else entirely? So many questions swirled in Antiope’s mind, yet she bit her tongue. It would be rude to ask. Just like it was quite rude to stare, but surely he would understand.

“Good evening,” she replied cordially, peering at him with a guarded expression as he sidled closer. Was he a he? His voice certainly sounded masculine. What a befuddling situation to be in. Antiope’s gaze darted back to the flames before them, unable to help the chuckle that escaped her. “Yes, I suppose it is rather impressive.”

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