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Where Frekr Oasis could be loud with the voices of not only exiles but the foliage as well, the rest of the wastes held a quiet solace. When there was no peace to be found betwixt the emerald ferns of their bustling Oasis Evandr took to the outskirts of their enormous prison. Well... It could not be said that the amaranthine piebald considered the Vetr Wasteland a prison. No matter the shadowed light and condemning nature painted upon it by the Slidr River Valley houses and their denizens, it was still his home. And, if he had any opinions, it was far more beautiful than anything that the Valley provided them.

All the castaways had a strength that was imperceivable by the House members. Sloping, beautiful dunes cascading along the horizon, their hues and colors changing throughout the entirety of the expanse. Sometimes it was grey hills that met you as black volcanic grains intermixed with pristine pale counterparts while other times a sea of terra-cotta red stretched for miles. While the cold color combination nestled itself deep into the presence of the Valley, with its dark greys, blues, and greens, Vetr boasted bright and luxurious counterparts of gold, crimson, and ivory. Mind clear from the calls of the foliage in the oasis and Zahhak simply an extension of his being, Evandr traipsed along these ethereal and encompassing sands northwards. It had been some time since he'd last visited their own mountains... igneous rock continued to climb them higher and shape them every day, and when he had challenged Saren to a duel the fateful day that the Exiles' future changed indefinitely, this had been the place he had left his dam.

Zahhak's interest piqued, but receded as quickly as the Warden noticed it. There was a mutual understanding that the both shared - private matters were not to be exposed or abused no matter how enticing. Feathered hooves climbed the steadily firming desert beneath his hooves, until sparse grasses jettisoned through the cracked earth in dismal symbols of hope. Life tried so hard to sink its roots here but never managed. Perhaps once this place was green... Sometimes he liked to think back to the happiness and joy that brightened his mother's face when he'd left her here and he could have sworn there had been more vegetation, more greenery, that ultimately it wasn't as desolate as the rest of the wastes. But here? Now? The same beautiful canvas of a hardened, scaly world greeted him. Mountains stretched skywards, rising sharply with jutting cliffs and steep undulating sides. Even at a distance Evandr could see the weeping tears of lava seeping from the cracks in the black mountain, so bright against the khol littered sky as the volcano hacked and coughed up ash. Zahhak emerged from the sands, his cry half-hearted, with his claws bearing deep for purchase. The grounds here were rocky and firm. While the Warden was sure the dragon could withstand the lava and break through the rock, he couldn't blame the beast for emerging for less challenging travel.

Ash rained from the skies above in weightless flakes, the Wasteland's own twisted version of snow. The volcano was angry today, for there to be so much of it lingering in the air. "Resssspect the strenght of Ssskali, Warden." Zahhak hissed into his mind, those bright fiery irises of his swimming amongst the black pool of his sclera to peer over to his bonded. The draft stud let a snort billow from his nares which shied some of those weightless ash-flakes. "Respect is earned."

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