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Flame Feiring! A time to toss aside house banners and enjoy in merriment. It was a freeing feeling for the Sovereign of Vromme to be nothing more than a simple man for a few hours. Though it was not as if he was too fussed about his title normally. The misfit king had few rules when it came to his leadership and as long as they were followed appropriately he was generally calm. Though this night was to be an exciting venture for him. The skeletal beast halted his movement and curved his neck back at an awkward angle, finding the heavily furred leg in his sights. He had accidentally become stuck in the ice earlier and forced to leave his left front leg there at the knee. A few soldiers of Vromme had found him dragging himself along on three legs, offering to go free his limb from it's predicament. With nothing to wear for the party, Bones had found a only slightly decomposed corpse on his way and took it upon himself to liberate a leg for himself. He walked slightly crooked due to the change in height and weight but otherwise seemed unbothered by the change.

Walking quietly next to him was another. She was surely beautiful in life, though the creature was now partially decomposed and missing an eye. Her mane and tail were matted into near dreads and each step she took was evident by the creak of bones. "Darling, darling," he cooed, waggling his jaw as the pyre came into view. "We shall not forget this night," he turned away, practically leaping forward into a sweeping trot that brought his knees up past where they should have been able. "Come now, they won't bite."

The minion dutifully responded, picking up her own pace to match the misfit king's. Bones immediately joined the fray, golden orb glistening as he peered around. "Bright, so brighhhht." He mused aloud, orb focused intently on the massive blazing pyre. The sound of music and dancing echoed around him despite his lack of ears and he could barely contain his excitement. "Alight, alight. My heart it ignites!" Oblivious to his lack of a heart, Bones turned to the minion who had halted on the ice. "If you would dance with me, it would bring me great delight." He gave a sharp and rather awkward bow to the minion whose glazed eye stared forward. Rather than waiting for a response that would never come, Bones began to prance around her in a circle singing and clattering about.

Please note when interacting with Bones, he is not aware he is not alive.
Mild power play allowed, ie touching and entering personal space.
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give me your hand in flesh, give me your hand in death

LaLaurie wasn't the typical mare. When others flocked out of fascination for gossip or desire to acquire something, she merely followed to ensure she didn't fail herself. So when the orange light of a distant, deep burn rose on the horizon she found herself at first unable to follow. Her chest tightened and her legs locked into place, and a fear so intense drove it's honed edges into her very soul. Behind the veil of her lids flashes of Riftmarch played; a burning, black hole on the shore of the seas that had once been her home. Despite her stand still her breath rose and fell, sharpening until she considered fear alone may claim her. But geometric motes of black appeared before her, snapping into reality without trail or mark, and stood before her in a vague silhouette of the husband who had died on those docks. At first she didn't see him - she did, but her hazel eyes bore uninterrupted stares through him. His mouth moved but no words fell and still the drowning sensation of complete and unbridled fear dug itself deeper into her.

Silently exploding into a vast web of blackness, LaLaurie was stricken from her attack by the sheer gaping size of Jakob's spirit before her, before it snapped so quickly back into his previous shape she missed it with the blink of her eyes. Finally she saw him, saw him staring at her, and she needn't the definition of his face to understand his concern. Others filtered through the fields around them, cantering and gallivanting through the snow towards the orange glow, two words on their lips - "Flame Feiring!" She watched them as she took two absent steps closer to her beloved where she sought a security from his touch that she could not feel. Finally her breaths were tapering, drawing back from the climactic height of her anxiety and back into the confines of her stoic, defeated nature. Down she cast her hazel eyes, find Jakob's muzzle to her cheek and motes shivering with a low, strangled hum she knew he worked hard to do. The spirits were never still; every changing, ever moving, ever flowing. Softly she closed her eyes, recalling back to the many memories where she had felt the warmth of his lips on her jowls and cheeks, and the thickness of his natural musk. When she opened her eyes, fruitlessly having leaned into him, Jakob's ambiguous shape of black particles hovered in the immediate atmos before her.

She stared at him a moment, melancholy and grief rekindled, before she looked back to the gentle orange glow through the trees. Jakob swirled around her, an eerily silent but very real entity, before slowly floating in the direction of this "Flame Feiring". There was no immediate follow, for another strangled fear bubbled in her chest, but finally LaLaurie relented. Apricot hooves rose high above the melting snows and fell behind Jakob as she had so many times before in glades far away and burnt now.

What met them was so wildly far from their expectations she paused at the lake bed in awe. Great fires rose into the clear twilight night, spurting out embers that weightlessly danced to the deep drum beats and sang words (with not a single word she understood). She eyed the circling locals who strummed and leaped in such perfect unison and realized that whatever this... celebration was, it wasn't one of those pop-up events. This Flame Feiring was something far bigger. With Jakob's invisible-to-others image urging her forward, the Stranding woman inched through the collecting crowds. She eyed guards from Vromme, others with different banners she hadn't the knowledge to identify, and others still who seemed content to not declare their homage. But she ignored them all, winding and weaving her way through smaller fires where strangers milled and chattered, until finally interest and curiosity struck her. She halted before Jakob did - indeed, he had to return to her for he'd explored out of her visual circumference. That strange and twisted creature that called itself kin was dancing - awkwardly at that - around a clearly decomposing mare. The once harlot blinked several times, completely enthralled in what the creature thought was dance, as well as the fact he no longer seemed entirely constructed out of bones. The mare? She didn't even want to know.

But the dancing... it was atrocious.

Compelled simply to better the appearance of Vromme - for were they not all family, as Bones said? - she approached with Jakob's hovering, ghostly aura of particles trailing behind her in the obsidian threads of her tail. "Your dancing is... strange," she commented with a voice to match the ice below their hooves, only remembering to tack, "My lord", after remembering that some valued manners. She came to the very edge of his erratic circle, eyeing the deadpan, glazed face of the undead mare before back to the rattling and clattering sovereign. Inwardly, she was already growling at herself, but unable to contain her own influence she offered, "Do you want me to teach you?"

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