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Spring '19 of the Season - Nominations


Spring '19 OTS Nominations

A little late because of extenuating circumstances and the holidays, it is in fact that time again! With the New Year we have a new season upon us - Spring! And, with that, the Of the Season awards will be changing. So lets just get to it, shall we? Please remember the rules when nominating your selections:

  • Any character nominated for a of the Season spotlight must have posted during the duration of Autumn (aka a new character with 0 posts or an inactive character cannot win the title).
  • A character or couple that won within the year cannot be nominated again. If they did not win, but were previously nominated in other OTS events, they can still be re-nominated.
  • If someone has already nominated your first pick, please choose a follow-up! We love a variety.
  • Please do not nominate your own characters as these spotlights are meant to spread love and celebrate achievement within the community.
  • You can nominate more than one selection per category if you so choose!

    Nominations close on January 5th!

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