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Open with innocent cries

The dancing shadows of the forest had shifted. For a brief moment he believed he could make out the silhouette of Vridel’s bride as the moonlight toyed with her mane. A quick flicker before she was gone once again and he was left staring at a landscape he hadn’t seen so close to the palace before. The field seemed endless as the swirl of fog overcame the horizon. With a furrowed brow Arcann flicked his pale eyes across the illusion that lay before him. Perhaps Vridel’s newest pet was a sorceress. Irritation began to sink in as he stepped through the chilled land. Some part of him was expecting the impact of a tree he could no longer see, but as he continued to walk he found the only sensation to be the soft brush from the plants below.

Even the looming shadow of the palace behind him was no longer present. As Arcann turned to get a better grasp of where he was the only object he could make out was a singular, monolithic tree standing like a great pillar.

Upon his shoulder he could feel Makade shift, perhaps sensing his unease as well. Her talons grasped the base of one of his wings as he felt her lean forward - assessing their surroundings as much as he was. As he turned to offer her a soft, reassuring nudge his eyes caught sight of the black lantern hanging from his side. The flame within flickered pitifully as the magical flame was slowly extinguished.

With narrowed eyes he turned his gaze back to the tree once more. A quiet rumble escaped the bird upon his shoulder and he found himself agreeing with the implication. Forward it was. Whatever game this sorceress was playing he found himself an unwilling pawn. Vridel would not be pleased. He had been promised a quiet maiden, but already she was causing more trouble than she was worth. Sneaking out of the palace alone was an offense that would warrant cruel punishment.

Arcann might have felt some sympathy if she hadn’t brought this upon herself. His steps slowed as he eyed the deep roots carved under this giant monstrosity. Something about this had him feeling tense. “Shall we keep going?” his voice rumbled, already descending down into the caverns below.


art by owlunai
Tag: @[Arcann]