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Courage is not the absence of fear.

Rey had not stopped since that day. Or had it been night? She couldn't remember. Rather, refused to remember, as the memory was far too fresh and painful. She could remember running far, far away from her mother's corpse and the doomed battle that raged on. Rey ran until she collapsed of exhaustion; a lump on the side of the road to be found by a gentle elderly couple who were well beyond their years of caring for young ones. Yet, they still bundled her up and tried to nurse her back to health. They had tried to heal her, but Rey refused. The sweet wife tried to clean Rey of her mother's blood, her dried tears, Rey's own wounds...And still, she refused. She never spoke to them. They thought her a mute.

They were wrong. The girl had a voice, but she didn't correct them. Barely sleeping more than a wink, Rey slipped away from them in the night. They couldn't know and she would never tell. They were kind folk, and even though Rey could see the yearning in the wife's eyes, they would never be her parents. She wouldn't dare ever replace her own mother. That was how Rey traveled as she forged on: sleeping a few miserable hours near dusk, traveling at a grueling pace until she nearly dropped from exhaustion. Rinse and repeat...until now.

The sooty gold maid stood before a great tree, uncertain on how she had even gotten to it. She likely looked like a fright, as she had continued to refuse to rinse her mother's blood or the dirt off her body. Tear tracks had long been dried under her eyes, leaving salty lines along her dark face. Rey swayed on her black hooves unsteadily, though her violet gaze never wavered from the great black hole at the tree's roots that called to her. A fog had emerged quite suddenly, too, though Rey couldn't tell you when it had come if she was honest. Maybe it was a trick of her mind, having been pushed beyond the brink of exhaustion and emotional turmoil. Maybe it was real. Whatever it was, the golden antlered maid found herself unable to resist temptation.

Perhaps she should have cared more, but Rey didn't feel fear. She followed the tugging sensation, allowing her black hooves to carry her down into the black depths of the tree. She wanted to know what called to her.

Was it death? Was it hell? Or was it something else entirely?

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