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A single dark talon scratched at the barren sand that he laid upon below in an aimless fashion. The pointed weapons carved deep lines through the loose sun bleached grains while his hand like appendage wiped the slate clean periodically. The phantom's lavender eyes looking at the ground but not really seeing it. His minds eye was fixated upon the lands of ambrosius wondering what lay in store for the kingdom beyond here. A heavy sigh fell from his pinched nares as he blinked and turned his attention toward the scroll he held taunt within his other clawed like appendage. Thoughtfully he let his eyes roam the fine parchment for a second longer.

Releasing his grasp, Nevermore spread it open, reading it for what seemed like the hundredth time. Nothing had changed, so why did he did he believe some part of this to be a twisted joke? Phantom aches and pains from the day he arrived in the wastes throbbed along his partially healed skin. There was nothing holding him back from going anymore and still he had put off his journey for days. His gaze swept over his healing wounds, mind lingering on his harrowing journey here. The people of ambrosius, he had held them in such high regard. But after being beaten and dragged like a sinner in the street how could he possibly go back? It happened once, what would stop them from doing it again?

He knew nothing of this new sovereign that had seemingly toppled Caelian's reign from on high. All the uncertainty caused his gut to twist and tumble in sickening circles. However his mind flickered to the thought of a single chestnut mare with a striking ivory mask. Èibhlin... He breathed in a hushed whisper, lavender brume wafting from his fanged lips as he did so. She was the only one that refused to turn a blind eye to him after learning of his exile. She, if nothing else, fueled his desire to return to his former home. With this pardon, he would be able to see her again after so long.

Ebon harks fell into the length of his mane that cascaded down his nape and spilled all over the ground in a vast pool of kohl. His mind was made up now. Without hesitation the starlit phantom rolled up his pardon and pulled himself to his feet. As loose grit and sand fell freely from his obsidian hide he turned his visage to look behind him. He would miss the very few acquaintances he had come to know with their rough and rugged demeanor, but it was time for him to move on. Facing ahead once more Nevermore stretched his large wings before propelling himself into the air, catching a chilled breeze.

He rode the current, gliding on frigid gales as he crossed the point of no return. The frail paper of his pardon flapped noisily, jostled by the cold night air. It would be a long journey back, and he prayed that it would all be worth it in the end. The creature gave another heaving flap of his wings again, his attention flickering down to see the landscape changing before his very eyes. The valley lay torn asunder in some spots, destroyed and buried in some places. Ambrosius was no different and he was lead to wonder just how long it was left looking like this. Carefully he descended upon the ground his figure immediately engulfed by white powder.

Where was everyone? And more importantly where was Èibhlin and this new sovereign that wished to seek council with him? Hello? Nevermore tested, deep romainian vocals echoing off of the mountains snow laden walls. I come from the wastes. Where is this new sovereign I owe thine gratitude toward? Thou hast given me a pardon. The man echoed again, and although his purple eyes looked around for this mysterious king or queen he never stopped looking for a certain jewel covered mare.]
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The devastation caused by the avalanche - and subsequent smaller, yet equally as altering avalanches - had left a prominent scar upon Ambrosius's holdings. A large swath of trees had been felled, leaving a jagged line of white snow and hewn trees behind. The avalanches had left their mark, all right. To some, it might have been ugly like unseemly pox scars upon the mountainside. To Antiope, it served as a stark and terrifying reminder that no one was safe; none of them were immortal or favored more than the others. The recovery of broken bodies had been a somber event, punctuated by the cries of those who had found their loved ones were no longer among them. The loss of life weighed heavily upon Antiope, her heart aching alongside them as it was reminded of a pain best forgotten. A silent sentinel amongst the desolation, the pegasus tried to be a bastion of comfort for those who had lost to nature's wrath. For she understood. Her heart would always cry out for her own lost love, her family, who had been taken from her too soon.

Philomena...would you have been proud of me?

A frown tugged Antiope's lips downward, pulling the scars along her face in an uncomfortable way. The newest addition to her face had healed but was still so fresh that the skin was tight - uncomfortable with too much movement. She had spent little time thinking of things beyond the recovery efforts, funeral rights for the dead, and rehabilitation for those who had survived. She had almost forgotten about the missive she had sent out not long before catastrophe had struck Ambrosius. It wasn't until a distant Hello reached Antiope's ears had she remembered. Leaving the recovery efforts to investigate, the gold and bronze sovereign took a short trip in the sky. It wasn't hard to see the stranger who stood out amongst the sorrow and ruin.

Despite finding him, Antiope waited for a moment. She observed him from above - out of sight, out of mind - to gauge the exile who had answered her pardon. He seemed unperturbed by the scars left behind on the land, though he seemed to be searching for something. Or someone? Someone who was not her, she discerned. Had it just been a search for the sovereign that had called him home, he wouldn't look so anxious to find whoever he was seeking. Without further ado, the pegasus landed not far from Nevermore to stand before him like the proud gilt sovereign she was. Her head tilted slightly to the side in curiosity as her crimson gaze swept the exiled stallion. What had happened to cast him from Ambrosius in the first place?

"That would be me. I suppose a 'welcome home' is in order, yes?"

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Nevermore  Antiope

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How many times have I witnessed the sun’s rotation since that day? She cannot recall with clarity, but the ache in her chest reminds her daily that her sole friend is nowhere near. Frosted breath flees quivering nostrils, sorrow encompasses painted features, and tears well in amethyst eyes. The trail she takes through Ambrosius lands is wrought with the devastation from the recent avalanche; she views it as an outpouring of inner turmoil. A perfect display for the sadness she feels. It is horrible, the loss of life and land, but she holds no attachments to the people or House so it is viewed with a detached sense of mourning.

Several openly grieve the lives of the those who did not escape winter’s frozen rage and she gives them each a nod of acknowledgement as she walks past. Eibhlin recognizes the anguish carved on their faces; the tender spots of her heart throb in sympathy. Her compassionate nature draws her into their heartbreak, coupling it with the existing affliction that Nevermore’s exile sketched upon her soul. Though their friendship is new, her affection for the raven-man bloomed into the start of something least to her. Tired limbs carry her along until a familiar, accented voice floats along the light breeze. Her heart stutters in her chest. It cannot be! Her pace increases, she presses past the broken people huddled together to pine for their loved ones departed souls with murmured apologies.

Banner flying behind her, she runs towards those familiar charcoal talons and feathered limbs; the sight of his lavender eyes sending tears to spill down her cheeks. ”Nevermore!” She cries out, dodging a few strangers who glance at her in confusion before ducking under the wing of a woman speaking to him. The words fall on deaf ears, her mind focused on a single goal. Eibhlin reaches the raven, immediately bristling at the sight of healing wounds and her eyes narrow even as she launches herself across the space and into his chest. Mindful of the tapered horn adorning her forehead, she pushes her front against his and wraps her neck on his left. Tucking her muzzle into the thick hair of his mane, she draws his scent in and breathes out whispered words. ”I missed you.”

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The sound of rushing wings caused the starlit male to glance up at a mighty champagne woman prepping herself for landing. His pupiless eyes took in her appearance and noted the way that she carried herself. It told him everything he needed to know before the towering mare had a chance to open her mouth and speak. Yes, this was surely the new sovereign of ambrosius there was no doubt about it. He stood perfectly still as her eyes roamed his body, no doubt curious of him and his predicament. Did she wish to hear the tale of his exile? Would she even care about something as trivial as that when she did not know him?

Before he could get ahead of himself Nevermore tucked a single limb close to his barrel, his knee just barely scraping the pristine snow as he brought it back in a perfectly executed bow. Achieving a swan like appearance to his nape he tucked his muzzle to his chest as flowing locks of obsidian tumbled to the ground below. He settled into the position for a second longer, pledging his silent vow of allegiance to this new woman of power before straightening himself once more. Thank you. Thine name is Nevermore. Can thou do me the pleasure of learning thy name? The raven asked with the slightest tilt of his head.

It was then that the thought of Caelian ran across his mind again and he continued on gently. And...what of the boy who previously reigned? Is Caelian still here? He did not see the freckled stallion in the wastes and he hoped that the woman had not killed him for his crown. Despite the trials and tribulations Nevermore was put through he could not bring himself to hate the younger man. He knew what it was like to be in a dark place. However, his train of thought was broken when he heard a familiar voice calling his name. Without pause the starlit beast turned his full attention beyond the shoulders of the new sovereign to see Èibhlin barreling toward him.

Èibhlin?! The phantom's heart hammered rapidly in his chest as the chestnut ran to him, the very one that plagued his thoughts during all his lonely nights in exile. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. The tears that stained her cheeks were not lost to him as she threw herself into his embrace. Immediately Nevermore leaned against her, burying the length of his chiseled visage into the honey colored tresses of her mane. Breathing in her scent he closed his eyes for a moment and whispered in hushed romanian tones. Not as much as I've missed you.

With a slight tilt of his head the specter planted a tender kiss upon her cheek, but his affection for her did not stop there. Rocking back on his hind legs Nevermore took a seat upon the snow laden ground. With lavender eyes closed he used his talons to gently cup both sides of her visages and bring it to his own, offering another peck. Upon opening them once more he used a digit to wipe away a stray tear, a small smile adorning his features. Do not weep for me, dragă...I'm here. He whispered while placing his talons back upon the ground, looking down on her through thick lashes. The notion that they were not alone tossed completely to the wind.

Dragă: (dear/darling)
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Antiope wasn’t certain what to expect, though she could imagine the starlit stallion before her was likely gratefully to have been called home. Admittedly, she was quite curious to know why he had been exiled in the first place. A dispute gone wrong, maybe? Or had it been the result of a grant rum thrown by the former sovereign? Perhaps it was something far worse than either of those and she had made a mistake in recalling the discard man. Whatever it was, she would find out soon enough. The questions and the burning need to know dangled on the tip of her tongue, but she refrained from bombarding the stallion with an interrogation right away. After all, he did just come home - she could grant him a slight reprieve before undergoing a rigorous questioning.

Propriety pushed Antiope to bow her head in response to Nevermore’s display of respect. A silent display of allegiance, Antiope knew, having been familiar with giving the sweeping gesture herself once upon a time. A small smile twitched the mare’s lips, curling the left side into a half smile. “A pleasure, Nevermore. My name is Antiope, the new sovereign of Ambrosius,” she replied diplomatically, though her voice held warmth in it. There was a pause, allowing the starlit stallion to inquire about the kingdom’s previous king. Antiope’s expression morphed into something more neutral, if somewhat disgruntled. “No. He has been banished from any Ambrosius holdings since the conclusion of our battle.” It wasn’t the whole truth, just a truncated version of the tale. If Nevermore wanted the whole story, there was a time and place for it.

Her briefly lived ire was forgotten when a feminine voice pierced the air, drawing both of their attentions. A flash of chestnut slipped by Antiope’s side, dipping underneath a wing without any heed. Balking, the pegasus jerked away before realizing the newcomer meant no harm. In fact, she had hardly any care for Antiope - she was all eyes for Nevermore in a display of affection that made the sovereign’s heart clench uncomfortably. Her crimson gaze darts away from the couple, allowing them a moment of intimacy without an onlooker watching on. Clearing her throat quietly as if to remind them that she was still there, a smirk crawled across her scarred features despite her discomfort.

“Perhaps I should let you two get reacquainted?” Antiope’s words were teasing as she tried to shake the uncomfortable feeling. Was it envy? Whatever it was, Antiope was quite done with it. The sovereign shuffled away to give the reunited couple space, turning to make her exit. “Take a few days to get settled, Nevermore. If you have any questions, do feel free to find me.”

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The moment he returned her eager embrace every muscle in her body relaxed and she pressed impossibly closer to him. How did this happen? The silent question is her mind’s attempt to rationalize the unexpected dose of pure affection for the raven-man. She pushes it away, she does not care that her heart is bursting with happiness over the return of a man she truthfully barely knows; she is simply pleased beyond measure to have him back. That is good enough for her. His accented voice soothes the ragged edges of the sorrow that swept over her upon his exile, his proclamation of missing her forces the lump in her throat to increase as she fights the urge to break down into shattering sobs. His breath is warm against the strawberry-blonde hair but it pulls away far too quickly for her liking.

”Nev-” Her speech cuts off and the scowl spreading across painted features vanishes the moment he tenderly grasps her face with careful talons. Those fanged lips grace chestnut skin with another gentle kiss and her heart pangs violently in her chest. ”I will try.” Her voice escapes on a whisper of stuttering breath. A smile spreads on her lips, the corners twitching with suppressed tears. ”You must tell me what happened.” The words come a bit easier this time, his open adoration doing much to calm and ground her; a glimmer of anger at his banishment aids her in pushing back the desire to weep. Her mouth opens a fraction to speak again when a woman’s voice startles her.

She visibly jerks a bit, inching closer to Nevermore with a protective growl building in her throat until she realizes who is speaking. Eibhlin shifts to place herself next to the raven in order to hear the tall woman’s speech. The teasing lilt to her words draws a soft chuckle and she offers the new sovereign a marginal dip of her head. A measure of respect is granted to the ruler due to her station, but in Eibhlin’s world any further deference must be earned and is never freely given. She holds her silence until the mare leaves, then casts her amethyst gaze up at the winged man’s eyes. ”Let’s move elsewhere.” Lifting her head to reach his cheek, she places a light kiss there before turning her attention to the curious gazes watching them. ”I do not care for those eavesdropping fools.” Agitation laces her voice, her own accent coming to play a bit but she cares not; she is too eager to be in Nevermore’s presence to mask it.

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