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The feeling of being on his own, of not having to hide from everyone, was an odd one. The constant urge to look over his shoulder had yet to fade away and he doubted it ever would. It kept him on the run, unable to stop and rest for longer than a couple of minutes before his anxiety pushed him forwards. The stallion really didn't expect anyone to come after him. In fact, he'd be extremely surprised if they had even noticed his absence. But this didn't erase the habit that had taken over his life. He hoped that one day it might fade away but for now he just dealt with it and continued on.
It wasn't long before the forests of his home were far behind him. Maji really had no sense of how long he had been going due to focusing on making his body move forwards. He really only noticed a difference in the surrounding area when his vision became more obscured than normal. Blurry sight and a spinning head were things he was used to but he had never been nearly blind. It took a couple shakes of his head and he had to blink about 30 times before the realization that it wasn't his body hit. The mist surrounded him and, mixed with his already ruined vision, kept the area from being recognizable.
Despite the dizziness that swirled around his head the stallion didn't stop moving until his hoof hit something and he stumbled. Unable to catch himself on his shaky legs Maji slid down a small incline and rolled until he hit his head on what appeared to be a tree root. Pain radiated out from the point of impact and he let out a whisper of a groan while he lay still. There was no point in getting right back up onto his hooves. With the mixture of the pain, his constantly pounding heart, and the dizziness that held a permanent residence in his head he was sure to pass out. The pale yellow eyes closed for what he told himself would just be a moment but before he knew it the darkness was taking over.

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