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Nothing can keep young Lirr grounded forever, not even Fenrir's winter. It would have to kill him or steal his wings before he bowed to the likes of gravity. Two long ebony wings sprawled out from each side, carrying the stallion through the sky, not even the clouds able to hide his dark pelt and he weaved through the occasional puff of water. He seen what wonders his old world had to hold from lands bathed in a kaleidoscope of flowers blanketing hills that rolled on farther than the eyes could see; mountains that tore through the clouds like daggers piercing the world's crust; palaces decorated with the most extravagant gems and jewels; he's had wine decedent and smooth as silk; nothing compared to this feeling though. Wind slipping under and over his wings, caressing his body. The sky, his lover. He'd flown East and soared through the west, not even the harsh winds of Tryggr could keep him down among the dirt. There was still much to see, yes and he would surely return to further explore and once again meet with familiar faces he's come across in his travels, but new lands awaited him in the North.

Now, despite protests from others, borders could never seem to stop him. What good are lines drawn in sand if not to cross them? Even now, he unknowingly added another forsaken border to his list of transgressions. What could anyone possibly do to him from here anyway? He'd seen many equine here in the valley he was now trapped in, but very few held wings it seemed, at least from the ones he's met. He came racing into the Ambrosius House without a second thought. A cacophony of curls once draped elegantly down his neck was now streaking behind him, his own leonine tail trailing behind him at the whims of the wind. Mountains stretched up at his sides and below him a forest still lush with ever greens despite it's fresh coat of white. Those pristine tree tops, how could he possibly resist the temptation? A wide grin stretched across his maw as he started a descent slow at first, gaining a little bit of speed but the harsher the decline, the further in he pulled in his large wings, essentially free falling towards the trees, tucked in tight like a bullet racing towards the ground. His small wings remained open, keeping him balanced upright as he came closer and closer. Suddenly he popped his wings open, the thick of feathers catching the wings harshly and shot across the sky along the tree tops, the air rushing off him knocking the snow off the very top of the trees he flew over, his back feet catching one or two of them.

There was a streak of green across the Fjollottr from where he flew through. While it provided him almost no warmth, even on his dark hide, the sun shone down across his back, the gold of his wings glittering for those above. Excitement welled up inside him itching to come out, his young heart wanted to shout out to the world so dark and bleak, shout out that he would not give in to it's demands to share in it's anger and grief. He knew better than to give in to such things in a place like this for worry his echoing voice bring down an avalanche off the mountains the bore on both sides. He began to lift back up into the air, settling his pounding heart from the thrill. He saw the world claim lives, both young and old. Some too soon and others far too late, but it with his time in life unpredictable, He was determined now more than ever to enjoy what he'd been given. If death wanted him so bad, it would have to catch him first.

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Her eyes narrowed against the frigid wind, ignoring the stinging cold as it pricked along her face. Vinter had been harsh, even by the locals' standards. It was possibly the harshest winter Antiope had ever endured in her long life thus far. Though the grey clouds had cleared, there was little relief from the bitter cold. It was as though the sun couldn't penetrate through the bitter cold that had descended upon the valley. Not even the brightest of rays could bring warmth. Many had taken to seeking shelter in the caverns littered throughout Ambrosius, rarely leaving their cozy hideaways unless it was dire.

But not Antiope. Even the harshest of winters couldn't keep the new sovereign grounded.

After some adjusting, it was easy to ignore the bite of the cold as she soared in the sky. Thankfully free of her steel armor and burgundy cloak, the golden pegasus felt as light as a feather in the sky. As much as Antiope appreciated the steel armaments and the warmth her cloak often provided, they were cumbersome. They made it difficult to turn easily in the air and often they weighed her down. To wear her full regalia would only tire her faster, something the pegasus mare wished to avoid. Bronze and gold wings extended from her sides, covering an impressive wingspan that could easily be seen even from the ground. A broad wingspan was a must for a pegasus of Antiope's size and weight; after all, she was no delicate damsel floating in the clouds. She flew up, up, up - pretending as though if she got close enough, she could feel the sun on her back...But she knew better. Yet, it was nice to pretend once in a while.

A flash in the corner of her eye caught the sovereign's attention. With a snap of her wings, the gilt mare turns sharply in the air as she changed her trajectory. It was something fast, something small. Whatever it was, Antiope knew it was something that didn't belong in Ambrosius. The clouds of snow knocked off treetops served as a trail as she glided behind Lirr, her crimson gaze tracking him as she quickly covered the distance. As she got closer, she could make out his shape; small, black, and with two sets of wings, Antiope found her curiosity piqued. A double set of wings weren't unheard of in her homeland, but extremely rare. They hadn't been seen for a hundred years by the time Antiope was a fresh face in the army.

Instead of simply announcing her presence behind him, the golden pegasus dropped below the evergreens to fly beneath Lirr undetected. She was in no rush to cut him off just yet, as he seemed to simply be enjoying a flight among the mountain range. From a distance, he seemed hardly older than a child, if not a very young adult. Besides, given the break in the weather, Antiope could sympathize with the need to stretch one's wings before another blizzard held the valley hostage. She waited until the sounds of his wings began to fade as if he was pulling away from the trees, perhaps back into the air. Unable to stop herself, the sovereign gave a powerful flap before tucking her wings close to avoid damaging them on her way through the trees. Antiope broke through the treetop after him, her bronze and gold wings flaring out from her sides to hold her aloft in the air. Shaking her head to clear the pine needles from her mane, Antiope offered Lirr a lopsided grin.

"Enjoying the view?"

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There was much in this world to take in, so much so that he ironically wasn't paying enough attention to subtle cues like the soft beat of large wings that were surely not his own. Perhaps he was so used to flying with others that it just hadn't occurred to him that he was alone. Rather, he was supposed to be alone. Blissfully unaware of the massive mare following him, he felt no sense of worry and allowed himself to do as he pleased. However, as he slowed from the quick dart along the tree tops, he started to raise higher from the trees, only to be interrupted by a mountain of a bronze woman bursting in front of him from the trees. His amethyst eyes tore open wide, first in surprise, but second in concern. He threw his wings back and beat vigorously on the air with both pair as he came to a quick halt so as to not fly head first into her. The sudden change in moment forced all the hair entangling his mane to thrust forward, engulfing his head before dropping back to the sides.

Emerging from his own darkness, Lirr got a good look at the she who shared flight with him. Thin, delicate swirls and designs adorned her warm colored pelt much in the same way the gold did him his mother's own pelt, but this mare was intimidating in a completely different way. Taught muscles beneath her hide that was decorated in scars just as much. His heart pounded loudly in his chest at the sight of her, not too different from when he'd been frightened by a dark stallion named Caelian and those wings of shadow. The words she spoke to him were almost humorous in the way a murder would joke about his victim. "Enjoying the view?" He was until she practically gave him a heart attack!

His gold encrusted ears flited back, nearly disappearing into his thick mane of ebony curls. A heavy huff from the startle and his own intense decent down left him slightly winded, trying to settle both his breathing and his heart. His gaze turned upward to meet hers, noticing a newer looking wound across her eye and his heart sank once more. Perhaps her question was more a threat and he was about to be in a world of hurt. Though the potential scars that would damage his pristine hide worried him more than the actual pain. "Yes-" He was a bit surprised at his voice cracking as the nervous wound tighter on his vocal cords. Clearing his throat, he continued again, keeping his gaze fixed on that new scar. "It's uh, it's very beautiful up here." He began to wonder if perhaps this was her favorite spot to fly and he was invading. Or heavens forbid, he'd just waltzed into a second herd. "Do you fly here a lot? Haven't seen too many with wings yet, let alone any actually flying in this cold." He admitted to her, hoping that if he was friendly that she'd consider not knocking him out of the sky.

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