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Silence is our Fate

The stream had become a favorite place for the mute and her hellhound companion. It seemed as though they were down there at least three times a week, Ezera keeping watch while Arzaz jumped around. Most of the time it was just the two of them on these little trips but this time Iracebeth had joined them. It had come as a joyful surprise that was more than welcome. As much as she didn't mind being alone there were times where she grew tired of it. Ignoring the pit of some unknown feeling that made her stomach turn they had gone down the mountain. Looking back on that feeling they probably should have listened to it but it was no use thinking about that now, not when the snowstorm was already here.
There hadn't been much thought put into the current state of the weather while they had been making their way to the stream. The hellhound pup's excitement was bouncing around in Ezera's mind and becoming hard to ignore. Despite how annoying the young companion had a tendency to be she did have to admit that it was cute in a way. Plus after saving it she felt responsible for keeping it safe and happy. Arzaz had also taken a liking to Iracebeth after noticing the electricity that sometimes sparked between her horns. So she bounded beneath both of them with a wide grin on her skeletal face, playing her game of "don't get squished" while Ezera and her daughter tried not to trip. It took them much longer than normal to get to their destination but that didn't matter much.
Once they got to the stream it didn't take long for things to start going wrong. The mute hadn't been expecting it when the winds picked up to the point of almost knocking them over and the air felt as though it would freeze her bones together. It had been cold and windy the past couple of days but nothing like this. She now recognized the pit of feeling as some kind of foreboding that almost made her sick. The hellhound that had just been jumping from stone to stone was tucked up between Ezera and Iracebeth's legs. By the time they decided to try and find some sort of shelter the snow and ice had started to pound the ground.
It didn't take long before they couldn't see anything around them. Without the touch of her daughter's should against her own or the brush of Arzaz's fur the unicorn wouldn't have known they were still there. Everywhere the bright golden eyes looked there was white. It was a feeling she wanted to escape from, being lost in a place that had become home. By some sort of miracle they managed not to run into any trees but Ezera could feel them scraping along her coat. She really had no idea where they were heading except that it had to be in the general direction of the mountain since it didn't feel as though they had done any full turns. Either way they had to run into some kind of place to get away from the storm.
It's an odd feeling when you go to take a step and there's nothing to step on. Ezera had never felt it before but it wasn't something you could mistake for something else. She knew that there was no way to keep the other two from following her down but that didn't stop her from trying to use her magic to warn them when the snow gave way beneath her hoof. WATCH- The magic cut off after the one word but there wouldn't have been a point anyway. They were already falling.

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she is no girl, she is lightning

Iracebeth had never fallen before. She'd weathered storms - gotten so irreversibly lost it separated her from her mother for nearly a year - but there was something... raw about the power that this one demonstrated. Her cropped silver tresses had lashed at her sleek nape, snapping and whipping audibly in her ears that sank back along her gilt horns and a thought had crossed her mind; "This was no regular storm." It echoed again in her suddenly empty mind as her first hoof plummeted into emptiness. Even her mother's fleeting warning fell privy to the repeated, haunting sound of her own preceding trepidation. A yelp rose from the young mare's unable to fight the torrential winds at their back nor gravity's greedy pull downwards. Rocks and frozen sod crumbled below her hooves as rumbles rippled through them. What in Tryggr's name was happening?

But she hadn't the time to think it - no - what little visibility there was was no sooner consumed by deteriorating landscape. Fruitlessly her legs flailed in the air, trying to find some semblance of purchase, until finally she felt the first hard thump of hard undersoil. It had been her shoulder that collided - somehow Iracebeth must have toppled over herself and spun like a feline in the air in her vane attempts to cease the fall - and a sharp hiss and puff of air loosed from her di-colored lips as her body tumbled still downwards. Despite being land locked again, the beatings at her hips, ribs, and sides were many before finally she rolled upon more even ground. Not once, but twice her horns had caught something - roots she assumed - and yanked at her sharply before they slipped back to freedom. While her lungs craved heaving, frightened breaths her ribs ached and refused anything more than short, desperate gasps.

Dust and dirt swam weightlessly in the air as the earth seemed to shift into its final (for now) resting place and it provoked several coughs from the petite femme as she fought with her trembling legs so that she may stand. "Mom?" she managed through another sputtering fit. Each hack, however, prompted uncontrolled sparks along her gilt horns, segwaying Iracebeth closer to a mind of clarity. Shaking her nape, she threw her weight forward to release her hinds, and they snapped up into place, albeit awkwardly. She tossed her weight back this time, and she stumbled some steps until she managed to right her balance. Another cough, but this time she latched onto that current of electricity and focused it. The arc leaped from the right fore horn to her left, were it seemed to braid itself back again. A humming buzz vibrated the air betwixt her horns, but the strengthened current gave her some bit of yellow light to see. "Mom?"

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Silence is our Fate

The little hellhound pup had no idea what had just happened. One moment she had been trying to get through whatever the freezing white stuff had been and the next they were down in a dark den. Except she was fairly certain they hadn't meant to go into this den, at least not the way they had. The way down had reminded her of falling into the water in the ravine but without the liquid to catch them. Somehow the companion had managed to make it down with only a few scratches, avoiding both the edges and the two equines that had fallen as well. She had rolled a little ways away from where the mute had landed, a little way aways from her daughter, but was up and bounding over to Ezera with barely a moment to shake off the dirt and snow. Arzaz didn't need any light to find them, only smells.
By the time she made it to what she was pretty sure was the unicorn's head Iracebeth was struggling to stand and calling out for her. Before now the pup had figured that her equine companion was just being her normal quiet self but when she made no move to react to being called a spark of worry caused Arzaz's heart to jump. It only worsened when she crept closer and caught the sharp copper scent of blood. She might not know much about life but she did know that nothing good ever came from that smell unless she had been hunting. And she hadn't been hunting. Following her nose the hellhound found the substance just underneath Ezera's right ear. Without a second thought she started to lick it, following an instinct that she didn't understand but felt right.
She ignored the sounds of the other equine moving around and the desire to chase after the sparks that lit the area after every cough. Only when Iracebeth spoke again and the sparks turned into a constant light did the pup stop and actually look. After a moment she nudged at the unconscious mare with her paw. When nothing happened she did it again, and again, and then with her face. After the third attempt a sharp sound echoed around her head and Arzaz stumbled back. It took her a moment to realize that it hadn't come from herself but from the unicorn. With a satisfied whistle the pup bounded over to where the younger equine was standing and spun in a circle before racing back to Ezera.
The pain in her head almost dragged her right back into the darkness but she pushed against it and opened her eyes. Shapes came into view slowly while she tried to orient herself. It took a moment and when she spotted Iracebeth's sparks her golden eyes closed to deal with the pain but at least nothing else seemed to hurt. Ezera considered standing but there didn't seem a point at the moment and avoiding anymore black-outs or pain inducing nausea felt like a good idea. Instead she let her head fall back onto the snow that had followed them down and watched Arzaz come closer.

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