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It had started with the eerie, almost unnatural silence. Granted, it was the middle of the night and typically only nocturnal animals - and Antiope herself - were on the move. Yet, even as she traversed her new kingdom as the twilight hours trickled by and took to the skies to patrol from above, something was amiss. Her keen eyes did not miss the lack of deer or elk. The snow remained unbroken, save for the obvious trails Antiope had left behind in all of her nightly patrolling. Even wolves were bizarrely absent on this strange night, having noticed something Antiope had yet to see.

As she soared in the sky, she heard it. The sharp crack in the distance. Antiope felt her heart stop before stuttering back to life, turning hastily in the air to try to find the source. Her gaze scoured the stretch of mountains around her, narrowing as she grew increasingly desperate. After a few moments of hair-raising silence, more cracks fill the air as Antiope's gaze finally lands upon the highest peak in Ambrosius.


She spots the beginning of a plume of white curls from the mountaintop, a signal of the danger that is coming. A string of rather strong curses escapes Antiope's lips as she swoops low, flying to and fro over Ambrosius as quickly as she could. Antiope scrambled to find somewhere safe to weather the impending wall of snow that is coming for them all. If she could find somewhere safe to lead anyone who might seek her aid...

Even if those who resided in the holds could not see her, they might be able to hear her call to find shelter, safety, anything to save them from the danger that was beginning to careen down the mountainside and fell trees in its path.

"People of Ambrosius, listen to me! You must find somewhere safe, and quickly! There is no time to waste!"

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Lucienne had yet to find his place in this strange land. Though he wore his mask of a smile nearly all the time it had yet to lead him to find safety. His wings, under muscled and weak were folded elegantly along the curve of his back. In the whipping winds they were useless, even if they had been properly strengthened. A burst of a cold gale broke against his pale pink hide and he shuddered involuntarily, the smile falling from his lips for a few seconds as he steeled himself. It was silent. Eerily silent. Lucienne had no problem with the quiet, but this was unnatural and worrisome. Turning his slightly dished face toward the distant mountains he observed it for a few moments with his eyes of glimmering ruby. Danger. And then it happened. The distant sound of cracking ice. "You've forced my hand it would seem," he purred to no one in particular, the corners of his lips curling up.

He would find somewhere to bunk down in this turmoil. And if he happened to find his place, well that would be too birds with one stone. He was a master observer, thinker, and spy-- using his arsenal he knew he could be of use to someone important. Lucienne turned sharply and began to head toward the closest house. Ambrosius.

It did not take him long to find her in his sights. He watched as the newly appointed sovereign dipped through the sky and he followed on the ground. He wasted no time as she landed and he watched curiously, the fake and utterly charming smile plastered across his dark lips. "A pleasure, sovereign Antiope." He dipped his nose as he approached, though not drawing too close perhaps out of respect or something else entirely. "I have heard of your valor upon the lips of those who waste their time with idle chatter. Though I must admit, I am quite impressed." He ruffled his wings, stretching the joints slightly. Spending his time listening as he explored the native lands had led him to hear about her greatness.

"I fear I have no such ties to a house, despite my...abilities." He spoke not of his arcana, which remained dormant within the crevices of his being. Instead he spoke of his own personality, years of training and self sacrifice. "Does your hold have room for one listens and knows just which ears to tell his secrets-- and which to keep for himself?" Lucienne knew it was risky opening himself up so openly, but he did not wish to attempt to speak with her once others had approached. This was for her ears only. He would pledge himself to her cause in exchange for the safety and comfort of a house.

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Marrow Camdene

i am dumb to tell the weather's wind

Marrow was growing bored. Trapped here (he'd yet to tell Kismet that, and loathed the very idea of it) in this strange new world he had found little to occupy his time other than idle chatter with other denizens of the House Ambrosius. It was a curious thing, an esteemed kingdom bore into the side of an ice and snow capped mountain. Seemed precarious, didn't it? As if asking the weaver of fate to test the resilience of the equine brave enough to reside there. Restless from restraining himself to the Northern realm and tireless from idle days, Marrow was awake during the twilight that would inevitably cure his tedium.

Nightly winds, sharp as a honed blade of an expert swordsman and brisker than winter's first kiss, tore at the alabaster threads of his mane and banner. Despite the plaits, silken locks ripped free from their confines and undulating in the never-dying gales. A fine navy cloak billowed around him, the silver clasp clacking with the ferocity of the zephyrs as Marrow turned his visage away from the great expanse of the Northern Valley and back to the lonely road he plodded. Gilt hooves carried him downwards towards the lower elevations of the holds where he thought he could get a decent run. He hoped it would tire him, allow him to finally rest his head and turn off his constantly whirring mind.

But Marrow never made it to the Nogr Evergreens, and even less so the other holds below.

A shuddering crack ripped through the air, clapping against the mountain so that it echoed faintly in Marrow's ears and shook his bones. The young prince halted, audits attentive and his golden gaze snapped upwards. "Huh?" he audibly questioned. Below his hooves the frozen stone began to tremble, shaking and shuddering so that the loose pebbles and stones clacked and clattered in omen. Once he wagered a cursory glance down, before once again craning his neck skyward. While plumes wafted from the higher peaks as the shaking only grew in strength until finally he thought he would tumble. Then more snaps; trees, their trunks folded over as if twigs beneath a hoof. Trepidation rose with the instinctual need to survive and without confirming where the avalanche would fall Marrow jolted forward. His hooves clacked and snapped along the narrow stone passages, but he refused to rein his speed in fear of consumption by the elements. Sparkling flakes of snow started to arch over him in graceful, sweeping falls, casting an ethereal guise over the calamity. But there was no time to stop and observe, no... he had to keep running. And keep running he did.

Antiope's words were almost suffocated by the roar of the oncoming leagues of snow, but Marrow caught her garbled cry and spied her through the thickening brume of snow. Finally the grounds were leveling, evolving into wider, safer passages curling down the mountain other than his congested path. And no sooner could they have come, as the great breadth of snow burst from the crevices above, ripping firs at their roots with them. Marrow leapt over the edge, eager to sink his hooves into the powder of sloping snow below and hopefully slip towards safety. Already numb appendages sank into a comforter of snowflakes, but his plan worked - at least for some time. Down he slid, ungracefully keeping himself upright on a whirl of hooves and teetering until the avalanche met him. Forward he tumbled, consumed in a world of white that turned frighteningly dark. Over and under he was thrown; at times his visage crested the soft but heavy weight of the snow and his desperate lungs gulped in fresh mountain air.

In his chest his heart raced, and although it was his life in immediate danger he found himself thinking of others; of the lady Ianthe and his dearest friend Kismet. Were they safe? Or were they too victims of the avalanche like he? Though the world was cold Marrow felt hot, and he suffered his inner turmoils until finally a jutting rock careened him through the snow, upwards and out, before tumbling just out of the way. Sputtering and coughing, his shoulder throbbing in pain, the runaway prince used what little reserves of energy he had to pull himself upright. Panted breaths left him in silver brumes as Marrow staggered away. He wasn't sure how long he ventured, or whether his path was straight (his mind was incredibly disoriented), but the young unicorn stag tripped through the trees until he heard voices. "H-hello?" he called, voice restricted, as if a beast held a vice grip around his throat. "Is someone there?"

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