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and in the flames, her shadows play in the shape of a man's desire

Pink eyes had seen the horizon grow, swelling into something almost unrecognizable. And then, it grew in size as it barreled down toward the Oasis--from atop the outcropping near the falls did she stand and watch like some small sentinal. Since that night in the North, she'd been aloof. In fact, she'd often found herself returning to the borders near the ravine. Once, little Aishe even found a newcomer--poor sap--who'd likely be in for one hell of a surprise now. The lands here were harsh, but this cloud of sand ever approaching could easily do them all in. And it was this sudden surge of worry, of titan-like stubbornness to keep surviving that drove Aishe to remove herself from that perch and begin to shout at any Exile she could find. "Go on! Take shelter you damned fools!" there was an odd authoritative quality to her usually dry, sarcastic voice. A few of the younglings she'd come across, the jenny snapped her teeth instinctively as her mother had done; a warning for the little ones to obey or risk losing the only thing they had left in this world...their lives.

She herself began to search the small crowds that had gathered to find shelter, looking for none other than the Warden himself. It had been...too long, she thought since her eyes last saw him; since the night they chased each other across the night in some love-sick heated desire. A night that, despite what had come after, Aishe kept close to her heart. It had been the first night she'd felt the shackles of her past be relieved, a certain new kind of valor had seeped into her. His presence gave her hope, from the moment she'd seen him take on the previous Warden to the moment he had stood beside her and muttered her name. Someone from within the outcroppings and relative shelter of the inner oasis called her name, but Aishe's gaze was still upon the horizon. It was a strange feeling, watching something unstoppable like that sweep across the endless dunes with little effort. Again someone from the small crowd had called her name, and Aishe was starkly reminded of the life that now grew within her. A worry crept up her spine--not for herself, but for the one who had helped create this life. He had not known, not yet, and now she wondered if he ever would.

Aishe had seen Evandr as an immoveable Titan of the sands--but even they too could fall victim to the harsh reality of nature. Quickly she had taken to the sheltered part of the Oasis and hunkered down with the rest. The winds were relentless, and the sand felt like salt in a wound. The sun she had once hated had all but been swallowed by this dark cloud and Aishe wished it beat down upon them instead. She only hoped that those who'd been caught in it's wake didn't suffer.

Who was she kidding, of course they did.

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He stood along the edge of the oasis and its feral land. His visage was to the dry sand, sniffing around for any sort of trail left behind by a ragged creature of prey. A desert hare, snake, or rodent. Something, anything to fill the growing void eating away at his innards. He would even choose to eat at a pile of carrion should the opportunity present itself. His feathered leonine tail lashed in aggravation as he milled about. It was as if all the creatures that normally stopped by this essential area had vanished into thin air. A snort caused a small billowing cloud to roll fleetingly across the sands. His trail had gone cold.

But the thought of hunger was lost to the wind as he heard a voice shouting in the distance. Squinting his lavender orbs he watched as the familiar jenny jumped from her perch, herding a growing groups of exiles closer toward the central point of the oasis. What was she making such a fuss for. Dark strands of licorice slid along his visage and nape as he looked the other way, taking in the sight of massive clouds of sand barreling their way. With purple eyes growing wide with concern the raven twisted around. His footing slipped along the loose sand but it did not stop him from running toward the large pool of clear water.

Dark talons gouged through the thick sand while wide hooves helped to control some semblance of balance. Tossing his attention behind him the sandstorm grew eerily closer, gaining more ground no matter how fast he seemed to run. Pushing off his hind legs Nevermore thrust himself into flight, large wings catching the gusts of air blowing from behind him. Rapidly he beat his tattered limbs edging himself to go faster until finally he reached the frantic crowd. His landing was hurried as his momentum caused him to lope toward the jenny urging a few children along. You knowest these lands better than I. Where would the best shelter be?
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nothing is true, everything is permitted

Sands whipped and beat at the natural staircase of cliffs, edges, and ravines that ebbed and flowed from the Frekr Oasis. Palm fronds shook violently, casting a static white noise that seemed to make the howling storm hiss with further menace. Black and orange sands intermingled in a haze of grains that wished only ill upon the exiles caught in the zephyrs. The dunes of the wastes had already suffered at the hands of the incredibly force the sandstorm provided and there was a sinking, wrenching feeling in the pit of the Warden's gut that brought him only fear and trepidation.

But first, he needed to get home.

A behemoth of a stallion, Evandr charged with what little speed he could manage through the onslaught of the brume, head low and eyes nearly sewn shut. But he had drawn from the lands of Vulkan, and the first fronds of Frekr were calling to him. Warden! their weak voices echoed in his mind. Knowing that their journey was nearing completion brought a new vigor to the brute, and Evandr's encompassing, feathered hooves dug deeper into the shifting sands. "Dragon!" his mind probed, fearful of opening his lips and being forced to swallow the wretched dunes. Below his hooves he followed an evident dip, a shallow through nearly filled as he followed it blindly. In whatever ether that connected him to his newly bonded partner, disconcert but respect responded. "Zaaahhaaak..", the beast hissed back via their shared mental capacities. "I hear it, Waaaarden of the Saaaands"

The rumbling voice in his head would have been pause for concern, especially if their previous meet had been faceless. A shiver still trembled down his spine as the frond collective grew in number and volume, calling to the the nymph touched castaway, and by proxy the dragon beneath the sand. "They're gathering, Evandr! Through the Oasis!", the parched voices cried. From all sides it seemed the storm pummeled upon them, and all in succession so close that if Evandr hadn't laid eyes upon its swelling mass he wouldn't have known which direction it had manifested from. But finally, with the brunt of it to his back, the first supple palms of undergrowth brushed against his forelimbs and that drowning static from the shaking palms greeted him. Home... somehow, they had made it. Once Evandr tarried, planting his hooves into the sand where it grew damp and resilient against his weight, and he braved a moment to squint for however long he may dare. The pool of the Oasis had receded, water pulled up into small twisters with the dry bank. Some of their palm trees barely kept their roots ensnared in the ground, and before the storm was over, Evandr was sure not only one would topple. High banks of drift rose along what trunks were stable, and high upon the ledges and cliffs that nestled this emerald gem away. But some exiles were still pushing through, just beyond the Oasis and towards the rocky backings of Frekr. Someone had organized them.

With only a single candidate in mind, Evandr forged forward, his heart suddenly heavy and aching. Zahhak's mentality pressed upon him, curious of the strong emotion rising in Evandr, but the piebald resisted the advances. Though he knew this beast would never leave him (and himself never leave it), he did not trust it with thoughts that even Evandr was afraid to admit. Rather, he distracted the beast. "You are faster than I, Zahhak, find them and keep them safe."

Beneath the sands the earth wyrm rumbled with acceptance, clawed appendages and swift form pushing effortlessly through the sand as if swimming through the cerulean sea. Evandr opened the channel to the Oasis' flora and directed it towards Zahhak, offering a mental map that located and directed him with effortless precision. Surely the equine would find only alarm in the monstrous appearance of such an alpha predator, but it seemed the Warden hadn't necessarily considered that... So Zahhak did not either.

Pressed into an alcove he found them, some unwilling and tarrying along the outskirts while others still pilled into the congested ravine for safety. Without caution Zahhak breached, a pitfall swallowing the masses of sand before their makeshift safe house until finally his plated and horned visage emerged. His ear piercing cry ripped from parted jaws out of habit as his short forelimbs broke the surface and pulled Zahhak from the depths. Not nearly the size children considered when thinking of such creatures of legend, the monster was still large enough to help create a "wall" before the ravine's opening. Orange irises that swam in black sclera watched some of the equine as they startled or whinnied in fright. Foals pressed harder into their mothers in the alcove while all other manners of genders and ages simply stared - seemingly accepting the finality of their days. Just as some studs loyal to Evandr pushed forward to protect the masses from Zahhak, the beast pushed itself back, widening the girth of the opening at his front while coiling his long, serpentine tail to do the same at his rear. Evandr's voice, roaring "Go!", barely rose above Zahhak's natural rumble and the storm's roaring frustrations, but the Warden soon burst with another exile in tow to the dragon's front while another castaway slipped beneath the beast's tail. All of them slipped betwixt the terracotta walls of the Frekr cliffs.

Evandr pressed through his kin, mentally counting but knew far too quickly that a many faces were missing. Passive orders not to fear the dragon fell from his lips, and twice he stopped to reassure a mother and her child that there was absolutely nothing to fear, but he never lingered. Finally he halted among them, Zahhak's form reinstating a "wall" along the entrance, neck craning while he observed for others, and Evandr swept the crowd for a particular face. In the masses, her short stature was difficult to discern, but the clack of her jewelry in the wind offered him assistance, with the strange nymph's gift speaking her whereabouts. Forcibly excusing himself through the crowd, he came to her and without hesitation lowered his visage to her forehead and brushed his peach velvets against her. "Aishe," he greeted without thought, but the word also displayed his relief, concern, and pride. "You did this, didn't you?" For the first time since his arrival he lingered, sapphire eyes watching her while labored breaths raked his sides. But he was not responsible for just her life, but all of them. So reluctantly he turned away, surveying the others, noticeably a face besides the jenny he did not recognize. He eyed the raven-like male with an immediate distrust, but it still held a hesitant warmth. "Glad to see you safe, newcomer." The Warden's head jerked with a single, silent heave of a chuckle, "Welcome to the Wastelands."

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