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Something Bones turned his head, craning it toward the north. Something rumbled, the ground vibrating beneath his feet. "Something comes..." The wind howled, the orb flickering as he steeled himself against the increasing gales. While the skeleteton king did not get cold he was not immune to the surging winds. He clenched his jaw, planting his feet as firmly as he could. For several long moments he stood like a statue before the orb roared back to life. "Theeem," he hissed, turning his head now toward the rest of his hold. "They need meee," his bottom jaw hang loose, the wind wobbling it as it rattled. "The ravens!" With a surge of energy he took off to find to birds of the Huginn and Muninn Order.

- - - - - -

His words sent, Bones returned to Eng. Normally a place reserved for himself and the nobles of Vromme, it was now open to every citizen who called Vromme their home. A skeleton of a former building stood. It's worn stone walls like the bones of some long dead creature. It had no roof and did not provide much coverage but Bones decided it was better than nothing. For now he would conserve his energy, saving up the power within himself for when the citizens (should they choose to join him) arrived. Bones would die for them, protect them to his last.

Shuffling slowly against the wind, Bones pressed himself up against an old wall. He could feel the deceased in the ground beneath him, their decaying bodies and bones speaking to him in whispers. They too were willing to protect the living citizens should Bones need to call of them. The orb flickered out as he did his version of closing his eyes and held a silent prayer for those had fallen previously and a prayer for those he hoped would not fall.
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By the time the raven reached her, Higurashi was already on her way towards the highlands of Eng with the residents of Grosugr in tow. There was very little left in the way of choice - the snows, unrelenting throughout the day, were by nightfall quickly turning the river lands into dangerous, uninhabitable territory for the young, weak, or infirm. The ponds and rivers that gave these lands their life had become hidden pitfalls of thin ice laying in wait for the careless, and the winds that swept howling like demons across the flatlands threatened to wipe clean the land of life. No vivid sunsets could be seen through the stony grey storm clouds, but the darkening of the day, the leeching of light and warmth from the air, heralded the arrival of twilight and the coming of a most dangerous night ahead. Staying was not an option, but where could they go? The wolves of Fenrir's pack haunted the woods and lakes of the north and west, and treacherous mountains lay to the east. And so, while there was still some remnant of daylight left, the priestess of Grosugr marshalled her residents and began the trek southwards up to Eng in search of their sovereign and some higher ground.

At the very least, she had gathered the ones that she could find. Shivering despite her thick winter coat, the scarlet and gold mare cast another glance over her sleet-encrusted shoulder at the thin herd that trailed behind her. Mares with their foals, stalwart stallions helping forge the path through the drifts, they looked somewhat dispirited but otherwise safe from the cold in their numbers. Among their group, however, a particular set of gold horns and jade carapaces was missing; Davaros, her kirin friend-turned-lover who had been keeping her company since autumn, had at this crucial instance proven difficult to locate. Worry for him clouded Higurashi's heart, but she could spare no time to go searching for him now if they wished to make it to safer grounds before night truly fell. She could only whisper a voiceless prayer that wherever he was, he was safe and would soon join them in Eng. She had been meaning to see him again for some time now, but where he had gone to, she could only guess.

Against the darkening skies an even darker silhouette loomed, and though its ominous shadow made children press closer to their dams' sides, the group hurried forward with renewed hope. Here at least was some semblance of shelter and safety, and as the first flashes of lightning cast ghoulish shadows over the crumbling stone walls, the citizens of Grosugr hurried inside to join their sovereign king and Lady Priestess.

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Kagami has known winter, he has felt the kiss of snow and ice upon his skin. But this, this is something else entirely--something, dare he think, supernatural. A force to wipe them all out, to freeze them solid in their homes and strike fear into the hearts of new mothers who'd rather smother their babies than let them see a world this cold. He had entered these lands on the cusp of winter, and now it seemed as if it would swallow the entire valley whole. A raven had detailed orders to the Priestess of Gosugr, and Kagami was ready before her words had even told them what the raven's message entailed.

The higher parts of Vromme would prove to be safer, and so with the herd in tow, he and other stallions began to carve a path in the ever-encroaching banks. His head dipped and horns shoveled snow from their path, he wasn't cold per-say, but in that odd between. Once more he and another stallion pushed a large bank of snow from the paths of the women and men who were unable to aide much in this endeavor. The stag felt his muscles ache, how long had this been now? He couldn't tell--and he assumed neither could anyone else present. The sun had all but hidden away behind thick, grey storm clouds that had no end.

And then it appeared, this odd natural rocky construct in the wetlands of Vromme. It was here he had been told that the King, Bones, resided. Kagami had no desire to meet said King, but if he had been so gracious enough to allow the denizens of Grosugr shelter there would be no complaints from his lips. A glare creased his newly formed scar, and blue eyes searched the faces of those he'd been traveling with. It seemed for now that they would be safe--and for a moment, he caught the sight of the Priestess herself. A bit of relief washed over him then, glad to see she seemed as stalwart as ever, even in these trying times.

As he passed her, the stag gave a bob of his head as if to greet her silently. Onward he went, into the crowd of those who had gathered to shuffle back toward the entrance to stand guard with a few of the warriors.


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davaros arud

down the rivers of the windfall light

That eerie conjuration that called himself king (and Davaros did not argue against him) had sent ravens encouraging all Vromme denizens to Eng. Together, they were to wade out the storm. What was the phrase? Huddle for warmth? Well... as much as the jade and stonewash stag wished to chase after Higurashi Kagura, his sweet, sunset lily, the one person who had come strikingly forward and consumed Davaros' attention was his childhood friend. He hadn't seen Maura in some time - their meetings had grown foreign in his wanderings and move to Grosugr, but as the snows hiked up his carapaced legs he found his heart swelling with fear - fear that that blind mare might slip into one of the frozen bogs and never resurface. So as the people of Grosugr ran south with the urging of their priestess, Dav offered her one final glance through the haze of slate snow, disappearing into the raging, icy winds.

While others dug deep into the borders of Eng in groups, Davaros skirted through the labyrinth of rivers and ponds. He'd been raised here. Every inch of Vromme was as familiar to him as the threads of viridian at his tail. But it would have been a farce to say that trepidation did not swim in him like frenzied school fish. With every cautious but strong step (he was surprised by himself, astonished at the strength he could command for those he cared about) Davaros prayed to the spirits of the waters below to not take him. The edges of his shimmering plates laced with frost that seemed to pierce through into his core. Every muscle in his long legs trembled as they forged a path through the climbing feet of snow. At times, the only forward motion he found was with rears and leaps, or brutish plunges of his brass antlers into the belly of the snowfall. But it weighed heavy, so heavy, as he stepped unknowingly close to a hidden bog, Davaros considered himself foolish. But finally, through the winds, he could smell her. "Maura!", he called, his voice raspy but releasing with a brume of stolen steam and a roar regardless.

- - -

The only way now was to the king - towards the heart of Eng. Maura in tow, the kirin stud pushed toward again. The trick with his horns - albeit frigidly cold - had worked. Typically a man of peace, the scholarly male wagered that his nature wouldn't diminish as his brass hooves struck at the icy layers that cut his cannons. Tined points, lustrous still despite the melancholy wash over Vromme, pierced and shoveled for easier purchase until finally, lungs screaming for air that didn't sting, his emerald eyes squinted through the near white-out and spied it. A construct left from an ancient time stood not a good arrow's shot from them, but more importantly were the obvious collection of bodies. Heaving pants raked through his nostrils, rapid and labored. As quickly as his body sweat it froze, hardening his grey pelt with what felt like needles on his skin. There was another fleeting moment that he thought there was no way he could forge their path on. They had been lucky enough not to crack through hidden ice, but now his limbs were failing him. Despite wanting to move forward, dig just a little farther, his legs shook and trembled just holding his weight. "Maura," he panted, nape swinging low but 'round to look at her. "Maura- it is just ahead. We're almost there. You just have to go straight - I need - to - take a moment." Each word left his lip that were uncomfortably dry, and the chill made his teeth ache. Even together... could they survive?

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I rise with the moon.

Maura didn't have to hear the king's message to know something was inherently wrong. Though the kirin lacked any eyesight at all, her other senses told her something was amiss. Her hearing told her the wildlife was gone, moving far away from whatever plague had descended upon the south. She followed them as well as her ears could follow. Determined, Maura was not about to let herself freeze to death. She figured she was heading in the right direction when the snowy ground began to slowly incline, though it did not make her footing any less perilous. A slip on a good day was bad enough - but to fall in this weather? The possibilities made the mare shiver.

The higher ground meant she was heading to the Highlands, right? She thought so, at least. Normally for treks across Vromme, Davaros would help guide her so Maura would not get lost. The grey kirin paused in her trek, swiveling her head about uselessly upon realizing Davaros wasn't with her. She certainly hadn't stumbled across him yet, so where could he be? This was very unlike him. A frown tugged at Maura's lips as she turned, abandoning her path to find Davaros. She knew he would likely chastise her for not finding safety, but she could deal with that later when they were safe and warm.

It took time, but she found him calling for her. His voice drew her to him like a moth to a flame. Somehow she was able to get to him without further endangering herself, and together they set off once more to safety. The smaller, more rotund mare stuck close to Davaros's side along the way. If she was not shoulder to shoulder with him, she hung back so that some part of her touched his hip to guide so that his steps could guide her way. The wind grew colder and inexplicably harsher as they walked; the sting of it forcing Maura's clouded eyes to squint or remain shut all together to protect the useless orbs from the cold. She could feel his body grow more tired as they grew closer - certainly they had to be close! The grey kirin's nostrils flared as her brow furrowed, incensed by Davaros's self-sacrificing nature.

"Oi, c'mon now. We're not far, right?" To be fair, she had no idea just how far or how close they were to the others. She could smell them on the icy wind and hear their hushed whispers, though. That was enough. Her ash grey muzzle follows the jade scales along his shoulders and neck to draw herself closer to him, careful to avoid catching him with her own obsidian growths. With a gentle nudge, her cloudy eyes stare at what she assumes to be his face. "Just lean on me and I'll keep us moving. Just tell me if I'm about to walk us into a bog or somethin', yeah?" she asks, though there isn't any room for him to argue with her. Especially if he saw the stubborn set of her jaw as her cloudy gaze dropped back to the invisible path before her.

After all, he would never abandon her to the elements - so how could Maura leave him behind? He was her only family left in this world.

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give me your hand in flesh, give me your hand in death

Independence wasn't always the optimal solution. LaLaurie had elected to ignore their sovereign's push to act as a single unit, a tight and family knit group. The idea of calling these strangers family left a bitter taste on her tongue and conjured memories that no matter how close she held them dear only soured her mood. Riftmarch had burned with the Strandings, with her child, with her husband... well, almost. Jakob's black motes hovered over her, turning over themselves with a rotation LaLaurie wasn't entirely sure how to perceive. Watching them made her head swim, so she was forced to turn away from the spirit of her fallen beloved, a steam riddled sigh on her lips as she lowered her visage. Rump to the icy winds that swept through the holdings, LaLaurie's defiant and stubborn nature had settled her on the outskirts of Vromme, but now it seemed that her desires had only placed her into a precarious situation.

Steely clouds impregnated the sky and blocked out the sun. What rivers and pools had offered them drink hid beneath layers of ice and accumulating snow. Black lashes fluttered as more steam rose from her nares, only for them to be ripped in the increasingly sharp winds, as LaLaurie attempted to squint through the deepening snowfall. What a wretched place... Winter wasn't necessarily a season she'd ever witnessed. Dustings only ever frosted Riftmarch and the biome melted it in a matter of hours. Frost, ice, and frigidity wasn't something that the bald mare had ever experienced so her thin pelt and wiry frame were hardly equipped to war the storm. The gossamer fabric wrapped around her neck threatened to loosen and fly away, but she arched her nape tightly into her chest and kept it and the gilt necklace in place. Jakob's motes - unaffected by the wind - slipped from the atmosphere above her and hovered at her cannons, where the snow had built up in her resolute fight. He intermingled with the long tresses of ink and alabster that whipped through her legs, tangling and snaring with the tassel and toil. Opening her gaze only long enough to spy Jakob at her hooves, her slightly curved audits pinned along her bare nape as she buried her muzzle deeper into her chest.

She would have cursed, but the wind would have stolen that too.

LaLaurie would have been content to die in the blizzard. Her mind had been made up - she had decided in her soul that she needed no one else besides her own person and the remaining, lingering soul of Jakob. Together - always - they would persevere through any trial and she solidified such an ideal as trepidation slowly bubbled in her chest. But her husband felt it too, and the once-dwarf-stallion wasn't as fool hardy as his living wife. He buzzed like static, weaving over himself in an entrancing pattern that the hazelnut and obsidian mare missed as another harsh zephyr pummeled her back and her lids clasped tighter together in a physical manifestation of her resistance. Only once it died down (if one could describe the wind that day with those terms), her liquid umber eyes fractured a sliver so that she could peer at her submerged hooves and the spirit that lingered with her. Icy snow pierced and pelleted her back, dampening her pelt at the bottom most layer but built on top of itself with each lapsing minute. Jakob buzzed still, a tendril of black specks reaching up and tenderly caressing the left of her muzzle (but she could not feel it). Was he scared? She wondered if she should have been - or should be. Finally her fear breaks through the binds and chains she had imprisoned it with, and the first of a frightened gulp slips down her throat. What will become of me?

Just as provoking thoughts of joining her husband in death began to percolate in her mind, the hideous cry of a raven somehow managed to overcome the howling winds. Her visage snapped up, though she dared not raise it higher than her withers, and her gilt chocolate gaze strained to see the avian. Three eyed and words on its lips, it bid her warning and demands from that skeletal sovereign she had been refusing to abide only hours earlier. It was a royal summons, but not one of leisure nor court... but of survival. Below the obsidian, alabaster, umber, and hazel coloration of her visage her teeth ground in irate but pensive consideration. Did she want to die? If she did, she would join Jakob - perhaps feel his touch again. The raven disappeared back into the white out, a beast as enigmatic and mysterious as the realm it called home, leaving her to weigh just how much she valued herself and her life. As another tearing wind threatened the topple her thin conformation over, she tossed another glance to Jakob. He'd manifested in an illusion of his once true self, and despite not having eyes she knew he was staring at her expectantly. Snow ripped through him - because he was there, but not really there - as he stood there undamaged and unfeeling in the storm, but LaLaurie very much felt the icy jabs. What would he have thought of her if she just gave up now? If she relented to the dark and permanent embrace of death?

- - -

By time the remenants of the building peaked through the storm, LaLaurie was fatigued but determined to see herself through the archways. She'd crawled through the snow long enough that her legs shook, but every time they had threatened not to lift again Jakob appeared before her, standing perfectly weightless atop the snow, muzzle down and silently encouraging. Of course he'd have chosen life while she would have been all the happier to have let her vision slowly fade to black and relinquish feeling. At least she wouldn't hurt anymore... but the disappointment he'd have for her by willingly going after so much sacrifice was what she truly feared. So she fought. Stumbling towards the weathered stone, she tossed a glance back over her shoulder and squinted through the wind. Two equine were out in the storm still, waging through their own fatigue. But there was no way she could save them - she could hardly save herself. Tripping over her own apricot hooves, LaLaurie finally managed to break the threshold and stagger into the tight confines of this building's husk. The ramparts and (mostly broken) windows whistled and hissed with the thrashing of the wind, but the walls that somehow managed against the storm kept most of the elements at bay. Children and their mothers huddled in the corners while guards stood as temporary barriers between them and what cold did slip in. Some faces she recognized, others were strangers. Jakob lopped awkwardly past, a phantom of motes almost indiscernible in the depth of shadow.

Every corner had been taken, the Vromme people huddling together for warmth. The idea made her skin prickle, but what snow had yet to melt there was an icy reminder it was unity or death. Unity. She tossed another glance outwards, turning to some guards, the skeletal Bones propped along the wall, and any other Vromme partisan who hadn't been beaten to exhaustion by the storm. "Outside-" her voice rasped through ragged, labored breaths. She hadn't even realized how tired she had been. "There are two more outside, I cannot help them."

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The bitter winds whipped across Bones, tugging the few sparse hairs that rested at the end of his tailbone in every direction. While the bones of the old building was of some assistance from the icy hell that plagued them, he was not foolish enough to think it was all they needed. No. They needed more. More protection. More warmth. While he could not assist directly in the need of body warmth, protection was something he was able to do. And what he had to do. Bones had staked his claim, albeit unknowingly, upon the lands of Vromme and defeated the challenger. It was now his duty. His life. Ironic that he had promised to protect them with a life that was not even truly his to begin with. Despite that, Bones would fight tooth and nail until he was nothing more than dust.

One by one members of Vromme trickled in. He observed them all with his ever-glowing "eye," giving each a nod. He did not speak for a time, instead conserving his energy for when he would need it. He knew he would need it. He would need all of it. The sovereign pushed himself off from the wall, turning his gaze upon the group again. Their own body warmth would assist each other. He did not require the same so he stayed back, instead encouraging them all with a flick of his orb to stay together.

"Outside-" LaLaurie's words cut through his thoughts and the misfit king turned to face her, jaw clicking softly and bones rattling as he drew closer. ""There are two more outside, I cannot help them." The skeletal beast's neck drew into a straight line, an unnatural angle that would have been impossible had he been a man of flesh. "Safety," he encouraged her, bobbing his head closer into the remnants of a building. Turning his attention to a gap in the wall he strode forward.

He could see them. The orb began to glow brighter, like a beacon in the swirling white. It flickered slightly as Bones began to concentrate on his arcana. Pedal bones forced themselves deeper into the treacherous ice, despite the way it scratched and clawed at him. He had no thought for himself at this moment. Parts of him were far more replaceable than his citizens. Concentrating on the task at hand, Bones dipped his head. The ice below him began to split, cracks forming on the frozen ice. Darkness poured from it, gasping cries muffled from beneath. "Thaaaank yoooou," he whispered though it was nearly lost on the wind as two minions appeared from the earth beneath. Long limbs stretched from the cracked ice as they pulled themselves up. One, a heavier build with mattered feathers around what was left of it's legs. The second was more narrow with a single eye, the other lost somewhere to the hells beneath.

They rasped as what little breath they had been granted fell from their lips, bones aching and creaking as they moved forward. Striding forward the two creatures moved toward the kirins making their way toward the sovereign and members of Vromme. As they drew closer, Bones' own deep voice rang out. "Follloooow my vooooice," he called out as his orb began to glow brighter, casting dark shadows across the lines of his skull. Though this use of his magic was not all he would do. There was more than just the two horses beneath them.

"Make it whole to save their souls." The orb flickered momentarily again as he thanked the deceased again, albeit wordlessly this time. Bones began to pull themselves up from beneath, knitting together, both large and small. The walls grew and expanded to cover the gaps in the wall they already had, though the gap he stood at remained open for more to enter. As if magnetized by some unseen force the bones reinforced what was already there, hooking into the stone of the building. Bones would remain ever vigil.

He would save them.

ooc: bones called up some minions to go for dav and maura, and anyone else who comes and needs them. they'll do whatever they can to help! then he used his bone wall ability to close them off from the wind. it does not give them a full ceiling nor will it be able to stay up forever.

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Higurashi was not idle upon entering the shelter where the cold and shivering were gathered. One by one she passed among the weakest of their ranks, seeking out the very young, very old, or the sick and frail among them. With each, she paused for some soft words, a gentle touch, and occasionally a prayer, leaving behind a trail of calm and peace in her wake. Neither the ominous skies nor the frigid snowfall seemed able to shake the serenity from her smile, an infectious faith that attracted the frightened and anxious to her side like moths to a flame.

The one thing that did make her falter, however, proved to be the arrival of LaLaurie. Ever vigilant in watching the trickle of new arrivals, which had now slowed to almost nothing as the storm steadily worsened, the priestess's attention was snapped up by LaLaurie bursting in, and more importantly by the words that tumbled from her lips. Two more, caught outside? A murmur of disquiet rippled through their ranks. To struggle through this deep freeze without help was a death sentence, something that few here did not grasp. First to leap into action was Bones, summoning his undead minions from the earth and sending them shambling out into the frigid night. They, who were unburdened by cold, weariness, or even mortality, were clearly the best choices for such a task. The others, however, shifted uneasily as the choice weighed upon them: should anyone follow after to try and help? The safety and relative warmth of the stronghold was hard to quit.

The sunset priestess, suddenly fallen silent, shouldered her way through the herd as they murmured among themselves, pressing forward until she stood next to Kagami's stoic frame standing guard at the entrance. Here, she stared hard out into the darkness. Snowfall, thick and pale against the black of stormy night, and the quickly disappearing figures of the king's minions - these were all she could see from where she stood. Urgently, Higurashi closed her eyes and whispered a hurried prayer, and momentarily a light blossomed into being above their heads, a wavering but steady beacon that spilled a golden aura onto the surrounding hillside. Although nowhere bright enough to penetrate the suffocating darkness all around, its light gave just enough illumination to make out shadowy figures struggling through the snow.

"Davaros!" Higurashi cried out suddenly, and like a spring loosed from its coil she plunged headfirst into the storm - the little faerie light winked out of existence. Kagura gasped as the frozen air hit her lungs like a million small knives, the frost forming on her lips and eyelashes within seconds, but doggedly she plowed on, almost swimming now in the snow as she struggled towards that glint of gold and jade. "Davaros!" she called out again, her voice sounding so thin in the winter's wind. Vaguely, to her left and right, she could see Bones' risen dead making their way in the same direction, and their carved paths through the snow eased her own passage. Finally she was at his side again, pressing against him whether for warmth or maybe just for a sense of security that he was there and alive - she had neither the time nor the breath to spare on words. Urgently, she pressed onward back the way she had come, stubbornly keeping pace with her gold-crowned lover and his dapple grey companion - Maura, she assumed, of whom he had spoken briefly before. She would see them both safely behind walls and in the company of the herd before she rested.

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