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Something stirs from the underbelly of the Wastes, and it is not something that can be defeated. A rumbling, guttural resonance is heard for miles across the desert, and into the heart of the northern-most Frekr Oasis. In the beginning, the cloud of sand and debris can be seen looming in the distance. By nightfall the oasis will be engulfed and clinging to life. The once blistering sun is sheathed in sand, and the heat is replaced with blistering cold. Paired with the roaring wind and unclean air, the East is in disaster.

Days are no longer distinguishable from the nights, and those that do not seek shelter within the Oasis will surely perish beneath the crushing shifting sands within the desert. Vetr is nearly inhabitable, as the sands seem to swallow anything that it can catch. The sands will cause coughing and wheezing to any that do not take shelter or the proper precautions. Death will not be uncommon to smaller animals that walk the desert.

Those that do not seek shelter within the oasis may find themselves on the cusp of the Skali Mountains and the Vulkan lands. The sands reach just above the base, but any who brave the elements and climb may find a sliver of solid ground if the lava does not find them first. These lands will be treacherous to navigate in the dusky glow from the lava. Slipping and falling under unsure footing from the loose sand particles would be fatal.

As the sandstorm moves into the southern regions the oasis will open up to show the damages done. It will be depleted of most resources for a time. Grasses will be buried beneath the benevolent dunes and must be dug for. The sweet oasis water will be murky for some time; erosion has taken a toll on the size of the watering hole, but not by much. Some plant life will perish from their roots being exposed to the elements, and shade from the sun will be limited for quite some time.

In the desert, the terrain has changed. Dunes are larger and more dangerous to trek, and footing will be hard to determine even for the most weathered Exile. As a last hoorah, the Wastes will also be prone to biological warfare from the upheaval of sand. Disease and virus spores will blow in from the foreign Slidr River Valley where some Exiles have never wandered before. This will bring a new wave of challenge for the already unlucky.

Only the strong will survive.

Something is happening! A sandstorm is raging across the Vetr Wasteland and Frekr Oasis! All participants who wish to react to the most recent climatic moment of the Wastes may tag their threads with 'Event'. React as a group, or individual party, it is up to you!

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