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"Wolf of the Sea"

The sight of the bodies had been too much for him as of late.

And so, without needing much guidance, the sea-wolf found his way back to the lake in which he'd been trapped in for far too long. But even here, Vintr had begun to rake its icy claws against the Valley. How long would it be before Slidr Lake would be like the glaciers floating in the seas to the north? How long would it take for the trees to freeze and lack any color save for the bark on their trunks? He had to wonder if only to keep his mind from wandering back to the corpse-littered beach.

Battered and bruised as he was, Nat welcomed the change of water. The salt constantly stung but here it felt just a tad bit warmer, just a tad bit comforting. Here he didn't have to keep an eye out for anything that sought to pick him off in his weakened state. Here, he could rest. Knees were scabbed over from his attempted to climb ashore, the underside of his elongated body scraped and scratched. The occasional sharp turn broke open the healing skins, and blood sometimes trailed behind him in dark murky clouds.

Despite his efforts, the sound of Fenrir's howls was hard to forget. Espen, the Bear God, slaughtered by the Wolf. Nat wondered if his kin, wherever they might be, felt the ripple when it happened. Did they care? His brother likely didn't. He had always been a purist, rejecting the world for what it did to some long useless ancestor.

He found himself sailing to the top of the lake, head breaching the water as nostrils sprayed water in a gust of air. He drew in the air and tasted winter upon it, and a fear crept into him. Would the Wolf snuff them all out? Frozen in the homes they'd shared? Would nothing survive with the balance of power interrupted in such a brutal manner? Nat loved the cold, make no mistake of that, but he also knew the value of balance in a cycle. Good, evil; nature, manufactured. Life and death. Take one out and all you have left is chaos.

Name: Natsilane
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Item(s): Arcana Endowment
Requirements: 5 posts

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be swift!

Plagued was this hippocampus' heart. The Valley could feel it on him. It needn't the ability to understand the furrow of his brow nor the upturned arch of his lips to understand that melancholy (and perhaps a bit of fear?) had hooked its claws into the stallion's heart and intended to roost there until bid away. Pathetic fallacy was all around him: from the darkened depths of the lake, murky and threatening, to the dull grey that seemed to shroud the terrestrial world. And there was the stag, a buoy lost at lake, bobbing in the minimal waves that the mountain gales swept to life. Somber, almost derelict, the Slidr Lake seemed almost hallowed.

A sharp pain kissed the male's knees where the flesh was sore and fresh, and when sights turned to witness the culprit a strange creature wrung its small hands together. It was otter-like in appearance, with a sharp spined frill down the dorsal. The little things water resistant fur was a deep slate, offering decent camouflage if it had been hiding along his peripheral while submerged. Two beady, bright eyes of chartreuse that seemed to float on its dark masked face. It tilted its head at the hippocampus, using its webbed paws to inch closer. Not far from Natsilane it lingered, staring at him, before lightning seemed to fuel the wee thing and it jettisoned forward, nipping at his bleeding knees again, before darting off before the orca-esque male could land a blow. It chirped, the sound distorted by their watery world, and circled him.

Something is happening! Natsilane has initiated his Arcana Endowment quest! A strange otter creature seems to have taken a fancy to you... and it doesn't seem like it will be leaving any time soon. How will you dispel the pest?

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so close!

Unfortunately Natsilane has not responded in the appropriate time frame. Your Arcana Endowment has been removed. Better luck next time!

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