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"Wolf of the Sea"

One by one, the soldiers left as did the wolves leaving only the broken cold corpses of the heroically fallen. A silence rang in the air as he had retreated to the depths to heal, poignant once Nat returned to the surface. Dragging himself upon onto a patch of broken ice, the stallion let the pink fleshy tongue between his teeth lick what wounds he could reach. The cold and the salt felt good despite the latter's burn. Snow fell in thick clumps, washed away on the sea but burying the bodies of wolf and horse alike. Rotting stench crept along the surface, poisoning the air with the smell of faint decay. He imagined it would have been worse in the heat, but alas, Natislane felt sorry for those upon the shore.

Day in and day out, he would return to the surface and stare at the bodies. The sounds of the battle rang loud in his head; wolves howling, the tumble beneath the surface, the priestess and her guard. And the fallen, forgotten on this godforsaken shore without a proper burial. Nat knows what it is like to be just that; forgotten. And the thought sparks a fire in him he cannot deny. He would not let these men and women be as such.

His body was heavy outside of the weightless sea. Front hooves, black as slate, began to drag the blubbery body of Natsilane forward. The rocks and coarse sand scratched and cut at his already bruised and healing hide. Pale eyes were fixated on the few closest to the water as he managed to get himself within range to inspect the cadavers. Metal was torn by claws of equal toughness, and their bodies were missing limbs or chunks of flesh. Bone stuck out from a select few. Scavenger birds cawed and gawked from the few sparse trees just a stone's throw away.

The soldier closest to him bore a symbol he hadn't seen in so long; upon his tattered armor, there was the broken sigil of House Tryggr. For a long, quiet moment Natsilane found himself staring at it--as if it were hypnotic in nature. He thought back to his brother's dirty cloak, his mother's vibrant descriptions of his family's life long before their exile. Reaching out his neck, the tender muzzle of Nat brushed against it with delicacy. How long had he wished to see that hold with his own eyes?

Front hooves clamored and scratched, dragging his body further from the sea it was meant to inhabit. Using the telekinetic power he'd been given, he found himself shutting the wide eyes---eyes stuck forever in fear in those final moment's of the lad's life--shut. "I'm sorry it had to be this way, brother" he muttered. "May you find peace and rest in the afterlife." Nat turned and gazed once more upon the frozen shore; bodies, as far as he could see, dotting the blackened sands. It made his stomach churn, and an anger burn in his chest like never before.

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"Guardian-han." The voice was the same, the nickname the same as the one given half in jest what felt like so long ago, but the muted, somber tone couldn't have been more different.

Higurashi approached almost soundlessly, the limp in her step muffled in the thick snow. Although she walked now without great effort, the pink scars on her left hind shaped conspicuously like a wolf's jaw were clearly fresh. Visually they marred the violet and crimson canvas of her sunset-styled hide, but the true scars were not so obviously presented. They were evident instead in the sadness of her gaze as she took in the cold, rotting carnage left behind, the heartbreaking scene of the hippocampus painfully dragging himself out of the water to close a fallen soldier's eyes.

"I much preferred it when you guarded the peaceful shores of Slidr Lake," she murmured, a wry, humorless smile turning up one corner of her lips. Just as quickly though it faded, as she eyed the still-healing wounds that he himself sported as evidence of his efforts in the battle. Silently, without aplomb, the priestess dipped her head in a deep, rather formal bow, maintaining it just a few moments longer than usual for the gravity of the situation. "Thank you," Higurashi said, her sweet voice uncharacteristically taut with emotion despite the careful serenity of her visage. "Thank you for fighting on behalf of Espen the protector, for suffering injury on his behalf. Thank you for looking after me that day, even when you were fighting for your own life. Thank you for being here for the honorable dead, when others have abandoned their remains." Raising her head, the priestess looked away from the soldier at her hooves and looked out in dismay over the others, repulsed and saddened in equal measure at the decay, the death, the loneliness here on this frozen shore. She couldn't believe that the bodies of the fallen had been left here in such a careless fashion - in her own custom, an honorable burial or cremation at least would be performed, along with purification rites and perhaps a shrine erected to appease their spirits and commemorate their sacrifice. She had returned to this site as soon as she felt safe to travel alone again, but she had expected to find the bodies removed by now, not this frozen carnage.

"We cannot bring them all home," she murmured sadly, as much to herself as to the only other living soul in the desecrated battlefield. "I will do what I can to purify this tainted land and bring peace to their spirits. Will you help me, Guardian-han?"

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