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The mountains, of course it was the mountains. Andante, a strange, but friendly face was all too kind in inviting him a warmer place to stay the night, but this is not at all what he had in mind. The mountains were certainly blanketed in their own harsh cold and the choice of residency and it's charms were, for the moment, lost on him. Still, it couldn't possibly be any worse than being left to freeze out in the cold from his own stupid mistakes. He'd flown much of the distance from the lake he first arrived near and came to land as the mountainous terrain began lift and raise higher into the sky. "Is this really the right place?" He sighed to himself, amethyst eyes lifted to the sky in uncertainty. Slowly, he lifted his wings, unsure. The gusts of wind just over the tree tops was unkind enough as it was, but trying to fly up through such a thing was even more dangerous. Lirr was a strong flier, sure, use to traveling long distances, but he usually flew over the clouds and tried to avoid the harshness of the weather when he could help it. His long feathers dipped into the snow before a strong gust of wind pressed against him, forcing them open and pushing him back partially. Any hopes of flying up the mountain were quickly dashed with that he tucked them at his sides quite tight, afraid to catch another gust under his wings in the process of climbing such a thing.

The dark curls that draped off the end of his tail drug through the snow accumulating on the ground, leaving a strange trail in his wake as he began the impending climb to what he hoped would be a more welcoming shelter from the brash weather. The further he climbs, the further he felt the air inch deep into his bones, his skin aching as it stung from the constant beating of wind and snow against him, unrelenting in it's abuse against his dark hide. His choice in climbing was seeming more and more bleak the further he went, the footing becoming more uncertain before he finally took a wrong step, unsure in the mess of white that was hindering his vision. Surprised at the his footing suddenly breaking away beneath him, Lirr spilled over the side, opening his wings to catch himself, a movement of sheer instinct as they splayed out and pushed him up into the air only to have the wind beat him back against the side of the mountain. He yelled out a loud curse from the pained collision. But continued on, flinging himself out over the side and away a short distance from the rocky terrain. He began to ascend through the air, the wind still shoving him every which direction, but making his way towards his destination in a faster, albeit more unstable way.

Higher and higher he went before he finally saw something, an opening in the side of the mountain. Surely that had to be it! With the outcropping in sight, Lirr was coming in for a not so gentle landing. "LOOK OUT!" He shouted to any and all who may find themselves near by as the wind tried to through him off course once again and nearly succeeded. His face was pulled back and contorted in a face of shock and fear as he stretched his front legs out first to catch himself on the stone floor of the outcrop. Exploding in, he skidded on the ground, nearly losing his footing and colliding with the ground. He stood there, a bit surprised at the success of it, even with the intense lack of grace and subtly he displayed. Frozen in the strange pose, back wings still spread full open, large wings still mostly open, drooping towards the ground as his sides heaved, the once elegant, thick drapes of curls a frizzy mess from all whole affair. His eyes looked up and around, letting out a soft cough as he looked to see, hoping no one had seen the whole shebockle. Slowly, he straightened himself back up, tucking his wings away, but was left unaware of the disarray his mane was in which would surely only unravel him further had he known.
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The vampire was quietly milling around Berg-Risi, taking in all that his new house had to offer. Occasionally, when something or someone would catch his interest, he would wander over to get a better look, obsidian enclosed eyes sharp with critical examination. He gave a nod of his head to fellow Tryggrs as they passed him by, though he met few as most were currently hunkered down, waiting out the fierce wind storm that had suddenly swept in. Facing away from the heavy gales, Vladius kept draconian wings tucked down tight against blush sides, lest he get flung clear off the mountain side.

Crown slightly lowered, he drew his chin back, a fruitless attempt to conserve body heat as winter cut through him like a knife. He shivered slightly, eyeing a nearby booth topped high with animal furs. A black bears pelt caught his attention, and he stared through the gaping holes where once sat hungry eyes. Unable to help the smirk that stretched chapped, fleshy pink lips, Vlad trudged through the knee-high snow drift over to the merchant’s stall. His legs kicked up high as he plowed his way, a clear trail left behind him as he went. Fangs glinting in the near-blinding light of winter peaks, his tongue began to work, "How much for the – "

Even above the howl of the wind, a strangled cry of warning reached the blush stallion’s ears. The warmth of a fur pelt forgotten, he reared, whirling around to face the direction of the call. A cliff face was separating him from whoever might have been the cause of such a commotion, but he didn’t need to see the equid to know that there was trouble afoot. From all corners, guards were darting forward, and orders were being shouted over the wind. Eyes widening in excitement, Vlad wasted no time in following after them. His gallop was slowed by the depth of the snow, but his strides were superior to his brethren. Overtaking them, he was one of the first to arch his body around the outcropping.

Like the gilted stallion before him, he too skidded to a halt.

Keratin slapping against the rock face harshly, he pawed at the stone floor beneath him aggressively, fangs bared. "Announce yourself before these men set themselves upon you!" The vampire called, his charcoal voice rising above the storm to meet the intruder. Rose opals flashing dangerously, Vlad reared his head back, roman nose bobbing as he signaled for the guards to hold their position at his heel, but he didn't actually care to look back and see if they had followed his instruction. Nares flaring wide as he gave a snort, he fixed the boy with narrowed eyes. The colt was disheveled, pitch tresses mused from a no doubt rough trip up the mountain.

Gaze wandering over his compact bodice curiously, Vlad wondered how anyone could have managed such a dangerous flight. "Do you know where you've wandered, boy? State you're business." He commanded the stranger, lips drawing into a thin line as he took in two separate pairs of wings and a leonine tail.

Lirr • Whoops

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Heavy breath clouded the air around his nose as he heaved from the harsh ascent through wind and snow. Like a pack of wolves and an injured deer, he'd been surrounded by hostility, bared teeth and enraged figures all eager to cast him back over the edge into the violent throws of the storm. He wasn't sure what was more surprising, the hostile greeting or the sheer number of horses that were even here. There was no mention of an entire herd as far as he could tell, and where was his new friend? Had he in fact invaded into the wrong place? His head was still lowered, keeping himself small an submissive for fear of giving them reason to attack. He cracked a nervous smile and took a step back towards the edge, much preferring to throw himself off than them throw him over minus a few chunks of himself. One in particular called the group to halt, but not to come to the damsel in distress' aid; not that he was by any means a damsel though the distress was real; He instead merely added on top of the confusion spreading through his mind. His focus on the pale stallion was quickly drawn to one feature in particular, his teeth. Again with the sharp teeth! It was like he'd been tossed to the dogs, each new face baring such a viscous bite and he KNEW IT! The very one that stopped the impending assault was bear such fangs his way, looking just as eager to tear into young Lirr.

To say that Lirr was composed under pressure was a gross overstatement despite his own telling otherwise. He looked around at each of the guards once more, his mind both racing and blank all at once. With so much going on, he struggled to form cohesive responses to the demands. He lifted his head slightly to speak, a harsh brush of wind pushing back against him, trying to press up under his wings again and forcing him to take a fumbling step forward. "Hey.... you." Good job, that's exactly how you diffuse a tense situation. "Sorry, didn't think that, I mean I just... Okay so I'm Lirr." He started rather ungracefully, rambling and fumbling, some parts heard to hear over the whistling of the wind. "I'm just uh, looking for a friend, he said I could come here? I think? Maybe? I might also be extremely lost which I'm starting to think might be the case."

Once he started speaking, it all came out like word vomit, anything and everything for the guards and passerby's alike. "But you know, it's incredibly cold outside, i'm sure someone has already frozen solid, don't know how I'm not frozen, but I met this like, nice, but kinda intimidating guy? I don't know, you might know him, he's kinda hard to miss." He hesitantly opened one wing to show how tall the mystery invitee was, but quickly pulled it back to his side when the wind once again shoved him. A small nervous laugh, trying to keep the situation light, at least not quite at the point of murder. "Ah, but uh. He's got like dark grey, charcoaly coat, and his hair is blindingly red, you can't miss him in the snow. But he's super pointy, has these silver spikes and antlers that look really heavy. Not sure if you know him or not, but that's who i'm looking for." Lirr didn't really bother to mention a name because if they couldn't remember an appearance as striking and odd as that, a name certainly won't make much difference. "Real young?" Lirr kind of braced himself, expecting them to jump him then and there with his strange ramblings of a silver gilt stranger. "I mean I can just go? It's just really cold and getting up here was not an easy task."

Vladius Andante
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Andante had taken his time on the way back to realm of tryggr and his personal home within berg-risi. The boy had even stopped to make a quick meal out of a hare he spotted dashing across the thin blanket of snow. With Fenrir's dire wolves eating up all of the game within the valley he had to take what he could get. His thin leonine tail whipped back and forth in agitation at the feeling of a cold gust brushing against his wolf grey hide. The weather was taking a turn for the worse and it would be a cold night no doubt. A heavy sigh fell from the boy's lips as he began the steep climb up the mountain side.

Rubine cloven hooves made short work of the rocky terrain, allowing him to move at a quicker pace. As the wind whipped and billowed it jostled the wavy locks of his garnet mane, blowing it in several directions. Gritting his teeth he continued his climb until he noticed a few of his guards galloping toward his throne. Andante paused for a moment, allowing his silver brows to come together and his visage to frown. What on earth was going on up in his personal quarters? Setting off at a quick pace the hellhound loped forward until he reached the thick of the crowd. Instantly the people of tryggr stepped to the side to allow room for their king, expressions softening for the boy but hardening again once looking in the direction of the stranger.

His expression was serious and hard as he walked through the crowd, crimson eyes landing upon the back of a familiar blush stallion. Vladious was normally a rather relaxed man, but to see him so riled only heightened the sense of urgency in the situation. A growl bubbled up within his lupine like vocals, further announcing his presence. He was ready to meet whoever this stranger was head on until he walked out from behind the pale vampire to see a frightened Lirr hunkered down near the edge. All manners of hostility melted from the hellhound's face and was instead painted with a smirk, ivory wolfish fangs presenting themselves.

When I said you could come to tryggr, I did not think you would invite yourself into the area of my throne. Although it is nice to see you've already been acquainted with everyone. Andante called over the howling wind the smirk adorning his lips never wavering. Turning half way around to face those behind him he spoke aloud. This is Lirr, he is our guest for the evening. The young king announced, pointing his chrome rack in the winged stallion's direction. His eyes then trailed over Vlad, giving the man a curt nod. That was an impressive stand off you had just now. Nice to know the kingdom is in good hands while I'm away.
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Berated by relentless zephyrs, Vlad held fast with leathery appendages well controlled at either side. The intruder struggled, however. Thrown forward, the obsidian stag appeared at a loss with what to do. A single roseate brow climbing as the boy fumbled for words, the vampire fixed him with a severe glare, but there was a twinkle of amusement there, hidden beneath hues of rose opal and crimson.

With the constant roar in his ears, it was hard for the blush stallion to hear most of what the young colt had to say, but he did manage to catch a name; Lirr. Head tilting to the side by a fraction, Vlad craned his neck forward, harks turning to catch whatever words they could before the wind carried them off. The guards at his back were all shuffling impatiently, awaiting instruction, but Vlad was neither their commander or a Jarl. He hadn’t cared that they follow his instruction earlier when they first ran upon the scene, but now, as they all looked to him for guidance, he couldn’t help but to draw himself up to his full height. Perhaps they respected him because of his feats in the battle against Fenrir, or maybe it was the budding friendship he shared with their king. Whatever the reason, Vlad wasn’t in any sort of haste to give question to it.

Out of the corner of his eye, he flashed the men a cautious look. His head shook slightly to deter their advance and his fangs flashed when two or more raised their voices, efficiently giving silence to their angst with a guttural hiss.

His attention quickly snapping back to Lirr at the mention of the Tryggr King, the blush stallion emitted a snort of disbelief. Not at the boy, but at the situation. Peach tresses slapping his flanks as he whirled his tail in annoyance, Vladius straightened. Head drawing back, he leered down at the boy, lips parting, You’re a fool to have flown up this mountain directly, windstorm or not. Next time, take the forest path through Brekka.” He warned harshly, hoping to instill caution.

When Andante himself parted the crowd to join them, Vlad had already admonished his aggressive stance and had the others doing much same. He was just preparing to send for the king himself when rose opals denoted a set of chrome antlers weaving their way towards him. A smirk playing at his fleshy pink lips, characteristic only to him, the vampire gave a short nod of acknowledgement. "There are no doubt men better equipped than I," he humbly admitted, though the emotion did not suit him. "I just happened to get here first."

Lirr Andante • OOC notes

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A flicker of recognition crossed the pale peach vampire's face, but he couldn't decipher weather it was a pleasant or fatal reaction to the description. However, it seemed they were backing down, albeit reluctantly. In an indirect way of standing down against Lirr's arrival, he offered him a rather passive aggressive bit of advise on venturing up the mountain next time. Information that he would have liked to be aware of prior to his violent ascent. That realization that he didn't have to traverse the side like a mountain goat or thrust himself upon the angry whims of the storm hit him as hard as the mountain did. His head rose and his brows furrowed, not in anger or defiance in them, but frustration as his lack of prior knowledge. "Wait, there's a PATH!?" He called out over the wind in disbelief. "He didn't tell me there was a path!" His gaze shifted from the one of vampirical persuasion to meet a familiar face parting through the gathered crowd. Perfect timing. "Andante, you didn't tell me there was a path, you just said the mountain!"

Lirr's sense of self preservation was over written for a time as he reeled from this. Perhaps if he wasn't so rash in finding the place, he could have looked for something like a path, but the cold wind had ebbed into his obsidian hide, etching a sense of urgency into him that ultimately thrust him into this situation. He stepped closer towards the only familiar face in the crowd, carefully skirting around to stay out of reach of his toothy aggressor. He paused and waited for Andante to finish addressing the group"You weren't exactly specific though and didn't mention an entire herd." His gaze shifted back and forth before each masculine figure, intimidating in stature as they stood over Lirr's far more feminine and frail figure. One of the words came back to him that had escaped Andante's sharp teeth. "Throne?" Slowly, the pieces began to fit together in his mind, ears slowly drooping as he finally understood the full extent of the situation. "YOU'RE A KING!?" He suddenly burst open in astonishment, eyes staring wide at Andante's crimson iris' before looking around and then muttering in a far more hushed whisper as the weight settled in. "I just broke into a kingdom." Lirr was nothing if not entertaining to observe, his natural dramatics bold and unintentionally over the top.

There was a heavy inhale as he whispered again "Oh no..."

Andante Vladius
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The boys head tilted slightly to the right as Lirr shouted about not knowing of a path to Tryggr's holdings. An amused huff billowed from his nares as another icy gale whipped through the gathered crowd, tussling the vibrant garnet mane that adorned his nape. If I recall correctly you did not ask. However, I had assumed you would have walked rather than flown in this gathering storm. I only mentioned the mountain as a notable landmark soyou would not get lost. Regardless, they could put the issue behind them now that his people knew not to harm the ebony winged stallion.

His hellish gaze shifted towards the taller man standing at his side, allowing a single silver eyebrow to raise. Although he had only know Vladius for a short time, humility was not something he often saw in the older male. However, he appreciated the notion nevertheless. It showed Andante a side of the vampire he had not seen yet. Which happened to continue to work in his favor time and time again. A faint smile drew across the hellhound's lips, giving a shallow nod of his head. Perhaps. But it takes a special individual to command these people. My kingsmen will not follow just anyone's orders.

Obsidian harks flickered back in Lirr's direction as he watched the older stallion carefully walk his way over to his side opposite of Vladius. Whatever had happened before his arrival must have really shaken the boy up. While he was proud of his men for doing so against an unknown threat, he felt a sliver of guilt seeing how timid Lirr looked right now. The outsider's words came swift and Andante followed up with a brief nod. I like to remain rather vague when outside the walls of Tryggr. The boy king murmured. His eyes squinted upon hearing the exclamation exploding from his maw however, ears pinning to help block some of the sudden shout.

Yes, He started off slow, leonine tail brushing against his hindquarters. But it is not as if you would have known without me inviting you here. I don't exactly make a show of announcing my titles. A delicate smirk spread across his lips as he gestured for both males to follow him. So, what was happening before all of this?
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‘Oh no’ is right… Vlad thought, though he said nothing as the gilted colt prattled on to the king of Tryggr. Blush harks burying themselves into the curling locks at his neck, the vampire resisted the urge to silence the boy, and rather than bare his fangs, he instead offered a thin-lipped smile, the previous amusement that had flickered in his eyes quick to fade.

Lingering behind as the other two stallions pressed ahead, Vlad arched a brow at the young king behind his back, wondering if perhaps, he was being much too lenient, but whether or not he felt this towards the outsider or for his own self, was unclear. “I hope I haven’t overstepped then your majesty.” Leather bound wings jostling as the vampire made a show of rearranging them once they'd all stepped outside of the storm's reach, the pegasus faced Andante. His words were sincere, yet his intentions - his motives - were something else entirely.

“As one might suspect, all was quiet. This storm has weathered most of your subjects from rising.” Vladius informed Dante, his head tilting back the way they'd come, vaguely gesturing to the howl being ushered in on the wind. “I was exploring the different shops here in your hold, browsing the winter selection, when this one,” his eyes lazily wandered to the colt, "came crashing in." His voice was dull and drab, his interest all but diminished as secretly, he'd been hoping for some type of scuffle or border dispute to have occurred.

Rose opals wandering back to crimson, "excuse me, your grace, but I am quite unaccustomed to the climate here and should like to get back to my hunt." Vladius bowed his head and awaited approval from the chrome stag before rising to meet Dante's fiery gaze once more, smirk in place as he remembered their first meeting. How long ago had it been now? A month? Perhaps longer. Either way, the Ambrosius gathering seemed like such a lifetime ago compared with everything the two of them had each faced during the time in between.

Nodding once, the draconian pegasus raised his pale crown and turned back to Dante's guest. "A pleasure," he said, brows rising in a quick gesture as his gravelly voice touched fleshy pink lips. He would have said more; threatened him not to cause any more trouble for them, perhaps. But the Tryggr King seemed to have already forgiven the boy. Another forced smile and then he was gone, disappearing beyond a cliff face into the think of Berg-Risi.

Lirr Andante • sorry for such a crap post you guys >.<

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Lirr's long leonine tale swaying behind him, thick curls of night brushing against the stone in a melodic motion. While he still seemed a bit rattled and weary, the familiar presence of Andante was enough to subside those pesky nerves. Even those small wings of his settled into stillness with the crowd's disperse. That's not to say he wasn't still flighty, but he trusted in the young king's words. He followed the pair, his weary gaze turning to curiosity as he ripped it from Vlad's pale visage and out onto the surroundings. Their fellow equine, the furs, even the landscape instilled a bit of curiosity in him. Perhaps there would be a much more inviting vision amidst the warmer seasons, but that was... who knows how long away. For the time, his mind wandered out past the horizon on images unseen and songs unheard until the newly antiquated voice of irritation scratched at his ears. They folded back, gazing up at Vlad a bit nervously as he seemed to be indirectly scolding him for literally crashing in. There was a flicker of guilt in his eyes as he turned his gaze from the blush vampire to the ground. However his head shot back up when he was leaving the pair, not out of relief, but surprise that he actually said it was a pleasure.

Perhaps it was merely a nicety, but the phrasing granted the obsidian feathered stallion a twinge of hope that the pair may indeed have a possibility of sharing a friendship, albeit a tense, awkward one. "Ah, yeah. Nice meeting you too?" It wasn't supposed to be a question. Why was it a question? He meant it as a goodbye but his own uncertainty leaked through his words and made him sound either unsure of their meeting or well, an a**hole. Maybe both? He smiled a bit awkwardly before tilting his head back towards the ground. Glancing up a head, he pranced forward a few paces to catch up and walk beside Andante rather than trailing behind. He leaned his head back up towards Andante, trying to speak to him quietly which, for an outsider to act to strangely familiar with a king to the others may be suspicious, but Lirr did not think of it as such. Andante was a friend before he was a king and thus, Lirr would treat him as such.

His eyes glanced back over Andante's back at the leaving blush stallion before he finally spoke. "Is it just me or is he as handsome as he is intimidating?" The look in his amethyst eyes was serious. He looked back at Andante, continuing on with his, not really gossip, but playful chatter. "I don't think he'd be all that interested in me though, seems like more of a lady killer." He admitted a tad disappointed that he had little to no chance with the very stallion that just about threw him off the side of a mountain.

Andante Vladius
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The boy's gaze trailed back over towards the blush colored vampire where he offered the male a miniscule shake of his head. Of course not. You did not do anything I wouldn't have done myself. He responded with a hint of reassurance leaking into his deep maturing tones. Was the stallion worried that he would have been punished for his actions? Truly he had nothing to worry about, he had a good head on his shoulders and that was what lead Andante to recruit him to begin with. Good help was hard to come by and was even harder to keep if they did not feel appreciated.

Obsidian harks pivoted forward, attentive to the knowledge spilling from Valdius' lips. He offered a brief nod, encouraging the stallion to keep going but his mind fleetingly lingered on the harsh weather. Storms and bad weather have been more frequent since the battle between Espen and Fenrir...I wonder if its connected. He murmured mostly to himself. The wolf god had caused so much chaos in the valley already that Andante wouldn't put it past him. At the mention of a hunt the boy nodded once more, knowing full the well the importance of such a thing. It also reminded him that he needed to partake in one himself some time soon.

I wish you a successful hunt, Vlad. The hellhound offered, a hint of a smirk tugging at his wolf grey lips. As the vampire slipped away his visage turned in the direction of Lirr. A single silver brow rose at the other boy's forwardness and he tossed another glance in the direction of Vladius' retreating form. Crimson returned to sapphire as a confused expression touched his features. I'm pretty sure it's just you. The young king shrugged his shoulders lightly as he continued on. I wouldn't know. But he has talked about eating girls, whatever that means. He added, recalling the conversation he had with the man the first time they met.
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He furrowed his brows, considering the words just spoken to him. Normally he'd laugh, taking such a phrase as 'eating girl's' as more of a joke about dating a lot of mares, but well, first they neither seemed the joking types. And two, those teeth! Both of these men had sharp teeth, granted, Andante seemed to have more of those angry chompers, but Vlad's were still nothing to sneeze at. He hope, dare I say prayed, for Andante to offer him some semblance of playfulness in that phrase, but there was none. He peered back over the king's back, vampire since disappeared into the cold, his face contorted into mild horror. "Oh no... I think he eats people..." He felt a bit more relieved now in Vladius' potential lack of interest though whose to say that wouldn't make him an easy meal. Glad was one of two this far that actually had wings besides himself so it's not as if he could simply fly away from him either.

He turned himself facing forward, forcing the knot in his throat down. "Is everyone in this frozen valley terrifying because I'm starting to think yes. At least the dragon lady was nice and liked dancing. The rest of this valley? Not so much." He sighed, letting himself relax again. At least for now at Andante's side, he felt safe that no vampires would attack him. Too many witnesses. Or at least for murder, though is there much of a difference? Maybe. Probably not.

Lirr sped up slightly into a bit of slower trot, starting to fall behind compared to the long legged walk of Andante. "Potential violent intents aside, I am curious what this place actually is? Cause I didn't realize I'd walked into a kingdom. Didn't quite realize there was one in this valley at all. Thought it was more of a free for all, I guess."

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