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"Breathe. Just breathe." Aurora chided herself internally as her own rasping breath reached her ears. Nothing in this world had prepared her for the Bifrost. Beaten and dirtied, the princess moves from the underground and blinked against the sunlight that now dappled the ground around her. Everything in her body ached-- including parts of the body she hadn't even known existed until they burned with exertion. Stumbling slightly the young mare moved toward a lake. Her eyes narrowed slightly, perhaps from exhaustion or happiness from seeing a water source. As she neared the crystalline waters, Aurora pulled the tattered, bloodied, and dirtied fabric from her shoulders and dropped it near the waters edge. Next she loosened the remaining braid of her tail, the thick and knotted tendrils unfurling and falling free. She cared not for the chill in the air at this very moment, with no concern for the kiss of winter.

Slowly she eased herself into the shallows, the water coming halfway up her chest. The icy water had the sting of winter though it eased her tired muscles in a way she hadn't been expecting. It was far different bathing here out in the open, and it was a strange feeling to her. Aurora was used to her private quarters and warmed water with maids to dutifully care for her pristine white locks. Now they merely floated through the water behind her, the knots becoming no less entangled. She frowned, a small sigh falling from her lips. "If only the crown prince could see me now," she spat under her breath, stomping a hoof beneath the surface of the water and created a small wave which crested against her body.

Though her anger dissipated after a moment as the realization that she had abandoned her country hit her again. A chill shuddered across her pale body and she dunked her head beneath the water, squeezing her eyes tight and willing it to all go away. She shouldn't have run. She should have shut her little mouth. She had wanted love like her parents...and he could not give that to her. Who is to say she had any right to abandon everything she was taught?

She resurfaced with a heaving breath, her mane slicked and following every line of her neck while her forelock clung to the sides of her face. Even waterlogged there was something elegant and enchanting about her. Though all Aurora cared about was getting clean, she felt dirty inside and out.

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He found himself coming here more often than he personally would have liked. To be perfectly honest the boy king should have been within the safety of his kingdom, watching over the realm and keeping an eye on his people. But he had some time to spare now that he had appointed Tywin to the position of Jarl. The glacier frosted man could no doubt hold the fort while he walked beyond the boarders of Tryggr. Perhaps he was here because he wished to see what was happening just outside of his house. There was a brief sense of peace over the valley right now, but for how long? When would the wolf god Fenrir decide to strike with his dire wolves once more?

An exasperated huff fell from the young lad's velveteen lips, his breath collecting in a silvery brume before him. The bite of winter had only grown worse as the days pressed on. So much so that it persuaded the boy to wear his new dire wolf cloak. The thick fur worked as an excellent buffer against the cold, sealing in warmth as he continued on his aimless trek. Before long andante found himself reaching the familiar lands of Slidr lake as he crested over the hill. There was a brief swallow as he lightly smacked his lips together at the sight of the crystal clear water. He had grown parched during his journey and now longed for a drink.

Rubine cloven hooves carried the young hellhound forward until the gift of the nymph's rang within his ears, causing the very flora around him to speak. A troubled woman lies up ahead. Aid her young king. Help her... The whispers echoed, within the realm of his mind. Ebony harks flattened against his crown as he continued to walk forth, crimson eyes scanning to area. He did not see anyone just yet, but he knew that the voice of forest was never wrong. Upon rounding the corner his critical stare landed upon an alabaster mare bathing alone within the frigid waters of the slidr lake.

Halting his gait he hesitated, surely she would not have wished to be interrupted during such an activity. But his mind could not push away the advice he had been given. A defeated look seemed to flicker across his visage briefly before he continued towards the waters edge. Passing the tattered and bloody shawl strewn across the ground he quickly glanced back at the lone woman. Ah, pardon me for intruding...But are you alright? You don't seem to be around from here. He offered, tipping his head slightly to one side. She had to have been a newcomer to the valley. The undeniable must of the bifrost clung to her pristine pelt and a hint of some other far away foreign land.
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