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"Will you say a prayer for my boy, Lady Priestess?"

Higurashi eyed the colt in question, barely half a year old, his mane and tail still bushy and his legs still spindly and frail-looking despite the thickening fluff of his winter down. He stared right back at her from his dam's side with a fearless fascination, ears twitching in curiosity as he took in the priestess's outlandish colors against the stark white landscape of winter. He had a boldness to him, she decided, a spirited little fire that burned in his chest, but his dam had reason to plead for divine blessing. The boy had clearly been born late in the year and was undersized even for his age, and it would be nothing short of a small miracle if this malefic winter did not snuff out his tiny flame.

"Certainly," Higurashi accepted readily with an easy smile, voicing none of her misgivings. Stepping forward to stand before the child, she bowed deeply to him, then bent her neck so that her muzzle just touched the top of his fuzzy head, long violet tresses cascading over one side and nearly shielding his small frame entirely. He trembled slightly, but to his credit stood his ground, which made his dam smile proudly in approval; she did not hear the soft whisper of the priestess's power quieting his apprehension. Closing her golden eyes, Higurashi began to recite an incantation of blessing and purification in her native tongue, the slow, song-like cadence and lilt combining with archaic wording to render it nearly incomprehensible to anyone untrained by her religious order.

如此宣らば 天津神は天磐戸を押披て天八重雲を伊豆の千別に千別て聞所食さむ
高山のいほり 短山のいほりを 掻別て聞所食さむ。


By the time she finished, the mare and her colt's eyes had nearly glazed over, the strange words and their meanings flying so far over their heads that the priestess could have been spouting complete gibberish without their knowledge. The original unabridged version, many times longer than what had been said, might have put them both to sleep entirely.  But even without comprehending, something about the ritualistic chant, or perhaps Lady Higurashi's mysterious spiritual power, made something akin to enlightened bliss swell within the mare's heart, soothing away all her cares and worries and replacing it with a calm reassurance that everything would be alright. "May you walk in the light of the gods," the sunset-styled lady finished in the common tongue spoken here, bowing once more to the colt and then to his dam. Heartened, the boy's mother thanked her prettily and departed with her child tucked close beside her.

As their silhouettes drifted into the whiteness, Higurashi's smile faded from her lips. Her jaw clenched and her eyes slid closed as her head drifted from its elegant posture, curling in on herself as she braced against the throb of a migraine that had plagued her for the whole day since she awoke in the morning. A soft groan escaped her throat in the silence of solitude, which trailed off in a shaky exhale as she re-opened her eyes with some effort. It was time to resume her original purpose here, to search for an herb that would hopefully alleviate some of her suffering during these episodes. Squinting against the almost-painful glare of sunlight on snow, Kagura summoned her strength again to search along the lake shore, scanning for the distinctively curled leaves of the herb among the rest of the dried undergrowth.

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