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be swift!

It seemed that the Slidr River Valley had more than one predator to fear. While the dire wolves made their return, feasting on the general prey of elk, boar, and rabbit, a different canine skulked into the hallowed forests of the snowy Herda Hillside. Where the excess waters drained and pooled in natural throughs along this uneven realm ice crystallized. Any fern or stalk brave enough to try and remain green through the autumn found itself encase with a thin film of freeze, backed by a thicker layer of heavy snow. The canopy above was of twisted, gnarled fingers extending from the grasping branches of the trees that had shed their coat of leaves. In Vinter the West was most eerie, a haunting place where shadows danced and each step was more precarious than the next.

But upon one of these frozen ponds massive paw prints traipsed, carrying a large lupine figure deep into the wood. The pads were large, the thick talons leaving distinctive marks before the meaty print, and at times it seemed that the snow yielded some to a great heat. Just what was this creature? A beast, cloaked in shadow and fire. Naveed prowled aimlessly through the trees, brought here by a mysterious desire to see, to be within the West. His path was clean, but also clearly misguided. He had no true understanding of his surroundings. So he continued, wandering with fire snapping at his dorsal, head low and searching, trying to find just what was pulling him here.

Something is happening! Andante has initiated his Living Myth taming quest! Your hellhound has come searching for you. Best track him down and find him!

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This winter was harsh, and it left Andante worrying over the wellbeing of his subjects that looked to him to keep them warm and safe during these trying times. There was much to be done to prep and store for against upcoming battle with nature egged on by the influences of Fenrir. Blizzards came more frequently and during the cold winter nights he could hear the occasional chorus of wolves howling victoriously, not doubt praising their massive wolf god of a father. A sneer painted itself across Andante's darkened visage, lengthy fangs flashing and catching what little light did filter seep through the canopy above.

With the surplus of dire wolves both bold and eagerly eating up all of the valley's resources, he feared there might not be enough fresh meat for the carnivorous denizens of Tryggr. It was a frustrating situation but it was one that he would not sit around and do nothing about. He would keep the mongrels at bay, prevent them from drawing near to his kingdom. An order to kill all wolves on sight had already been issued. If they were so inclined to gorge themselves then surely they would not mind if he returned the favor. A good dire could be used to provide many materials, mainly their pelts to keep warm.

Stalking out of the shadows the young boy king made his rounds, patrolling the perimeter of Tryggr. A steely brume of warm breath fluttered from his nostrils as he released a snort, pausing to survey his surroundings before loping into the realm of the herda hillside. He hoped to come across a meal to bring back to his people but instead the boy found himself stepping into the print of a truly massive animal. His whole limb seemed to almost stumble into the large print due to the sudden uneven layout. Glancing down he felt his brows rise with suspense as he analyzed the fresh track.

Lowering his visage the boy inhaled to breathe in the lingering scent of coal and fire. There's no way a dire could have grown to this size... He thought to himself somewhat doubtfully. With his harks falling back into the crimson of his mane he slowly followed the trail. He carefully pick his way through the trail until he came across a beast of a canine, with flame and black smoke wafting menacingly off its hide. Instantly the boy's garnet gaze widened at the monster but then steeled his resolve as he remembered that this thing was in fact within his kingdom. Not wanting it to venture any close to his people her called out to it, his adolescent voice strong and far reaching. Hey! What do you think you're doing here?! You better not be one of Fenrir's minions.
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be swift!

Sharp vocals demanded Naveed's attention, and the lumbering beast's fire lit eyes turned towards the youth that had managed to track him so easily. Over the shoulder the creature was impending; bone fragments peeked through obsidian fur and warm hearth fires bred in its ribs. Smoke leaked through the ossein, slippling through the tangle mess of tree limbs above in an evident reminder that some hellish creature skulked the wood. Massive paws drew the beast around, it's visage and stare deadpan despite the demonic aesthetic its hide produced. Snow melted in small rings around each step the canine took and his head hung low as he examined the garnet haired boy that had found him.

Slowly it moved closer and closer, a tongue slipping betwixt his teeth to lap hungrily at the hellhound's jowls. And still it inched closer, unafraid that the boy could see the advance, and obviously not altering his course. It came before Andante, massive in height and breadth, smoke billowing from the recesses of its ribs and fur so that it blanketed the near by snow and rubine hooves of the stallion in a thin veil of khol. The beast bore its ominous stare into the boy's own slit eyes, until finally its neck extended and reached out for him. The black tongue again slipped out and drug along the Tryggr King's jowl, careful of the horns, in an evident peace treaty. The hellhound chose the boy, and to him he was bonded.

Something is happening! Congratulations, Andante! You have tracked Naveed and he has chosen you has his partner. He is now your own.

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