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He dislodges easily, giving up the chase before he can inflict life alerting damage. A pity, for she longed to see how Caelian would save himself from the pointed ends of her shoulder plate. It was of little consequence, however, as she released him and left him to either make an impact or save himself from the ground. Her wings unfurled swooping away from the impact with the fluidity of an oft-practiced maneuver. Antiope climbs back up into the pale Vinter sky, allowing the distance to grow between them. Sure, she could have crashed with him, but to what goal? She had absolutely no intent on harming herself in a vain attempt to drive a metaphorical point home.

Antiope pivoted in the sky in time to catch the young stallion laying on his side, groaning in response to an injury her crimson gaze could not discern from her position in the sky. His roar of indignation as she took to the skies makes her snort. A pathetic display of rage. Antiope watched his body begin to spark with a disinterested expression, having already long grown tired of his childish tantrums. Her eyes squint against the flash of bright light as Caelian loses all control of his arcana, before blinking rapidly to right her vision from the bright display. As the light dissipated, she could make out the damage he had done to not only himself but also to the ground around him. A circle of ash and scarred earth formed a perfect ring around him. With an exasperated sigh, the pegasus began to return to the ground when it was clear he had spent the last of his energy on whatever that had been.

"Enough!" she ordered, her raspy voice thunderous as she touched down to the earth. The scarred warrior ignored the bites of pains along her frame as she landed, tucking her wings to her sides. Antiope could feel the hot flow of blood along her neck and face, but that was of little importance right now. She would clean her wounds later. "Enough. We are done here." She left no room for arguments, her crimson gaze aflame with some unknown emotion before it was quickly schooled behind a hardened mask. Turning away from Caelian sprawled upon the earth, she returns to where their fight began not too long ago - back to the rocky outpost. Grasping her weathered cloak, the pegasus gingerly flung it over her shoulders and back to drape around her frame haphazardly to ward off the glacial wind. Content she would not freeze to death, she turned back to Caelian, her expression still unreadable.

"I present you two options." Her words are neutral, no longer acidic or as biting as they had once been. Whether or not he, too, would come back down to reason and logic was yet to be seen. "First, you may choose to stay in Ambrosius, upon the condition of submitting completely to my reign. I'm not heartless - I'm sure you've got a few equines you're close to here. If you choose to remain here, you will be watched until I feel I can trust you. Should you be interested, I also offer sparring and other opportunities to better your skills. You didn't do half bad, kid, you just need some work." Her words are punctuated by the ghost of a smile, or what she assumed to be a reassuring gesture, though it was lopsided due to her already existing facial scars and the annoying pain along her eye.

Her momentary friendly expression sombers as a slight frown chases away the smile she once bore. "If I find you conspiring against me, engaging in nefarious activities, blatantly hostile, or breaking laws, you will be banished from all Ambrosius holds," Antiope continued as she took several steps towards Caelian, intent on making her point very clear. There is a pause, allowing the young stallion to ponder the first option she presented to him. "Your second option, if the first option is unacceptable, is that you shall no longer not call Ambrosius home. If you do not choose the first option, you can consider yourself banished from all Ambrosius holdings forthwith. If you choose this option or are otherwise banished from Ambrosius, I will not take trespassing kindly. I will have you exiled, should you trespass." There is a second pause, only long enough for a heartbeat or two, so that he may consider his two options. By now Antiope had slipped back into her indecipherable mask, her eyes shuttered from all emotion as she looked upon Caelian.


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notes: Very well done, Flur! I look forward to threading with you again in the future!

An important note: Antiope is offering Caelian to pick his own path.

Option #1: She is giving him the opportunity to stay if he chooses to on the condition that he will submit to her rule. Rather than just toss him out to the wolves, she is offering him to remain alongside anyone he may be close to and the chance to brush up on his skills.

Option #2: Or, if he chooses not to accept or attempts to attack Antiope, you can assume she banishes Caelian from Ambrosius. Those details are outlined in the dialogue above.

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