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And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had

One foot in front of another, one single, solitary rythym yawning over him like some consuming maw of darkness that reached- not quite into him- but around him, as though a final resting place. A death shroud. Blood-stained and battle torn, soaked in tears and hatred. A bygone ingredient in some hag's twisted spell. Nothing more than a memory, a shade of the past come forth to haunt the earth in his stead, wearing his face and bearing his name.

It cared not for his sharp edges and the brutal threat of his crushing hooves, nor the steel trap of his teeth, the thrash of his massive body in the throes of fury and some growing, seeping fear that crept in on him as a plague might; sickly and draining. Pain did not hinder it, and for that simple fact, Scorpio was powerless to stop it. The devil warrior had the bloodlust to fight any threat til his last roaring breath, but there was no fighting something you could not see... Could not touch. Touching it, indeed, may yet be his end.

The towering draft could hardly even feel his legs. The shadows were cold and numbing, making him weightless, drifting. He saw nought, heard nought but his own heartbeat and the ragged breaths that gushed in his chest. He remembered a battle, hos blood boiling with rage and the sweetness of violence, skulls cracking under his blows, the sickening crunch of his own bones beneath the weight of his adversaries, his throat tearing on a roar of animalistic rage- he remembered biting, being bitten, kicks and flails and crowding bodies spraying blood- his or theirs? There was no knowing. He remembered little after the call of war took him. Just a pulling, frigid blackness that had seemed to open beneath his very feet, severing him violently from the mortal plane and away from his battle, away from any semblance of earthly concerns. He could comprehend no explanation save the probablity that he had perished beneath the onslaught of so many foes- raiders from lands far past the mountains of Elysium- and that this emptiness that seemed to distort the mind and soul was nothing greater than his hellish punishment. His sins had been too numerous to count, and now... Those endless creatures of fire and brimstone had returned to take their due.

He tried to forget this as the panic crept into his bones, adrenaline making him sluggish, weary. Just sleep, a voice whispered. Sleep and fade away... There is no pain here. You can escape...
The voice was ancient, deep and rumbling, as if some haunting aria of history lulling him to something far older than the earth. Far colder. For a moment, he saw the allure, the sweet relief of nothingness. Forget all his past transgressions, the sins of the father, of the mother, of the son. He could almost feel himself breaking away from all that had been, all that would be. Just for the briefest moment.... But he couldn't. His instinct shied away from that voice, as only the need to survive could. He knew without knowing that he must not give in. He must fight.

The word was blow, hard as stone. What could he do but fight? Was that not what he had always done? It was useless to struggle, but there was solace in how his mind strengthened, aggressive and primitive, barring that voice from penetrating into his soul. Though his corporeal body felt a million miles away, he tried to move, escape the grip in which he was crushed. Something around him watched his determination, watched and felt satisfied. After all, this was no place for the weak.

As quickly as he was swallowed up, he was released. The darkness was replaced with blinding light, the sun reflecting painfully over crystalline white snow. Was it ever really there? Scorpio grunted as pain returned in crashing waves, bruised and broken bones beneath blood-matted fur and flesh. His throat ached as if a burning brand had been shoved down his windpipe. He rasped, breaths rattling as he attempted to gather his voice.
"Leave me, demon... This... Is not my day to...die."
He whispered brokenly, pupils dilating painfully in the light. In his ears, that voice laughed mockingly; the sound drifted off on the breeze and was consumed by biting cold.

He blinked, moving his head so that it rested on his chin rather than his cheek. He jerked as the motion brought a stab of pain in the meat of his neck. His eyesight focused in fits, first seeing only the bloodstained snow in front of his muzzle, the trickles from his nostrils, and then, finally, his surroundings. It was almost peaceful, strangely, despite the wounded goliath that had apparently been dropped into its midst. It was adrift with the most gentle of snowflakes, lightly touching his body like downy kisses. Trees and scrubby brush coated with white- but most impressive of all, the tree before him that seemed to stretch into the sky and beyond, neverending. Definitly not where he had been before. Confusion colored his thoughts as he furrowed his brow, trying to slowly bring his feet beneath him. A yell broke free of his fanged maw as his ribs contracted, a dull click in his abdomen filling his chest with agony. Fuck!

He sucked in quick breaths, rage making him grimace and snarl. I will not be betrayed by my own body. Forcing his legs to respond, achieving motion only by the strength of his will. He pushed to his hooves in one rush, and as the pain swarmed him from all sides, his aching throat made a strangled bellow as he struggled not to buckle. He closed his bright red eyes, breathing in short gasps as his chest flamed. It seemed those filthy cowards had the numbers to nearly do him in. His fury on the matter was tempered by pain. What use was anger if nothing could be done? He shook out his head, wincing at the pain in the gashes along his neck from their bites. Droplets of garnet spattered from his nose, rivulets dripping into his mouth. Growling, he spit a mouthful, unsure if it was all his or if some had come from his vicious attempts at tearing out their throats. His earrings jangled, the silver glinting in the sun like tinny daggers. He inhaled, taking slow steps forward in determination of his goal: stay mlving. Stay alive.

His body burned, but his mind was clear. Scorpio would not be felled so easily. But one question remained as he stared at the massive tree. Where the fuck am I?

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Beyond a shadow of a doubt the Sovereign of Ambrosius was lost. He was missing emotionally, spiritually, physically. His weight had decreased so rapidly, his ribs stuck out from his sides and his sunken eyes roamed wildly. He seemed not to recognise anyone anymore, naught but his sweet Lunafreya, his other half. The horse that completed him. He stumbled around in a world of darkness, attacking anything within reach of his electrical pulses, claiming shadows would leap out at him at random. It was hard for him to stay within the territory of Ambrosius for long; he was plagued with the guilt of Nevermore and the loss of Ragnor. He silently cursed everything that exsisted, cursing Fenrir and the land of bitter cold that surrounded him. He was lost in a void of darkness, light far out of reach of his bony body.

Caelian found himself running again, yet it was to no gain. His once elegant, long body and strong legs that would guide him through any battle failed him. He tripped over his own hooves, screaming as he hit the ground over and over again. Like a banshee, he cursed whatever thing he saw before he decided to resort to other matters. Sprouting from his back came vast wings shrouded in an aura of darkness. He spread them wide and with three powerful beats, he soared over the House and away from his worries.

Ah how freeing it was to experience the sky above, the chilly clouds he soared through and the cold sun upon his face. He breathed in the breath of ice, unaffected by the crystals that formed along his feathers and hooves. The drifted, before coming from the clouds and landing in a familiar region: the Bifrost.

Without really knowing what he was doing, Caelian entered the cave system as his wings faded away into the darkness, swirling in a void of black. His hooves trotted against cold stone as he navigated the caves, seeing if any adventures lay awaiting his presence. And sure enough, he soon found his prize. Just outside the enterance of the cave stood a beast, a giant of a horse that compared easily with Ragnor’s height, if not a little shorter. Yet, easily Caelian could tell this one was not the same. Dripping from its sharp-toothed maw was blood, gushing out into the dazzling snow underfoot. As the king watched, he roared in great rage and viciousness. The smaller man stepped back into the cave slowly, his vacant mind riddled with a surge of fear. His eyes widened as he watched closely, only his right eye able to take in the scene as his silvery left moved still, yet dead it was. The beast stepped closer, and insane as he was, Caelian still felt fear. Probably worse now that he was plagued with it daily; this caused his heart to beat faster and an intense desire to run. Yet he waited; he would wait for the other stallion to enter the caves, he would wait for the events to come.

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And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had

Perhaps it was simply the disembodied voice from moments before that made him wary, but as his slit red eyes gazed upon the gargantuan fauna that rose like a deity from the crisp winter earth, he was not driven to enter. The blood on his pelt coagulated in the frigid air, drying- or rather freezing- with only the freshest spurts to paint him in macabre crimson tones. The dribbles were hardly discernible on his ebony pelt, but shone wetly whenever the light touched their slowly crusting surface. He hissed in a breath whenever his motions pulled on his wounds, but felt only disgust for his body's weakness. Oh, what Renegade would say if he could see the state he was in. At the thought, Scorpio had to battle away a swarm of fury and spite. He told himself he did not care what his sire thought. He was no mewling welp, desperate for approval. He would not stand for weakness- in himself or others.

He swished his bound up tail, mussed and rumpled as it was from fighting- the silver clasp jangled softly on its chain as his breaths fogged like dragon's smoke from his bloody nostrils. He had to plant his hooves wider apart to keep upright, fixing his disapproving glare straight on the tree. He was reluctant to admit what he already knew; there was nowhere left to go. This creation, with its dark entrance into a consuming abyss, was the only recourse to which he could turn. The snowy air chilled to his marrow, beckoning him towards possible warmth, life. Or death. But take a chance he must, or else be driven to spend his last days starving and wounded in the snow. Chuffing like a moody tiger, he bared his thick, bloodstained teeth and swung his head towards the cavern, lumbering stiltedly on aching legs towards the shallow promise ahead.

The snow chafed wetly in the fur around his hooves, as though he were wrapped in a waterlogged blanket. He grated out a rough curse through the raw pain in his throat, battlestained horns gleaming like uncleaned daggers in the winter sun. As he drew feet away from the cave, his clogged nose could manage only the barest hint of scent- but that niggle of warning was enough, for it held his favorite scent of all; fear. It was gone as quickly as it came, but Scorpio drew up short, ears perking and eyes sharpening to alertness like a wolf who has scented a felled deer. He pressed forward, slower, head lowering in readiness to defend himself. He stopped at the edge of the tunnel, nostrils flaring as he attempting to smell it again through the blood that trickled from them. His body was tense, his tightened muscles pulling painfully on the cuts in his flesh. His lips curled up in a monstrous sneer, voice scraping brutally from his maw as he snarled out a greeting.
"If someone deigns to watch me, I would challenge them to come forward. I do not hold with cowards who cannot meet me face to face."
His thinly veiled threat came warily, for he knew not what lay in wait- And in his vulnerable state, he would be all to easy prey should any individual seek his end.

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A ringing threat sounded throughout the cave, the scraping of a tired voice filling pressing darkness, and Caelian stirred without a noise. Who was he, a king hiding in the darkness from a horse much smaller than his half-giant friend had been? Yet, he hardly remembered that friend through the swirling memories in his brain; ever since he had fallen everything he had known became a blur, as if he had lost himself and his past for a new future, a stronger future. Now he was almost second-doubting himself.

He emerged from the corner, looking down his nose regally as no fear traced his features, only the cold stone glare that fell from his eyes. "That's quite an accusation to make," he stated slowly, his accent drifting over the chill air, his voice clouding before his face. "Calling someone a coward." He lowered his nose elegantly, narrowing his eyes upon the newcomer as the slightest smile decorated his velvet lips. Upon seeing this giant closer up, and less dejected, or maddened would be a better word, he found that he might be able to relate to such a creature. His voice was cold and clear, almost controlling but not quite in that region. "You seem… pained. Not simply from the outside," he gestured with his muzzle to the wounds along the other’s hide, "but emotionally as well. Do not take my words as offense, for I offer none, I am simply stating observations." That wicked smile grew slightly. "If my observations prove false, forgive my proding. If true, I do believe you and I land in the same boat."

"Come, do not stand there as if the caves will eat you alive. There is a world beyond that I do believe someone like you would enjoy." His right eye gleamed as he scanned the wounds of the other once again, and he turned, allowing passage into the darkness. His smile grew ever so slightly once again.

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