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| a strange dream |

Last night I had a very strange dream that I'd like to share with you all. Sorry for vagueness or confusion, I tried to write it all down fairly quickly to preserve the memory. If you guys would like me to finish the story, or want to help me finish it, I'd love to hear what thoughts you guys have! Enjoy :3

dream 10 march 2018

my main mission was to find these two successful scientists, for they had created something that could destroy the world, and i had been sent to destroy it. it was, in fact, an item that had been put in place that allowed no one death. if you died, or chose to 'change,' you would find yourself 'reborn' in a body which features fit to your desires, at whatever age you pleased.

however, it was a gruesome process. one would bleed lime green goo into water until the life had been sucked out of them.

i had just exited a large meeting area, such as a theatre or opera house. it was been dark inside, with rows upon rows of seats, and someone spoke on the stage in front of them. much to my interest, the whole room held a brown hue, yet i had not discovered my scientists in this place.

so i went right, down a black marble hallway, lit with futuristic lamps that shown a soft yellow on either side. this was the way to the entrance, and i waited for a few minutes in hopes that the scientists would enter through this door. (i never saw the outside, as if it didn't exsist.) then, i passed the door and decided to go to the bathroom, where i could have a sense of privacy while i 'mixed my makeup.' as i passed, i saw a boy around the age of twelve, staring very intently at the women's restroom door. it was quite strange, and the trance did not break even when i opened the door. his arms hung at his sides as he wore his tshirt and shorts, inappropriate attire in the building we were in, and his mouth gapped. i stepped inside.

the bathroom was strange, completely covered head to toe, side to side in what looked like brown marble. this was not unique, what was unique was the setup. you walked in straight, a very short hallway before you had to do a complete 180 down another turn, and walk down that extremely short hallway (like two steps) then turn right and find the bathroom angling rightward. the stalls were what you saw first, rows on each side, and you had to walk past all these stalls (none were open) before you came around a bend, walking right, and you saw the sinks. i stepped up to a mirror (this is the first time i've ever seen myself in a mirror in a dream). somehow, this was strange and i didn't realise it before, the sink disappeared and the mirror became full length.

i was wearing an elegant, flowy dress with a base colour of light pink (or yellow). it had flowers on it, large ones of a dark colour. i wore nice boots, and you could see these through the leg slit in the dress. i wore no necklace, and my hair was pulled back in a half-up half-down hairdo. i had a strange black mark on my collarbone, which i rubbed off gently. it went away (more like crumbled away).

i then noticed a strange door, possibly a storage room, that seemed out of place. i went to it, and surprisingly, pushed it open. i guess locks were not an issue for me. it was a large, almost larger than the bathroom, strangely shaped, concrete room, completely empty. a protrusion stuck out the left wall, and as i rounded it, i saw another door. my instinct told me it was the boys bathroom, and i cracked it open slightly (unlocking it). my suspicion was proved correct, it was the men's restroom.

when i turned back around, the boy i had seen standing outside the bathroom was there. i do not remember much, but we had a telekinetic fight with what looked like colourful ppc pipes until i had constructed a cage around him. as i was escaping, two burly men came in the men's restroom side (i had unlocked it) and grabbed me by my forearms. the boy had freed himself, and they carried me through the restroom to an extremely, extremely, extremely large room with towering ceilings. there was a small step up from where we were to where most the floor sat, and on that floor were thousands of black mats, or one huge black mat. (the whole room was black). what i noticed, though, was the animal sitting on the edge of the platform. it was my dog. he was a beautiful, majestic collie, and i could tell something was wrong.

they set me down in front of the dog, but that was when i realised, this was not my dog. it was a dog that had been tampered with to look exactly like my dog, but this one did not recognise me. it sat, patiently waiting, on the mat. squeezing my thin arms tightly, they said, "if you haven't noticed yet, this isn't your dog. your dog is over there," here they pointed across the room to the climate on the other wall, "with the antidote to this 'dreadful disease' you are trying to wipe out." they roughly pushed me toward the dog, and i stumbled. they laughed. "have fun."

climbing upon the platform, i noticed my outfit had changed. i was wearing loose fitted clothing that would allow me room to run, climb, and do all other sorts of things. i pet the unknown dog on its head, and set out on my journey.

upon entering the side of the room, i was thrown into a dry, arid desert that instantly made my skin feel as if all moisture had been taken out of it. sand blew in my face, and no vegetation was found anywhere. as i progressed in my journey, the land slowly began to develop flora and fauna, before it turned into a dry savanna. Creatures came alongside me to either aid me in my adventure or send me back to where i started, much like a game of chutes and ladders. i found very quickly i was climbing the pyramid of 'land development.'

then, the dry savanna turned into a rolling prairie. sparse grass became abundant, and more trees made an appearance. water was less scarce. after the prairie came a small forest of sparse trees, young and lively, such as maples. these maples quickly grew and turned into a giant redwood forest, the trees towering high above. eventually, the redwood forest turned into a giant swamp, the tree trunks the size of a skyscraper and just as wide. then, finally, the land became a jungle.

this is when i noticed that even though the land progressed forward, the animals progress the opposite. upon beginning to climb the mountain, chopping my way through the jungle, i noticed i was running around with dinosaurs.

one certain dinosaur took a particular interest in me. it was a raptor, and he ran by me quite often, observing my struggles. eventually he stopped, and with a sly smile he called, "we could help you reach the top." i knew instantly that if i trusted him, i could be sent back to the desert. i smiled and waved him away, but almost at the same time, i was picked up by a large pterodactyl and flown right up to a small staircase that led to the highest peak in the strange land. i climbed the steps, and the first thing i saw was the landscaping.

behind me, the land dropped off into fog. there was nothing more. before me, i could see the land all the way back to the desert, and it was like seeing the evolution of trees and forests from nothing but sand. i turned, and one singular, gnarly tree held a container in a hole in its thin trunk. it was the antidote.

yes, you can chose not to change if you dont want to. i never had, and you can see this through the scars on my body. however, there are consequences. the black mark that had appeared on my collarbone was one of these consequences. eventually, i would fade away into the darkness like i had never existed. this is why people chose to change in their gooey, green way.

it was vile, disgusting. and i had found the cure. (along with my doggo).
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