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The look in Caelians' one good eye looked different. This gaze no longer cold and strange, almost as if the tree had knocked some literal sense into him. Nothing could have prepared him for the shadow man's apology though. What was he even apologizing for? He hadn't intentionally scared Lirr, the black pegasus was just easy to frighten. However, that didn't make him unappreciative of the change of heart as he took a few more careful steps closer. "It's okay, really. But, my name is Lirr." He said, offering a soft smile, still painted with a kind of nervousness, but less fear. His own emotions easy to sway by the whims of others though rarely in a way anyone ever intends.. "Good to have a name though. Kinda weird just calling you Shadow Man." Lirr joked gently, still keeping a little distance between them just in case the twisted expressions from earlier returned.

There was a twinge of surprise at his eagerness to try again, even heeding his advice to try somewhere else, somewhere more forgiving to a new flier. Though his voice seemed empty, Lirr read it as a lack of hope rather than emotion and offered him some encouragement. "You'll be up over the clouds in no time with some practice. I'm sure of it." He trotted after, trying to keep up with his new companions long legs. The paired weaved through the trees and ice with much more direction purpose than Lirr ever really had. It wasn't like he had anywhere important to be at any time. Much like a cat, he did as he pleased and went where ever he saw fit, but Caelian was just the opposite with responsibilities he couldn't even begin to imagine.

But despite the pair's clashing personalities like that of oil and vinegar, they would grow, not close, no, it seemed Caelian didn't let people close, but they would become unlikely... acquaintances? It was a strange relationship that Lirr would certainly not even try to understand, but he would still address the king as a friend. What came next from their meeting, the dos and do nots of flying, the successes and failures, all secrets they shared with one another and the wind.

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