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The boy had finally given up on the tree. Exhaustion had him hallucinating more than just his aunt. Mir saw his sister, mother, even Luthais as he marched beneath the tree. All were so real that he didn't realize it was all in his head until he started to see images of Idris burned and Sybil torn to pieces. He doubted the Bifrost would show him things like that so they had to be from his own head. The idea that his mind could come up with something as disturbing as pieces of his mother scattered throughout trees finally convinced him that he should go somewhere else. The tree would be there whenever he wanted to come back. 
The dragon-like stallion walked as far as he could before his legs gave out on the shore of a pond. The splash of water brings him back enough awareness to be sure that his head is on the sand and not below the surface. Mir drifts away for a period of time that isn't specific. It could have only been a couple of minutes or maybe a whole day, he isn't sure. All he knows is that it's about as light as it had been when his eyes had closed. A groan shudders through his body as he struggles to push himself onto shaky legs. Beads of water run down his body as he searches his surroundings. There really isn't anything specific he's looking for, at least not that he knows about. 
His movements are sluggish due to the exhaustion that still crashes through him and the cold air. Winter was one of his favorite months, the snow always reminded him of better times, but at the moment it was working against him. A shiver joined the shudders while his wings tried to wrap around his body. They moved awkwardly and after a moment he gave up and just let them hang by his sides. He'd have to find somewhere to wait out the winter at some point but at the moment he was too concerned with figuring out just where he was. Mir wouldn't have been able to go far anyway, not for a while anyway. 

Mir's Words

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