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Howdy ho, FimFam! So this idea manifested on its own as I worked on my boy Henrik. A big part of Henrik's history is a clan called "The Rangers" who are equines mostly made up of locals that descend from pons during the time of the original monarchs. Henrik is the leader, or the Sentinel, now that the elders have all died off due to age/diseases/etc. This means the remaining Rangers are Henrik's age or younger. (They also have no royal blood, i.e. they're all peasants or descend from low nobility.)

That said, I'd love to get some PC Ranger fam-lam going for the clan! It is important to know they are a Nonpartisan group that is unaffiliated with the current houses. They are currently made of only Locals but will open up to "Settlers" that prove themselves trustworthy and beneficial to the Rangers. Generally, the Rangers are neutral. They don't hold any allegiances to the Houses at the moment. For the older generation, their alliances died when the original monarchs did. They live off the land, protect their own, try to live by the old ways. Think less of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and more of the rangers from Lord of the Rings. They look out for their own, do what is best for the land or for the group as a whole.

Sometimes they take cool nicknames or code names if they don't want people tracking them down. Henrik is "The Historian" since he is primarily the one who shares the tales of old with others. Nicknames or code names can be anything you want!


SENTINEL: The leader of the Rangers who is generally the eldest equine, though the rank may fall to an equine who is seen as the most knowledgeable and skilled Ranger.
- Henrik Lakatos, former Ranger

TRIMUVATE: A council made of three equines, those most trusted by the Sentinel. They make decisions in his stead. Individually, they go by the rank of "Councilor". 
- name
- name
- name

RANGERS: Equines 4 or older who are well versed in tracking, scouting, herb-lore. They adhere to a hierarchy based on skills and experience, rather than age. Rangers may also be sent on spying missions if there is a threat to the group.
- unlimited

SCOUTS: Equines under the age of 4 who aspire to be a Ranger. Newcomers (regardless of age) into The Rangers who wish to be a Ranger will be given this rank until they prove their worthiness and loyalty; once they prove themselves, they will phase into an age-appropriate rank.
- unlimited

HEALERS: Equines who abide by the Rangers' ideologies but do not participate in scouting missions; they are more focused on healing, herb-lore, tending to the sick.
- unlimited

FREEFOLK: Equines who do not fall into any of the above categories. This applies to equines who have not chosen a path yet. They may never choose a path, but rather choose to live a comfortable life of freedom.
- unlimited

RECRUITS: Newcomers into The Rangers will be given this rank until they choose a different path.

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I’ve been thinking and I believe Marrow would be perfect for this! If you still plan on doing this I’d love for Henrik to somehow recruit Marrow. I mean he was a prince, but he renounced that life for that of a commoner’s so maybe that’s okay?

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