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It had felt like a dream, ever since her feet carried her into this odd world. A veil had been pulled back from her eyes, and while she knew this was a foriegn land a tinge of nostalgia had struck her core. Citlali would not ignore the distant similarities to the place she had once called home, or the place that had become her new one--it was easy to forget for a long while, that they had even existed. A wonderland had cast it's spell on the ever naive Alice--where, oh where then, was her mad hatter and white rabbit?

Muscled legs carried the mare over the terrain of central grounds, past the gusto lake that earned a nod of respect, and to the North; the direction where her blood had called for the mountains were white with powder and there nestled in their bosom was fertile land that tugged at her cold heart's strings. By the gods if only...she would think...if only. So much was contained in that simple thought; if only she'd been a better daughter, if only she'd arrived sooner, if only she'd struck down Etain when given the chance. She could not hide the single tear that stung crimson eyes, rolling down the tattered cheek of the once-princess. It had been so long since she thought about that place, with all its destruction and all its joy. Such a strange mix of happenings for one so young to see, and part of Citlali knew that if it had been any other way she would not have been the same mare. 

Walking through the forests of this unknown land with melancholy in her heart, the sudden sharp sound of a bird in distress caught in her ears. Swiveling forward, Lali stopped in motion to listen--only when she was sure of its location did she walk, carefully, over to the source. Behind a boulder not far from the creeks and rivers that fed from the falls in the distance, lay wounded. Its wings were caught in vines from the trees, a leg bent oddly and likely broken. The coloring on it's feathers nearly matched her own, and if Lali were honest--there was almost a kinship she felt in that single moment. With a sigh, she let her muzzle fall down to the squawking creature. "Well, aren't you lucky I'm not some fox." With delicate kissers, the mare managed to untangle what she could from the wings of the creature. Its beady eyes watched with an intelligent stare, and as she did so the noises ceased. When at last he was free, the falcon watched as Lali took her leave. 

But as she had turned to head toward the falls, the sharp talon of the bird cut through the flesh on her shoulder. Startled she sucked in breath and snapped her head to look at what tom-foolery it had gotten into. "Do I look like I give free rides?" She asked, only to be met with silence. The bird tilted its head to the side as if questioning her. With a sigh, Citlali rolled her eyes and moved to continue forward. "Just.....take it easy with those claws of yours, got it?"

open. she awkwardly found her companion! 

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