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The days it took him to reach the outer most territories of the East were sadly uneventful. No caravans to harass, no scavengers to pick off one by one...Namira was rather bored with the outcome. It seemed as if there had been little influx of those banished as of late, and it had the older stag wondering if the Valley below had suffered some sort of plague, disaster or war. Though, he thought now gazing down at the ravine and rocky outcrops, he would have surely heard of such a thing by now. 

But the world had grown a bit too silent, hadn't it?

Namira shook the dust and dirt from his otherwise azure hide, clacking a hoof or two on a rock to knock loose any dirt that collected underneath. He was, above all else, someone who took pride in always being pristine. And being in the wastes, it was a constant chore to continually brush off dust and dirt, to remain somewhat civilized in a world where others sought to rip each other limb from limb. The thought brought the faintest smiles to his otherwise placid visage; how he would love it if they all did such, for Namira could enter in the lowly scavenger and lap up the blood in the wake of death. A chortle, a blink, and he turned his head back down to examine the never changing steppes.  

He often enjoyed the solidarity that came with being so far from the Oasis. Here, he was free to be what he was; a cut off man from a civilized world with impeccable taste in food. Of course, the denizens of the Valley hadn't necessarily agreed, lest he be living in the lap of luxury rather than rolling in mud to keep cool. It is then that a curious sight catches in his peripheral; a lonely songbird flying overhead. Azure watches as the tiny creature lands on a nearby rotted root, sticking out like an old bleached bone from the side of the steppes. Curiously, he steps just a bit closer, a hunger growing in the pit of his stomach--while, it was no equine, as he desired most a little morsel such as this would at least hold him over until Namira was able to find a more suitable source of protein. 

When at last he was hovering above the little bird, to his surprise it didn't flutter off as he expected, Namira coiled his neck and released it outwards. The audible clack of crooked teeth reverberated off the stones as a single hoof dared slip from beneath him. He caught himself, however, on the rotting root quick enough to propel his body back onto safer ground. However, much to his dismay, the bird had taken flight in his folly, and now chirped happily out of his reach in the air above the steppes below. 

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